3 musketiere niederlande 2003 proshot (vob) 3,99Gb

CAMELOT NY Philharmonic – 2008

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CAMELOT NY Philharmonic – 2008

Gabriel Bryne (King Arthur), Marin Mazzie (Guenevre), Stacy Keach (Merlin), Christopher Lloyd (Pellinore), Marc Kudisch (Lionel), Christopher Sieber (Dinadan), Will Swenson (Sagramore), Nathan Gunn (Lancelot), Bobby Steggert (Mordred), Fran Drescher (Morgan le Fey), Erin Morley (Nimue), Justin Stein (A Page), Weston Wells Olson (Squire Dap), Jane Brockman (Lady Anne), Rishi Mutalik (Tom of War) – proshot

CANDIDE 2005 – Broadway (VOB) 4,13Gb.

Cast: Kristin Chenoweth, Paul Gorves, Thomas Allen, Michael McCormick, Gina Ferrall, Janine LaManna, Jeff Blumenkrantz, Patti LuPone Quality: A+

CANDIDE - November 12, 1986 Live From Lincoln Center (VOB)
John Lankston (Voltaire/Dr. Pangloss), David Eisler (Candide), Erie Mills (Cunegonde), Muriel Costa-Greenspon (The Old Lady), Scott Reeve (Maximilian), Deborah Darr (Paquette), Jack Harrold (Baron/Inquisitor/Slave Driver, James Billings (Jack Of All Trades), Scott Bergeson (conductor)
This DVD is one I made on my SuperBeta HiFiback in 1986. But I missed the first 40 minutes, so that section is from a VHS mono copy.

CARMEN CUBANA Amstetten 2006 (VOB) 2,19Gb.

Cast: Lana Gordon, Gino Emnes, Ruben Heerenveen, Walter Reynolds, Kudra Owens, Dennis Le Gree, Steven Seale.

pro-shot for DVD based on the novel CARMEN by Prosper Merimée and the opera by George Bizet  Quality: A
CARNIVAL - February 2002 City Center Encores (VOB) 3,93Gb.
Starring: Brian Stokes Mitchell, Anne Hathaway, Debbie Gravitte, David Margulies, David Costabile, Douglas Sills, Peter Jacobson and Philip LeStrange.
Great close ups and filming.  Filmed around a few heads, but a fun show.  A-

CARRIE THE MUSICAL Stage Door Manor 1999 3.02Gb

Complete show! This musical is rare to find in any form, but here it is, put over by a youthful and enthusiastic cast.  The haunting music and story have made this a cult favorite.    B

CAROLINE OR CHANGE – July 24, 2004

Tonya Pinkins, Anikea Noni Rose, Veanne Cox, Chandra Wilson, Chuck Cooper, Larry Keith, Alice Playten

CAROL CHANNING & PEARL BAILEY on Broadway (1969) commercial DVD (VOB) 4,24Gb.

Audio: Inglés Subtítulos:no incluide cover Duración: 60 minutos

CAROUSEL - 2001 North Shore Music Theatre (VOB) 3,45Gb.

Starring: Aaron Lazar, Angela Gaylor, Sarah Knapp, Michael Halling, Alex Sanchez, Kathryn Rossetter, Janelle Robinson, Kathy Meyer

A proshot video of a wonderful production in the round. Includes Julie Reiber in the chorus!! A
CAROUSEL - 1967 ABC-TV (VOB) 3,58Gb.

Robert Goulet, Mary Grover, Pernell Roberts, Marilyn Mason, Charles Ruggles, Jack DeLon, Marge Redmond.

Pro shot. Great video for it's age.   B+
CARRIE: THE MUSICAL – February 1988 Stratford (VOB) 3,98Gb.
Barbara Cook, Linzi Hately, Charlotte D'Ambroes, Darlene Love, Gene Anthony Ray
Info: Shot from the house camera with no zooms. A lack of detail, but the image is relatively clean and so is the audio; an excellent job of capturing the staging of the most infamous flop on Broadway. Full OLC, captured in its entirety, filmed during the London tryout before Barbara Cook dropped out and Betty Buckley took over the role. Show from front balcony, so there are no heads in the way and no blackouts.

CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF – October 16, 2003 Broadway
Starring: Ashley Judd, Jason Patric, Ned Beatty, Margo Martindale.
Big head is slighly in the way during Act 1 but Acts 2 and 3 are great, excellent picture and sound. A-
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - August 4, 2009 (Seattle) Pre-Broadway Tryouts
Norbert Leo Butz, Aaron Tveit, Tom Wopat, Kerry Butler, Rachel de Benedet, Felicia Finley, Linda Hart. A

Filmed early on during the previews. Nicely filmed, and a great capture of the show. A

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN - August 15, 2009 (Seattle) Pre-Broadway Tryouts 2 DVD 2,39Gb. Y 2,33Gb.

Aaron Tveit (Frank Abagnale, Jr.), Norbert Leo Butz (Carl Hanratty), Tom Wopat (Frank Abagnale, Sr.), Kerry Butler (Brenda Strong), Rachel De Benedet (Paula Abagnale), Felicia Finley (Cheryl Ann. A little different than the earlier version listed above as the show is tweaked and is changing on its way to Broadway. Occasional blackouts and occasional heads in the frame. Some shakiness here and there. Widescreen. A-

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN – April 27, 2011 Broadway (VOB) 4,40Gb. VERY LIMITE TRADE
Aaron Tveit, Norbert Leo Butz, Tom Wopat, Kerry Butler, Joe Cassidy, Rachel deBenedit, Linda Hart, Timothy McCuen Piggee, Brandon Wardell, Nick Wyman, Alex Ellis, Jennifer Frankel, Lisa Gajda,
Bob Gaynor, Kearran Giovanni, Grasan Kingsberry, Michael X. Martin, Aleks Pevec, Rachelle Rak, Joe Aaron Reid, Angie Schworer, Sabrina Sloan, Sarrah Strimel, Charlie Sutton, Katie Webber, Candice Marie Woods
A very brief blackout due to latecomers. Disc also includes around 100 minutes of interviews, B-Roll, behind the scenes, etc. Great video with nice picture and clear sound A
CATS 26 October 2003 Berlin (VOB) 2,26Gb.

Nadja Solovieva, Gido Schimanski, Uli Scherbel, Ethan Freeman

House-Cam and Soundboard *In German*

CATS - 1991 Mexico DVD Pro-Shot 4.18Gb
CATS The Musical Pro-Shot Commercial DVD DVD 5Gb.

Audio : Ingles. Subtítulos: Español, Ingles, Frances, Italiano, Aleman, Holandes.
CATS - Vienna - 1988 - singlecam - DVD (VOB) 3,81Gb.

Professionally filmed with one camera and much zoom. Great sound! From VHS to DVD!

Pia Douwes four years before being Elisabeth!

Cast: Pia Douwes (Jellylorum), Suzanne Henderson (Grizabella), Matthew Jessner (Munkustrap), Dean Welterlen (Rum Tum Tugger).

CHESS - 1988 Broadway (VOB) 5,50Gb. 2 DVD

Cast: Philip Casnoff (Freddie), Judy Kuhn (Florence), David Carroll (Anatoly), Harry Goz (Molokov), Dennis Parlato (Walter), Paul Harman (Arbiter), Marcia Mitzman (Svetlana), Neal Ben-Ari (Gregor Vassy), Gina Gallagher (Young Florence), Kurt Jones (Nikolai), Richard Muenz & Eric Johnson (Embassy Officials), Kip Niven (Ben)
CHESS – 1988 London (VOB) 3,31Gb.

