30 cfr part 46 Instructors Guide with Lesson Plans

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Training Materials: Copy of the mine reporting and safety procedures

30 CFR Part 50

If you should become aware of a potential hazard while you are working, you should do the following immediately. (List in order appropriate reporting steps including: to whom, what method, what kind of information, etc.) .

Evaluation: Have the miner repeat or list the steps to reporting a hazard. Correct any mistakes before ending the session.

30 CFR Part 46

Training Program Guide
New Miner Training ('46.5)

Newly-Employed Experienced Miner ('46.6)

The following lesson plan can be used as a model to train miner’s for the indicated part 46 training.

Practice under the close supervision of a competent person '46.5(e); '46.6(d)
Course Length: from to
Competent Instructor(s)
The purpose of this training is to monitor the practice and initial performance of miners when he/she is assigned to a new task. The miner must first receive hazard recognition training specific to the assigned task before practicing the task.
This practice training will be supervised and conducted by a person competent in performing the task. The competent person will be within sight and sound (hearing distance) of the miner during the training.
The miner will be observed for .

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