3 musketiere niederlande 2003 proshot (vob) 3,99Gb

REBECCA – September 17, 2008 Wien – (VOB) 2 DVD 4,14Gb. Y 2,81Gb

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REBECCA – September 17, 2008 Wien – (VOB) 2 DVD 4,14Gb. Y 2,81Gb.

Cast: Wietske van Tongeren ("Ich"), Uwe Kröger (Maxim de Winter), Kerstin Ibald* (u/s Mrs. Danvers), Ramin Dustar (Jack Favell), Carin Filipčić (Mrs. Van Hopper), Kathleen Bauer* (u/s Beatrice), André Bauer (Frank Crawley), Norberto Bertassi (Ben) Quality: A- (2 DVDs)
RECKLESS USA INGLES 1 Bitmore Theatre, NYC; October 9, 2004 DVD 3,23Gb.

Mary-Louise Parker (Rachel), Rosie Perez (Pooty/Sue), Thomas Sadoski (Tom/Tom Jr.), Jeremy Shamos (Tim Timko/Roy), Olga Merediz (Trish),Debra Monk (Doctor), Michael O'Keefe (Lloyd).

RENT - August 6, 2010 Hollywood Bowl, (VOB) 2 DVD´s 6,77Gb.

Directed by Neil Patrick Harris, Skylar Astin (Mark), Aaron Tveit (Roger), Wayne Brady (Collins), Vanessa Hudgens (Mimi), Telly Leung (Angel), Collins Pennie (Benny), Nicole Scherzinger (Maureen), Tracie Thoms (Joanne), nicely filmed with good mix of wide shots and close-ups, no obstructions, A

RENT – March 13, 2009 San Diego CA

Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Gwen Stewart, Michael McElroy, Haneefah Wood, Justin Johnston, Lexi Lawson

A | Filmed in 16:9 widescreens. No obstructions with the exception of a few brief blackouts and a bit of darkness in some scenes.
RENT – February 4, 2009 (Philadelphia, PA Tour)
Adam Pascal, A nthony Rapp, Gwen Stewart, Michael McElroy, Haneefah Wood, Justin Johnston, Lexi Lawson, Nicolette Hart, Jacques C. Smith.
A | Good capture of a solid tour. Missing last minute of Act 1. Some blackouts, but nothing terrible at all. Overall, amazing capture with amazing close-ups.
RENT - September 7, 2008 Broadway Closing Performance PRO-SHOT (VOB) 2,07Gb.

Will Chase (Roger), Adam Kantor (Mark), Michael McElroy (Collins), Rodney Hicks (Benny), Tracie Thoms (Joanne), Justin Johnston (Angel), Renee Elise Goldsberry (Mimi), Eden Espinosa (Maureen), Tracy McDowell (Mark's Mom), D'Monroe (Mr. Jefferson/ SOLoist #1), Gwen Stewart (Mrs. Jefferson/ SOLoist #2). Jay Wilkison (Gordon), Telly Leung (Steve), Shaun Earl (Paul), Andrea Goss (Alexi)

RENT - June 28, 2008 Broadway, (VOB)
Cast: Mark (Adam Kantor), Roger (Will Chase), Angel (Justin Johnson), Maureen (Eden Espinosa)
Audio is a bit echo-y but otherwise clear, the video has some great closeups and it's pretty clear, but it's a little shaky in places and once in a while drifts away from the actors onstage (notably around the beginnings/ends of acts while the recorder settles in) Rating: B- Overall, it's really not bad for what appears to be a videocamera bootleg.
RENT – March 22, 2008 Broadway (VOB) 3,73Gb.
Declan Bennett, Harley Jay/Kyle Post, Tamyra Gray, Caren Lyn Manuel, Michael McElroy, Rodney Hicks, Kenna J. Ramsey, Justin Johnston, Trisha Jeffrey, Marcus Paul James, Maia Nkenge Wilson, Jay Wilkison, Telly Leung, Shaun Earl, Andrea Goss
Harley got sick half way through act one and was replaced by Kyle Post. This was Harley's final day in the show. Filmed from the mid-mezzanine house left. Some heads in the way but nothing terrible. "You'll See" through "Tango:Maureen" is sound only picture starts back up at "Life Support". Video is missing "Will I?" through "We're Okay". Act Two is complete. B+
RENT – November 2006 Portuguese version 2 DVDs