Grainne Renihan, David Burt, Anthony Head, John Turner, Kevin Colson,  Ria Jones, Tom Jobe.  RARE!  Looks to be two bootlegged tapes edited together, one angle mostly full stage, the other in close up.   Starts out with much generational loss for the first 10 minutes or so, then somehow improves.  Pretty good for being almost 20 years old, but still some generational loss, and almost looks black and white.   B-

CHESS - Spring 1990 US Tour (VOB) 3,74Gb.
Cast: Carolee Carmello (Florence), Stephen Bogardus (Freddie), John Herrera (Anatoly), Barbara Walsh (Svetlana), Greg Jbara (Walter), Ken Ard (the Arbiter), David Hurst (Molokov)
CHESS - 2002 - Stockholm (VOB) 2DVD Official ProShot. Includes 80 minutes of additional material.
Helen Sjöholm (Florence Vassy), Anders Ekborg (Freddie Trumper), Tommy Körberg (Anatolij Sergievsky), Per Myrberg (Molokov), Josefin Nilsson (Svetlana Sergievsky), Rolf Skoglund (The Arbiter)
Language WARNING - In Swedish!

CHESS in Concert - 2008 Royal Albert Hall, London * PBS Broadcast * Pro-shot (VOB) 3.92Gb
Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal, Kerry Ellis, Clarke Peters, David Bedella, Marti Pellow.
CHESS - Actors' Fund Benefit Concert rehearsal - September 22, 2003 VOB 3.87Gb

Josh Groban (Anatoly), Julia Murney (Florence), Adam Pascal (Freddie), Raùl Esparza (Arbiter), Jonathan Dokuchitz (Walter DeCourcey), Sutton Foster (Svetlana), Norm Lewis (Molokov)

CHESS - Dresden - 27.06.2008 4,12Gb.

Cast: Femke Soetenga (Florence Vassy), Christian Grygas (Anatoly Sergievsky), Chris Murray (Frederick Trumper), Matthias Otte (Der Schiedsrichter), Maria Staszak (Svetlana Sergievsky), Gerd Wiemer (Alexander Molokov)

Quality: A+ (1 DVD)
CHESS - 2010 UK Tour (VOB) 2 DVD 2,95Gb. Y 2,26Gb. NOT FOR TRADE

James Fox, Shona White, Daniel Koek, Poppy Tierney, David Erik, James Graeme, Steve Varnom. A beautiful capture in 16:9 wide-screen with action well followed and no black- Outs Sometimes some heads get into the shot but they never obstruct the action. Very good recording which is sure to be enjoyed by all who watch. A

CHICAGO 1978, Broadway Tour 3,54Gb.

Melody Adams, Kristen Childs. RARE!  First tour of the show, featuring Bob Fosse's original staging, direction and choreography.  Semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tripod.  Unfortunately MUCH generational loss.  

CHICAGO - 1980 London (VOB) 2,04Gb.

Elisabeth Seal, Antonia Ellis, Colin Bennett, Don Fellows, Hope Jackman. London production based on Bob Fosse's original vision of the show. In black and white with some generational loss. B+

CHICAGO - 1992 Civic Light Opera, Long Beach

Bebe Neuwirth, Juliet Prowse, Gary Sandy, Kaye Ballard. A nice comparison to the revival. B

This production was directed by Rob Marshall, almost 10 years before he directed the 2002 multi-Oscar winning film adaptation. Also, for this production Ann Reinking recreated Bob Fosse's original choreography though she chose to go totally original with the "Hot Honey Rag". Ironically, for the 1996 Broadway revival, she chose to create original 'in the style of Bob Fosse' choreography for the entire show but chose to use Bob Fosse's original choreography for the "Hot Honey Rag"
CHICAGO - 1995 Reviewer's Reel - PROSHOT (VOB) 3.62Gb
Bebe Neuwirth and Ann Reinking
Approximately 90 % of the show including all the major scenes and songs. A few minor parts were not recorded.
CHICAGO - Niederlande Date unkown (VOB) 2 DVD 3,11 y 3,04Gb.

Cast: Pia Douwes, Stanley Burleson, Simone Kleinsma Quality: A

CHICAGO - London 1997 Press Reel (VOB) 1,50Gb.

