30th Annual Russia Clown Tour with Patch Adams Information Packet #1

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February 2014

30th Annual Russia Clown Tour with Patch Adams

Information Packet #1
Dear Clowns!

Congratulations and Welcome to the 2014 Russia Clown Tour

In this packet:

  • Introduction to the Tour

  • Tour package and cost

  • Travel Logistics

    • Flights

    • Passports

    • Visas

    • Clowning 101

    • About Maria’s Children

This information packet is a great resource for participants. Please print this document if you register for the tour. The Russia Tour has made a life changing impact in the live of hundreds of participants and coming on this trip is no small decision.

Please read the entire information packet before registering for the trip.

Tour Dates:

Arrives Moscow Saturday, November 7, 2014

(North American departure for Russia on November 7th)

Our first itinerary item is the Welcome Dinner in Hotel Katarina November 7th!

Departs St. Petersburg Saturday November 22, 2014

Introduction to the Tour

The clown tour begins from your own front door! All participants travel in costume! A singularly unique travel experience, 35-40 clowns will assemble from many corners of the globe, across generations and with all levels of experience to explore and exchange healing, playfulness, love, performance, community and culture. No experience required!

We clown in different types of institutions, which could include hospice centers, shelters, schools, nursing homes, private homes, and many different types of hospital and orphanages as well as restaurants, on the streets and everywhere we go in Russia.

We will spend the 1st week in Moscow and the 2nd week in St. Petersburg and travel between cities by overnight train. We usually travel everywhere together on a private bus, occasionally however, we will take taxis or travel by metro. Occasionally we will break into 2 or 3 groups but usually come back together at meals.

Our arrival is eagerly awaited by host of Russian friends and volunteers who love and care for us as family. The daily schedule made by our Russia team will not be available until closer to November, but our itinerary will include some site seeing and cultural opportunities, some free time, and special evening programs

If we had typical days, they might look like this:

  • Breakfast at the Hotel

  • Travel by bus to clown at a hospital or orphanage

  • Lunch

  • Travel by bus to another clowning gig

  • Dinner and sometimes an evening program

Group Culture

This tour will provide you with many Russian people and a busload of international travelers who want to be your friend! Our group will emerge as a loving community of friends connected through shared experience, joy of service, and compassion.

Traveling with a large group of clowns in Russia engages a spirit of joy and flexibility from both organizers and participants.  We practice relentless humor, patience, and positivity as a group to overcome any logistical problems with ease. You are encouraged to develop your own Russian friendships and find your own evening adventures. There are 2 nights (1 in each city) we do not provide dinner to help make space for this.

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