Nuno Martins (Mark Cohen), Sissi Martins (Mimi Marquez), Vitor Peixeiro (Roger davis)

Songs are in English
RENT 10 Aniversary April 24, 2006 Nederlander Theater, New York, NY
Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Taye Diggs, Idina Menzel, Gilles Chiasson, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Rodney Hicks, Kristen Lee Kelly, Jesse L. Martin, Aiko Nakasone, Timothy Britten Parker, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Gwen Stewart, Byron Utley, and Fredi Walker-Browne.
The original Broadway cast of Rent reunites for Rent 10, a one night-only, benefit concert version of the show to mark the 10th anniversary of Jonathan Larson's landmark musical. Includes intro speeches by Allan Gordon, Mayor Bloomberg, Senator Schumer. Beautifully shot, amazingly clear video. An enthusiastic audience and a few flubs by the cast makes this video even more fun. A
RENT – 2005 München (Deutschland tour)

Cast: John Partridge (Roger), Peti van der Velde (Mimi), Alex Melcher (Mark), DMJ (Collins), Colin Rich (Benny), Irina Alex (Maureen), Anna-Tania Horn (Joanne), Sean Ghazi (Angel), Percy Duke Quality: B (1 DVD)
RENT – January 9, 1998 Los Angeles, CA (VOB) 3,70Gb.
Neil Patrick Harris, Owen Johnston II, Julia Santana, Mark Leroy Jackson, Andy Senor, Kenna J. Ramsey, Carla Bianco
Slightly dark throughout and coverups; sometimes shaky. Good sound but a little blurry. B
RENT - April 29 1996 OBC (VOB) 2,07Gb.
Labeled as opening night, I'm not entirely sure if it is. I have to warn you about the quality though. There's a lot of spotlight washout in this video and sometimes you can't make out the faces. I guess it's pretty good given that it's old

RENT - January, 1996 | Off-Broadway | Press Reels (VOB) 1,40Gb.
Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Taye Diggs, Jesse L. Martin, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Fredi Walker
ROBIN AND THE 7 HOODS – August 22, 2010 - Old Globe Theatre, San Diego (VOB) 2 DVD 3.01Gb y 3,29Gb.

Will Chase (Little John), Adam Heller (Lieutenant Nottingham), Rick Holmes (P.J. Sullivan), Jeffrey Schecter (Willie Scarlatti), Eric Schneider (Robbo), Amy Spanger (Alana O’Dell), Kelly Sullivan (Marian Archer)

ROBIN HOOD - 01.04.2006  PROSHOT (VOB) 4,20Gb.

Jesper Tydén(Robin), Sabine Neibersch (Marian), Daniela Ziegler (Isabelle), RoyWeissensteiner (Sheriff), Jon Geoffrey Goldsworthy (Bischof), GüntherKaufmann (Tucj), Elke Schlimbach (Amelia), Marny Bergerhoff (Jess),Mark Derichs (Little John), Markus Dietz (Malcolm), Japheth Myers(Archibald), Mathias Schiemann (Patrick), Ray Strachan (Tim/PrinzJohn), Christoph Trauth (Will)

ROBIN HOOD – December 16, 2005 Bremen – (VOB) 2 DVD 3,74Gb. Y 3,71Gb.