Very good quality VOBs....With Ruthie Henshaw, Nigel Planner. 25 min long.

CHICAGO - Wien – 1998 Only Full-Stage! Soundboard-Ton. (VOB) 3,98Gb.

Cast: Anna Montanaro, Frederike Haas, Thorsten Tinney (Billy Flynn), Isabel Waiken, Leon Van Leeuwenberg.

CHICAGO – August 14, 2003 London (VOB)
Ruthie Henshall, Linzi Hately, Norman Pace, Zee Asha
Great video; nice and clear picture and sound; camcorder video, 1st generation from the master
CHICAGO – May 10, 2005 Ambassador Theatre Broadway
Pia Douwes, Belle Callaway, Roz Ryan, Tom Wopat, PJ Benjamin, D. Sabella
Quality: good, sometimes some heads

CHICAGO - November 23, 2005 USTour - Chicago (VOB) 4,02Gb.
Paige Davis(Roxie), Brenda Braxton(Velma), Tom Wopat(Billy), Carol Woods(Mama)
Amazing cast and so much fun in this production. Paige is great, Brenda is sassy, and Woods vocals are wild. Best Chicago video ever. Crystal clear picture and sound. A+

CHICAGO – July 30, 2006 Broadway A- (VOB) 3,55Gb.
Rita Wilson, Brenda Braxton, Josh Rhodes (u/s Billy Flynn), Michelle Robinson (u/s Mama), Kevin Chamberlin, R. Lowe. Good Filming and amazing picture and sound. A-
CHICAGO - May 12, 2007 Milwaukee, (VOB) 3,97Gb.
Terra C. MacLeod, Michelle DeJean, Kevin Mccready, Carol Woods, Tom Wopat, R. Bean.
A terrific capture of this show with amazing shots. Michelle is the highlight here and gives a wonderful performance.
CHICAGO – May 22, 2007 Broadway (VOB) 4,11Gb.
Joey Lawrence, Bianca Marroquin, Brenda Braxton, Rob Bartlett, Carol Woods, R. Lowe. A bit shaky for the first few minutes, then filmer settles down and it ends up being a great video. Nice close ups and crystal clear. A
CHICAGO - 4.26.10/6.12.10 Highlights Broadway (VOB) 2,35Gb.

Ruthie Henshall, Matthew Settle, Amra Faye-Wright

Highlights--twelve minutes from one show and about an hour from the other. Not a fantastic filming, but this cast is really great. B
CHICAGO – October 2010 Saint-Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy. (VOB) 4,24Gb.
Proshot. Russian cast:
Olga Lozovaya, Natalia Dievskaya, Vladimir Samsonov, Marina Ulanova, Uriy Skorohodov, Vitaliy Golovkin

CHILDREN OF EDEN (1999) Music Theatre of Wichita, Kansas - Pro-Shot 1999
Cast: Nicholas F. Saverine, Nedra Dixon, Seth Swoboda, Caesar Samayoa, Kristin Williams, Barrett Foa
From Stephen Schwartz of 'Wicked' fame.
CHITA RIVERA: THE DANCER’S LIFE – January 25, 2006 Location/Language: Broadway/English
Chita Rivera and the Original Broadway Cast, with special guest Dick Van Dyke
Quality/Notes: audience-cam, "bootleg" -- Chita's "auto-biography" is a wonderful retrospective -- Digitally shot, clear picture and sound, lots of close-ups.
Nice to see Dick Van Dyke on stage again when he joined her for part of this limited run. Rating: A
CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG - July 11, 2009 Matineé Tour Costa Mesa (Orange County): 2DVD´S 3,78Gb.

Steve Wilson, Kelly McCormick, Jeremy Lipton, Camille Mancuso (u/s Jemima), Dick Decareau, George Dvorsky, Elizabeth Ward Land, Dirk Lumbard, Scott Cote, Joel Blum (u/s Coggins/Toymaker), Oliver Wadsworth.

CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG – April 16, 2005 Broadway (VOB) 3,23Gb.

