3M: Co history Doubles Packet Three: you know you want me, baby!

This person engaged French philosopher Ernest Renan in a noted public debate and published a newpaper in Paris called

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This person engaged French philosopher Ernest Renan in a noted public debate and published a newpaper in Paris called The Indissoluble Link. He advised one ruler who engaged with his brother Shir Ali in a power struggle and served as a fountainhead for the Tobacco Protest. One of his works attacks a group called the Necharis as well as those who attempt to destroy "the castle of happiness" based on six pillars of religion and was published as The Refutation of the Materialists. An adviser to Mohammad Azam and Dost Mohammad Khan, he assisted in Egyptian protests led by Muhammad Abduh and supported the ambitions of Ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid II. He was implicated in the murder of Shah Nasir al-Din in 1896. For 10 points, identify this modernizing Islamic political activist, the central figure in early Pan-Islamism, who named himself after his adoptive homeland.

ANSWER: Sayyid Jamal al-din Al-Afghani

  1. One anecdote from this text describes an impoverished seamstress being mauled by an aristocrat's dog and losing the subsequent court case. One person in this text was captured by the police because of their identifiable use of the word "concrete", while in another episode a hotel maid faints from hunger. One person in this book worked in the Ullstein newspaper firm and met two associates known only as "Paula" and "Edgar", while another clashed with Harry Pollitt over the content of the book Forward From Liberalism. One contributor to this book joined the John Reed Club and submitted his work to the magazines Left Front and Anvil, and another discusses his personal "Kronstadt" and his time serving as quartermaster of the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War. Two of its authors became disillusioned after taking artist's junkets through model collectives. For 10 points, identify this book first published in 1950, in which writers including Richard Wright, Andre Gide, and Arthur Koestler explain how and why they eventually rejected Communism.

ANSWER: The God That Failed

  1. This person falsely accused Lucius Silanus of incestuous affection for his sister Junia, and this person's first husband killed one of his freedman for not drinking as much as he was told and also tore out an equestrian's eye for criticizing him. This woman's supposed love for Aulus Plautius was used to justify Plautius' execution. She was exiled to the Pontine Islands after the Plot of the Three Daggers and was married once to Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus. She was responsible for replacing the praetorian prefect Rufrius Crispinus with Sextus Burrus. She once took cover under a couch to survive the collapse of a sabotaged ship and succeeded in swimming to shore, and was rumored to have committed incest with her brother Caligula. When assassinated, she instructed her assailants to stab her in the womb, and might have killed her husband with poisoned mushrooms. For 10 points, name this Roman royal, the daughter of Germanicus, a wife of Claudius and mother to Nero.

ANSWER: Agrippina the Younger (or Agrippina Minor)

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