Cast: Tamas Mester, Sabine Neibersch, Ethan Freeman, Daniela Ziegler, Mathieu Carriere, Günther Kaufmann, Rüdiger Reschke Quality: A-
ROCK OF AGES - April 12 2009 Broadway (VOB) 4,11Gb.
Constantine Maroulis, Amy Spanger, James Carpinello, Tad Wilson as (u/s) Dennis/Record Company Man, Mitchell Jarvis, Michele Mais, Lauren Molina, Paul Schoeffler, Wesley Taylor. Has about 8 minutes of total blackouts, mostly towards the beginning. A fun show, especially if you like 80s music. A-
ROOMS: A ROCK ROMANCE – March 28, 2009 Off-Broadway, (VOB) 3,01Gb.

Leslie Kritzer, Doug Kreeger. Winner of three Outer Critics Circle Awards: Outstanding New Off-Broadway Musical; Outstanding New Score; and Outstanding Actress In A Musical. Basically the filmer just put the camcorder in his lap and pressed the record button, so it’s a stationary picture, shot through heads.

ROMANCE, ROMANCE - 1992 Pro Shot, A&E, (VOB)
from A&E Stage's "Clairol on Broadway" series. Aired on 02/09/93.
Starring: John Herrara, Susan Moniz, featuring Deborah Graham and John DeLuca. Not the original Broadway cast although it uses the bway staging and choreography. Filmed at the Cherry County Playhouse in Michigan.
RUDOLF (Affair Mayerling) Raimund Theatre Wien commercial DVD 8,00Gb.

Book: Phoebe Hwang, Jack Murphy Lyrics: Nan Knighton, Jack Murphy Music: Frank Wildhorn

Cast: Lisa Antoni, Claus Dam, Carin Filipcic, Uwe Kröger, Drew Sarich, Wietske van Tongeren
SARAH BRIGHTMAN in Concert – 1997 (VOB) 4,10Gb.
Reparto: Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Adam Clarke, Paul Bateman y The English National Orchestra

Commercial DVD Full DVD

SARAH BRIGHTMAN One Night in Eden Live in Concert – 1999 (VOB) 3,94Gb.

Sarah Brightman, Peter Murray, Mathew Scrivener´s Orchestra y Kwantle Ga-Africa Choir.

Commercial DVD Full DVD
SARAH BRIGHTMAN La Luna Live In Concert – 2001 (VOB) 7,79Gb Commercial DVD
Reparto: Sarah Brightman, Peter Murray, Mathew Scrivener´s Orchestra y Josh Groban.
SARAH BRIGHTMAN The Harem World Tour Live From Las Vegas – 2004 (VOB) 2 DVD 7,18 y 7,53Gb.
Reparto: Sarah Brightman, Kazem Al Sahir,Jan Eric Kohrs, Timothy John Warburton y The Harem Orchestra.

Commercial DVD 2 DVD Language: English Subt: Spanish

THE SARAH BRIGHTMAN Special Harem a Desert Fantasy – 2004 (VOB) 4,33Gb. Commercial DVD

Reparto: Sarah Brightman, Kazem Al Sahir, Nigel Kennedy, Ofra Haza, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Adam Klemens, London Symphony Orchestra,Mike Reed, The Bach Choir, Adrian Partington, Gregorian, Peter Murray y Mathew Scrivener´s Orchestra.

SARAH BRIGHTMAN Diva The Video Collection – 2006 (VOB) 6,65Gb. Commercial DVD
Dirección: Rudi Dolezal y Hannes Rossacher (Dirección General), Sthefen Frears, Ken Russell, Hugh Hudson, Howard Greenhalgh, Joachim Kirschstein, David Mallet, Michael Geoghagan, Alexander Hemming, Simon Fowler, Paul Boyd y Paul Verhoeven.
Reparto: Sarah Brightman, Nigel Kennedy, Paul Miles-Kingston, Steve Harley, José Carreras, Chris Thompson, José Cura, Andrea Bocelli y Kwantle Ga-Africa Choir.
SARAH BRIGHTMAN Winter Symphony (DVD Extra) 2008 (VOB) 2,65Gb.
Elenco: Sarah Brightman, David Romano, Prof. Peter Weihe, Rob O´connor, Sasha Cohen, Evan Lysacek, Tanith Belbin, Ben Agosto, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Silvia Fontana.
SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER – July 28, 2001 - National Tour (VOB) 3.69Gb
Richard Blake, Jeanine Meyers, Alieen Quinn, JimAmbler, Casey Miles Good, Joey Calveri, Danial Jerod Brown
Excellent video, very very clear A