Raul Esparza, Philip Bosco, Erin Dilly, Chip Zien.  Filmed during previews.  Excellent video, shot from the balcony.   A

CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG – June 12, 2002 London (VOB) 3,32Gb.
Michael Ball, Richard O'Brien. Shot from 2nd row of the Upper Circle, there's a bar in the frame for most of the wide shots, but it doesn't get in the way of the close-ups. The flying car is pretty cool.   B+
CINDERELLA - November 12, 2005 Papermill Playhouse (VOB) 3.87Gb.

Angela Gaylor (Cinderella), Paolo Montalban (The Prince), Jen Cody (Joy), Janelle Anne Robinson (Grace), Nora Mae Lyng (Cinderella's Stepmother), Suzzanne Doulas (The Fairy Godmother), Joy Franz (Queen Constantina), Larry Keith (King Maximilian), Stanley Wayne Mathis (Lionel) - Rating: A

CLEOPATRA – Comedie Musical FRANCES 2 DVDS Commercial DVD
CLUE THE MUSICAL - Honeywell Foundation, September 2000 PROSHOT

Laura Carter, Melissa Tucker, Michelle Carter

COME TOGETHER - May 29, 2006 Essen (2 DVDs) pro-shot 6,56Gb.

Thomas Borchert, Anne Görner, Nikolaj Alexander Brucker, Claus Dam, Maricel, Christian Müller, Lucius Wolter, Cornelia Drese, Ian Jon Bourg, Martina Rumpf, Alyssa Preston, Sandra Buchartz, Antoine Godor, Ulrike Anders, Sascha Nicolic, Miki Nakamura, Barbara Raunegger, Lars Henry Larson, Anna Maldonado, Patricia Corry, Fernand Delosch.

Quality: A+ (incl. the first german version of “The Internet Is For Porn” (“Das Internet ist für Sex”) from Avenue Q)
COMPANY – 2007 Australia PRO-SHOT (VOB) 2 DVDs 5,02Gb.

David Campbell, Anne Looby, Simon Burke, Tamsin Carroll, Christie Whelan, Trisha Crowly. Directed by Gales Edwards. This almost looks like it was filmed for TV, but it was most probably just filmed for the cast and crew, or maybe it was filmed for press reel purposes. Full show, filmed using multiple cameras with sound patched directly in from the soundboard. Interesting production, with a different interpretation. The stage is a black-and-white checker board design with a large-framed, red ribbon-tied set, and the cast is dressed entirely in black and white with an occasional splash of red. A

COMPANY - July 01, 2007 Broadway (VOB) 2,54Gb.
Raul Esparza, Barbara Walsh, Keith Buterbaugh, Matt Castle, Robert Cunningham, Angel Desai, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Kristin Huffman, Amy Justman, Heather Laws, Leenya Rideout, Fred Rose, Bruce Sabath, Elizabeth Stanley.
A terrific capture of the final performance and includes curtain call and Raul's curtain speech. A+
COMPANY – 2002 Kennedy Center (VOB) 3.05Gb

Alice Ripley (Amy), Emily Skinner (Jenny), Lynn Redgrave (Joanne), John Barrowman (Robert), Matt Bogard (Paul)

COMPANY - 1993 23rd Anniversary Reunion Concert (VOBs)

From one of two performances on April 11 and April 12, 1993 at the Vivian Beaumont Theater, NYC

After 23 years, most of the Original Cast reunites to perform the musical numbers in concert hosted by Patti LuPone. Alice Cannon fills in for Susan Browning (who fractured her ankle) during some of the production numbers.
Cast: Robert - Dean Jones, Sarah - Barbara Barrie, Harry - Charles Kimbrough, Susan - Merle Louise
Peter - John Cunningham
Actors/Appearances: Thomas Shepard, Stephen Sondheim, Hal Prince, George Furth, Dean Jones, Elaine Stritch, Barbara Barrie, Beth Howland, Donna McKechnie, Susan Browning, Pamela Myers
Director: D.A. Pennebake Quality: A+ (proshot)
Comments: Another Pennebaker documentary. Really quite exciting. A telling and intense capture of the recording of a landmark piece.
COPES TANGO COPES Musical Tango Show DVD ISO 5.01Gb.

