30 cfr part 46 Instructors Guide with Lesson Plans

Newly-Hired Experienced Miner Training ('46.6)

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Newly-Hired Experienced Miner Training ('46.6)
Unlike new miner training, newly hired experienced miner training does not need to have a minimum number of hours. Newly hired experienced miners must receive training in the same subjects as a new miner before beginning work. No later than 60 days after beginning work these miners must also receive instruction and demonstration on the use, care, and maintenance of self-rescue and respiratory devices, if used at the mine.
New Task Training ('46.7)
New task training must address the safety and health aspects and safe work procedures specific to that task. Task training must be provided to miners when they are reassigned to a new task in which they have no previous experience, and where a change has occurred in an assigned task that affects their health and safety. Practice under the close observation of a competent person may be used to fulfill the requirement for task training.

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