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER - 2006 UK Tour | Proshot
Sean Mulligan (Tony), Jayde Westaby (Stephanie), Rebecca Dent (Annette). Full stage view shot from the housecam. Some spotlight washout but perfect audio and widescreen.
SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Utrecht, The Netherlands

Original Dutch Cast (Joost de Jong, Chantal Janzen, Claudia de Graaf and many others)

Proshot, generation loss
SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER – June 30, 2002 Köln - (VOB) 2,15Gb.

Cast: Ron Holzschuh, Caroline Vasicek, Dave Mandell, Carina Sandhaus, Mark Pollack

(1 DVD) Songs in English, Dialogues in German. Quality: B (pro-shot, but generation loss)

SAVED - June 8, 2008 (VOB) 3,85Gb.

Celia Keenan-Bolger (Mary), Van Hughes (Patrick), John Dossett (Pastor Skip), Mary Faber (Hilary Faye), Juliana Ashley Hansen (Lana), Curtis Holbrook (Roland), Emily Walton (Tia), Aaron Tveit (Dean), Josh Breckenridge (Shane), Jason Michael Snow (Zac), Morgan Weed (Cassandra), Daniel Zaitchik (Jesus/Nurse/Mitch), Julia Murney (Lillian) clear picture, audio only for 15 minutes of Act I from I'm Not That Kind of Girl" to about 15 seconds into "What's Wrong with Me", only Saved dvd out there, A

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - April 2, 2010 Bremerhaven, Germany, 2 DVDs
Language: German Quality: A
Cast: Percy Blakeney - Hans Neblung, Marguerite - Maike Switzer, Chauvelin - Ralph Ertel and the Ensemble of Stadttheater Bremerhaven
THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL – March 28, 2010 Bielefeld, Germany,

Veit Schäfermeier (Sir Percy Blakeney), Karin Seyfried (Marguerite), Alexander Franzen (Chauvelin)  Quality: A

SCARLET PIMPERNEL - 5/29/99 + 5/30/99 ~ Broadway; 2,69Gb.y 2,28Gb.

Cast: Douglas Sills, Rachel York, Rex Smith. Closing night. Douglas gives a speech at the end, and Frank Wildhorn and Nan Knighton make an appearance. Edited footage from two subsequent performances.

SCENTS OF LIGHT - November 2001 Teatro Rivoli – Porto (VOB) 3,03Gb.
This is the first musical, made by a 22 years old compuser ( Artur Guimaraes).The lyrics are from Pedro Costa, and the Coreografie is from Sara Lima.
Nuno Martins, as Andreas, and Joana David as Ana.All the people in the musical are amateurs, and some of theam became famous on portuguese musicals
SETH'S BROADWAY 101 – April 14, 2008 9:30PM New World Stages (VOB) 3,77Gb.

Seth Rudetsky with Andrea Burns, Jen Cody, Jonathan Groff, Norm Lewis, Andrea McArlde, Julia Murney, Pamela Myers, Lillias White, shot from front row of balcony, in widescreen

SEUSSICAL - April 1, 2001 Highlights
Aaron Carter, Cathy Rigby.  Missing about the first half of Act I, but then continues on with the rest of the show.  Very clear video.   A-
SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL – August 27, 2000 Boston, MA (VOB) 2,93Gb.
David Shiner, Kevin Chamberlin, Janine Lamanna, Michele Pawk, Andrew Keenan-Bolger.
SHOSHANA BEAN – September 9, 2002 @ Ars Nova - New York (VOB) 1,86Gb.