In Spanish Subt: English

CRAZY FOR YOU (1999) Pbs Great Performances Vobs 3.84Gb

April 1999 - Papermill Playhouse - Aired 20 October 1999 - Nominated for Primetime Emmy.

Cast: Jim Walton, Stacey Logan, Sandy Edgerton, Jeb Brown, Jane C, Larry Linville, Mona Price, Mylinda Hall.
With index and interactive menu by BroadwayBarb.
CRAZY FOR YOU – February 3, 1992 Broadway OBC (VOB) 2,66Gb.
Actors: Harry Groener, Jodi Benson, John Hillner, Michele Pawk, Bruce Adler
Quality: Not the best. This video was filmed by someone sitting near the front of the orchestra section of the theater. There are obstructions by other audience members. But it is the original cast!
CRAZY FOR YOU – July 1996 North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly Massachusetts (VOB) 2,32Gb.
Actors: Bob Walton, Lynette Perry, Nancy Johnston, James Hindman, David Coffee

CRY BABY THE MUSICAL – June 22, 2008 Closing Night (VOB) 4,11Gb.
James Snyder (Cry-Baby), Elizabeth Stanley (Allison VW), Harriet Harris (Mrs. VW), Dwayne Clark Dupree), Alli Mauzey (Lenora), Christopher J. Hanke (Baldwin), Tory Ross (Mona), Lacey Kohl (Wanda), Carly Jibson (Pepper), Richard Poe (Judge Stone)
Very good quality, a few blackouts here and there.
CURTAINS 5/3/08 Broadway 4,01Gb.

David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Erin Davie, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Edward Hibbert, John Bolton, Michael X. Martin, Michael McCormick.

This cast was on top of their game. Performances were perfect all the way around. This video is missing the last half of act one and a little shaky sometimes. The first half of act one and the entire second act are wonderful with great close-ups. A-
CURTAINS – April 28, 2007 Broadway (VOB)
David Hyde Pierce, Debra Monk, Karen Ziemba, Jason Danieley, Jill Paice, Edward Hibbert, Michael McCormick, Ernie Sabella, Megan Sikora

CYRANO - 1992 Amsterdam (VOB) 4,01Gb.

Bill Van Dijk (went on to play the role on Broadway), Danny deMunk, Ryan van der Akker.

Info (not mine): This video was produced for the US market to generate interest for the show coming to Broadway. Unfortunately the show did better in Amsterdam than it did here on Broadway as the show closed after just 137 performances.
Quality is OK for an older show, but suffers from quite some generational loss and the saturation is too strong. Anyway, great capture of the show and you get an idea of what the show must have been like on Broadway.
In Dutch with English subtitles.
DAMN YANKEES - 1967 Pro Shot for TV (VOB) 1,73Gb.

Phil Silvers, Lee Remick, Linda Lavin, Jim Backus, Jerry Lanning.  RARE!  Pro shot for Television with HILARIOUS use (unintentionally, I'm sure) of 60's graphics and cartoon-ish sets.  Very entertaining.   A-

DAMN YANKEES - July 5, 2008 City Center Encores! (VOB) 3,76Gb. First performance
Sean Hayes, Jane Krakowski, Cheyenne Jackson, Randy Graff, Veanne Cox, PJ Benjamin and Megan Lawrence.
AMAZINGLY put together and performed. Jane, as always, was to die for. Sean was such a joy to watch on stage. And Randy, WOW her subtlety and charm was astonishing. This capture is just stunning and one of the best from City Centers with no obstructions. A+
DANCE OF THE VAMPIRES - 2002 Broadway/English VOB 2,60Gb
Michael Crawford, Mandy Gonzales, Rene Auberjonois, Max von Essen, Ron Orbach, Leah Hocking, Liz McCartney, Asa Somers, Mark Price
Format: Additional Info: Really good quality for a Bootleg Quality: A
DANCIN’ 1980 ~ Broadway 0.82Gb
Review directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse. Unfortunately much generational loss. C-
DEATH OF A SALESMAN - 2000 ~ Showtime-TV (VOB) 3,07Gb.

