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Training Materials: Company mine emergency and evacuation plan

Fire extinguisher

MSHA-produced video, “Emergency Response Planning (Who Needs It?),”

VC 838

MSHA-produced video, “Fire Extinguishers,” VC 879

MSHA-produced video, “Fire Fighting in the Mineral Industry,” VC 827

MSHA-produced safety manual, “Fire Safety,” SM 13
If you are hurt on the job, you should first ; second .
If you see a fire or excessive smoke in the buildings or on a piece of machinery you should


If the fire is in size you should fight the fire using .

If the fire is an electrical fire you should .

If the fire is too large to put out you should .

The fire or emergency signal(s) at this mine are .

If you hear or see this signal(s) you should .

Point out the locations of fire extinguishers. Use an extinguisher to point out restraining pin, operating handle, and nozzle operation.
Evaluation: Have the miner explain or demonstrate the correct procedures for reporting, fighting, and escaping a fire. Also have him/her indicate the locations of fire extinguishers and describe the correct initiation and use of a fire extinguisher. Correct any mistakes and have the miner repeat the correct response.

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