Cast: Shoshana Bean Quality: A (1 DVD)
SHREK THE MUSICAL - August 14, 2008 Seattle Pre-Broadway three-hour version:
Cast: Brian D'arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Chester Gregory, John Tartaglia, Kecia Lewis-Evans, Haven Burton. filmed by sunsetblvd79
Brian d’Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Fiona), Christopher Sieber (Lord Farquaad), Daniel Baker (Donkey), John Tartaglia (Pinocchio), Haven Burton (Gingy & Sugar Plum Fairy)

SHREK: THE MUSICAL November 15, 2008 Broadway (VOB) 4,11Gb.
Brian d'Arcy James, Sutton Foster, Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia, Rachel Resheff, Haven Burton.
This is a very fun show indeed. It's not the deepest or most meaningful, but it really is enjoyable to watch. The entire cast is, without exception, magnificent. Sutton Foster steals the show any time she's on-stage, and John Tartaglia is magnetic. Lots of nice theatre in-jokes, a few catchy numbers and laughs a-plenty. Good filming for the most part - some minor washout on the wider shots, but you get a good view of the overall action and staging.
SHREK: THE MUSICAL – January 01, 2009 Broadway
Brian d'Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Fiona), Christopher Sieber, (Lord Farquaad), Daniel Breaker (Donkey), John Tartaglia (Pinocchio/Mirror/Dragon)
SHREK: THE MUSICAL - April 11, 2009 Broadway, (VOB) 4,11Gb.
Cast: Brian D' Arcy James, Haven Burton (u/s Fiona), Christopher Sieber, Daniel Breaker, John Tartaglia
sunetblvd79's master
SIDE SHOW – November 16, 1997 Broadway (VOB) 3.69Gb
Emily Skinner (Daisy), Alice Ripley (Violet), Norm Lewis (Jake), Jeff McCarthy (Terry), Hugh Panaro (Buddy), Ken Jennings (The Boss)

SIDE SHOW – January 2, 1998 Broadway
Alice Ripley, Emily Skinner, Norm Lewis, Jeff McCarthy, Hugh Panaro
Matinee of second to last performance; nicer than above one but has some generation loss B
SISTER ACT - April 2, 2011 Broadway (VOB)
Patina Miller, Victoria Clark, Fred Applegate, Sarah Bolt, John Treacy Egan, Demond Green, Chester Gregory, Marla Mindelle, Kingsley Leggs.
SISTER ACT – 2009 Palladium, London (VOB) LIMITE TRADE
Patina Miller (Deloris Van Cartier), Sheila Hancock (Mother Superior), Ian Lavender (Monsignor Howard), Ako Mitchell (Eddie), Julian Cannonier (u/s Shank), Katie Rowley Jones (Sister Mary Robert), Claire Greenway (Sister Mary Patrick)
SLUT: A WHOLESOME NEW MUSICAL - 2005-11-01 New York (VOB) 4.34Gb.

Cast: Jenn Colella (Delia), Mary Faber (Veronica), Harriett D. Foy (Lily), Andy Karl (Adam), Jim Stanek (Dan), David Josefsberg, Kevin Pariseau, Amanda Watkins 
SMOKEY JOE'S CAFÉ – 2000 Broadway PRO-SHOT (VOB) 3,33Gb.
Brenda Braxton, Victor Trent Cook, B. J. Crosby, DeLee Lively
Smokey Joe's Cafe is a musical revue showcasing 39 pop standards, including rock and roll, rhythm and blues songs written by songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.
SONDHEIM ON SONDHEIM, March 26, 2010 New York, (VOB) 3,64Gb.