Brian Dennehy, Elizabeth Franz, Ron Eldard, Ted Koch, Howard Witt, Richard Thompson.  Filmed live before an audience at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre in New York City for Showtime, featuring the company of the 1999 Broadway revival.   A- 


2005 - Dutch release - 121 mins, 16:9

Cast: Kathleen Aerts van K3(De Kleine Zeemeermin), Kirsten Cools (Zeeherks Anna-Moon), Hetty Feteris, Bart Poulissen, Raymond Kurvers, Joost de Jong
*Not the Disney version, but a fun and colourful production none the less with some great songs and FX. Obviously not sung in English.
DEBBIE DOES DALLAS Off-Broadway - November 6, 2002 VOB 3,35Gb

Sherie Rene Scott, Mary Catherine Garrison, Caitlin Miller, Tricia Paoluccio, Jama Williamson, Paul Fitzgerald, Del Pentecost - shot from the front row at an upward angle

DEJÀ VU (2007) Discoteca Estadio Novo December 2007 3,30Gb.
Artur Guimarães, Nuno Martins, Sissi Martins, Vitor Peixeiro, Catarina Santos, Pessoa Júnior, and Mirró Pereira. This is a story with a couple of Broadway songs.

Farrah Alvin, Julia Murney, David Burnham

DER RING - 10.02.2008 Bonn

Darius Merstein-MacLeod (Alberich), Karim Khawatmi (Wotan), Aino Laos (Brunhild), Marcus Hezel (Siegfried), Maricel, Michaela Kovarikova, Judith Jacob, Stefanie Theis

Quality: A- (1 DVD)
DER SCHUH DES MANITU, (El Tesoro de Manitú) 14. March 2010 Theater des Westens, Berlin
Type: VOB Language: German Quality: A- (slight head obstructions)
Cast:Abahachi - Mathias Schlung, Ranger - Claus Biechele, Uschi - Michelle Splietelhof, Winnetouch - Veit Schaefermeier, Santa Maria - Ingo Brosch, Hombre - Detlef Leistenschneider, Dimitri - Christian Kerkhoff, Listiger Lurch - Lasinga Koloamatangi, Falscher Hase - Thomas Klotz
DER SCHUH DES MANITU, (El Tesoro de Manitú) – May 22, 2009 Theater des Westens, Berlin (VOB) 2,00Gb.
Jens Janke, Mark Seibert, Schirin Kazemi, Veit Schäfermeier, Ingo Brosch, Peter Kaempfe, Detlef Leistenschneider, Eric Minsk, Thomas Klotz, Sarah Elizabeth Bowden, Natacza Soozie Boon, Linda Geider, Leoni Kristin Oeffinger, Shane Dickson, Christian Kerkhoff, Lasinga Koloamatangi, Haldor Laegreid, Paul Stampehl
A+ Picture: A-/B+ 
DIE SCHÖNE UND DAS BIEST December 18 1997 Stuttgart/German (VOB)
Cast: Leah Delos Santos, Uwe Kröger, Marc Dalio, Thierry Gondet, Cristina Grimaldi, Peter Zeiller, Werner Bauer, Horst Krüger, Tersia Potgieter, Ann Mandrella
Additional Info: Some blackout, loss of focus, and it's taken from quite far back in the auditorium so there are no really good closeups. Quality: B
DIRTY DANCING May 30, 2009: US Tour

Amanda Leigh Cobb (Baby), Josef Brown (Johnny), Britta Lazenga (Penny), Ben Mingay (Billy Kostecki), John Bolger (Jake Houseman). Nicely filmed from the balcony and crystal clear. Some occasional blackouts here and there (mostly in the first act), but nothing too bad. A

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