Barbara Cook, Vanessa Williams, Tom Wopat, Leslie Kritzer, Norm Lewis, Erin Mackey, Euan Morton, Matthew Scott, first song in Act II is from 3/30/10, A


Kevin Anderson, Betty Buckley, Glenn Close, Madeline Kahn, Liza Minnelli, Bernardette Peters…

Commercial DVD Audio: inglés Subtítulos: no Duración: 85
SONG & DANCE - 1983 Pro-Shot – (VOB) 3.27Gb
Cast: Sarah Brightman, Wayne Sleep.
Andrew Lloyd Webber presents - Song & Dance, with Song presented by Sarah Brightman in 'Tell Me On A Sunday' and Dance presented by Wayne Sleep in 'Variations'.
SOUTH PACIFIC – October 24, 2010 Costa Mesa, CA, Tour (VOB) 2 DVDs

Carmen Cusack (Nellie), David Pittsinger (Emile), Anderson Davis (Lt. Cable), Mary Ann Hu (Bloody Mary, u/s), Sumie Maeda (Liat), Timothy Gulan (Billis), Gerry Becker (Bracket). A great capture of the tour based on the Lincoln Center revival. One short blackout during “Bloody Mary”, and a head at the very bottom of the frame occasionally. Nicely filmed with a good mix of close-ups and full stage shots. DVD has been enhanced with thumbnail images with access to musical numbers. A

SOUTH PACIFIC - August 19, 2010 Broadway Revival Proshot (VOB) 3,49Gb.

As broadcast on PBS!! Great performances in HD

Kelli O'Hara , Paulo Szot, Danny Burstein , Loretta Ables Sayre , Andrew Samonsky , Eric Anderson , Sean Cullen , Christian Delcroix , Luka Kain , Li Jun Li , Laurissa Romain

SOUTH PACIFIC, November 14, 2009 Staatstheater Kassel, Germany, (VOB) 2DVD 4,01Gb. y 2,61Gb.
Kristin Hoelck (Nellie Forbush), André Bauer (Emile de Becque), Svenja Stark (Daughter of Emile), Leon Demuru (Son of Emile), Ji Hyung Lee (Henry, polynesian servant), Lona Culmer-Schellbach (Bloody Mary)
Language: German; Songs in English Quality: A
SOUTH PACIFIC - April 2, 2008 Broadway (VOB) 3,78Gb.
Kelli O'Hara (Nellie Forbush), Paulo Szot (Emile de Becque), Matthew Morrison (Lt. Cable), Danny Burstein (Luther Billis), Loretta Ables Sayre (Bloody Mary), Sean Cullen (Cmdr. Harbison), Victor Hawks (Stewpot), Li Jun Li (Liat)

SOUTH PACIFIC Live in Concert at the Carnegie Hall (2005)
Cast: Reba McEntire, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Alec Baldwin
Broadway, like everyone, loves Reba McEntire. The redheaded Oklahoma firebrand took on the one-night-only concert role of Nellie Forbush on June 9, 2005—the role Mary Martin
SOUTH PACIFIC – November 1997 Broadway SUPER RARE LT PROSHOT (VOB) 2,28Gb.

Stephanie J. Block, James Anest, Joseph Bearss, Mark Bodner, Tony A. Briant, Scott Brodie, Stephanie Mieko Cohen, Bonnie DeGrood, Steve Giboney, Erika Ishii, Jana Kovalivker, Ted Kuenz, Steve Lanter, Asuncion Deiparine Liebe, Glenn Meister, Cecilia Nocum, Steve Perren, Eric Rutz, Dino Solis

SOUTH PACIFIC - May 6, 1952, London. (VOB) 4,26Gb.

Mary Martin and Wilbur Evans. Professionally recorded on 16mm at the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane. Black and white, complete show. Contains credits and a full cast list. Says "Property Of Rogers and Hammerstein." A-

SPAMALOT – October 18, 2009 US Tour, Los Angeles (VOB) 2DVD´s 6,08Gb.
Starring: John O'Hurley, Merle Dandridge, James Beaman, Ben Davis, Matthew Greer, Jeff Dumas, Christopher Sutton, Christopher Gurr
Closing night of the tour!  There is such an amazing electricity in the cast and audience in this show! 
SPAMALOT - August 15, 2009 Cologne, Germany, Musical Dome (VOB) 3,94Gb. Language: German

König Arthur - Michael Flöth, Schöne aus dem Schilf - Amber Schoop, Sir Lancelot - Dominik Schulz, Sir Galahad - Serkan Kaya, Sir Bedevere - Martin Berger

SPAMALOT - January 4, 2009 Broadway

Clay Aiken, Merle Dandridge, Michael Siberry, Rick Holmes, Bradley Dean, Tom Deckman - Clay's last performance

SPAMALOT – April 20, 2008 Broadway (VOB) 3.92Gb
Jonathan Hadary, Hannah Waddinham, Bradley Dean, Rick Holmes, Clay Aiken, David Hibbard, Tom Deckman, Brad Oscar.
SPAMALOT - March 2008 Broadway (VOB) 3.47Gb
Clay Aiken, Hannah Waddingham, Rick Holmes, Brad Oscar, Jonothan Hadary, Bradley Dean, Tom Deckman Very minimal blackout with great sound. Excellent video. Shot from the right balcony. A
SPAMALOT – January 18, 2008 Broadway (VOB) 3,39Gb.

Starring: Clay Aiken, Christopher Sieber, Jonathan Hadary, Hannah Waddingham

Clay's opening night.  A wonderful capture of the show, probably the best.  Great close ups and very steady camera work for the most part.  If only this didn't have Clay Aiken in it I would be happy.  A+
SPAMALOT – June 8, 2005 OBC Broadway (VOB) 3,35Gb.
Tim Curry, Michael McGrath, Davie Hyde Pierce, Christopher Sieber, Darlene Wilson, Christian Borle, Steve Rosen Nice to see an understudy in the role of Lady of the Lake.  Touching because she died in 2007, it is nice to see how she could command an audience with even being an understudy!
SPAMALOT – March 12, 2005 Broadway (VOB) 3.88Gb
Tim Curry, David Hyde Pierce, Hank Azaria, Christopher Sieber.
SPIDERMAN: TURN OFF THE DARK - December 17, 2010 Broadway (VOB) 3,50Gb.
Reeve Carney (Peter Parker/Spider Man), Jennifer Damiano (Mary Jane Watson), Patrick Page (Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin), Gerald Avery (Swarm), Collin Baja (Carnage), Emmanuel Brown (Electro), Matt Caplan (Flash)
Not great footage because the recorder aimed too high; audio is clear and most of the aerial sequences are seen. B
SPRING AWAKENING – 2010 Brazilian production, PROSHOT (VOB) 2,65Gb.

Different Staging

SPRING AWAKENING - November 21, 2009 Costa Mesa, CA (VOB) 2 DVD 5,91Gb.
Jake Epstein, Christy Altomare,Taylor Trensch, Steffi D, Sarah Hunt, Gabrielle Garza, Kimiko Glenn, Andy Mientus, Matt Shingledecker, Ben Fankhauser, Anthony Lee Medina, John Wojda,
Angela Reed. Good video; balcked out for first minutes of each act; a minute long blackout during Latin class; slight washout on the sides and the railing blocks the shots on the stairs; good sound and picture throughout. 2 DVDs A
SPRING AWAKENING - November 19, 2009 National Tour (Costa Mesa, CA)  2DVD´s 5.78Gb.

Lucas A.Wells (u/s Melchior), Christy Altomare,Taylor Trensch, Steffi D, Sarah Hunt, Gabrielle Garza, Kimiko Glenn, Andy Mientus, Justin Scott Brown (u/s Georg), Ben Fankhauser, Anthony Lee Medina, John Wojda, Angela Reed. Nice video of the current cast with a couple understudies; first minute or so of each act are blacked out, and a couple very short blackouts; a few heads that block most of the stairs. Good picture and sound 2 DVDs A

SPRING AWAKENING - June 7, 2009 Matineé Lousville (VOB) 3,75Gb.

only act 1 but its a gorgeous capture of this show.

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