3 musketiere niederlande 2003 proshot (vob) 3,99Gb

ANYTHING GOES - 1989 London (VOB) 3,89Gb

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ANYTHING GOES - 1989 London (VOB) 3,89Gb.

John Barrowman, Elaine Paige

Missing the very end of the show, and low sound at times.  B-
ASPECTS OF LOVE - Bern, Switzerland, 1999/2000 (VOB)
Carsten Lepper, Maya Hakvoort, Marco Bakker, Jessica Blume, Karola Niederhuber

ASSASSINS - 1991 - Original Off-Broadway Cast
Cast: Victor Garber, Debra Monk, Terrence Mann, Patrick Cassidy, Annie Golden, Eddie Korbich, Lee Wilkof, Jonathan Hadary.
ASSASSINS – May 29, 2004 Broadway /English (VOB) 2,57Gb.
Becky Ann Baker, James Barbour, Mario Cantone, Michael Cerveris, Mary Catherine Harrison, Alexander Gemignani, Neil Patrick Harris, Marc Kudisch, Jeffrey Kuhn, Denis O'Hare
A+ | Beautiful Dvd. was well-filmed. Audience recording.
Appearances: Audra McDonald, Ted Sperling
Comments: A really charming concert held at the Donmar Warehouse.
AUGUST OSAGE COUNTY - December 14, 2007 Broadway
Ian Barford, Deanna Dunagan, Kimberly Guerrero, Francis Guinan, Brian Kerwin, Dennis Letts, Madeleine Martin, Mariann Mayberry, Amy Morton, and the great Sally Murphy. Beautifully filmed and crystal clear! (A+)
AVENUE Q – July 26, 2003 Broadway (VOB) 3,94Gb.
John Tartaglia, Stephanie D'Abruzzo, Rick Lyon, Jennifer Barnhart, Natalie Venetia Belcon, Jordan Gelber, Ann Harada.
Notes: This is a pretty good video of the OBC.
AVENUE Q – February 24, 2004 Broadway (VOB) 3,26Gb.
Barrett Foa (s/b), Aymee Garcia (s/b), Peter Linz (s/b), Jen Barnhart, Ann Sanders (s/b), Jordan Gelber and Chandra Wilson (s/b).
A- | I don't know if there was an epidemic in the cast, but this was quite a show for the understudies! few cover-ups.

AVENUE Q - April 21, 2008 Broadway
Jonathan Root, Sarah Stiles, Christian Anderson, Ann Sanders, Nicholas Kohn, Rashidra Scott, Jennifer Barnhart. A-

AVENUE Q - Ultimate Edit (VOB) 4.00Gb.

 The best footage of Avenue Q including:

-The 10/13/03 OBC video (this is the main source for video and all audio).

-The 2/22/04 video (used for the video projections and sections where #1 goes black)

-The 10/12/03 video (used for sections where #1 goes black)

-The Tony telecast of "It Sucks To Be Me" (intercut with #1 and #3 and uncensored using the OBCR)

-Clips from the Avenue Q website and clips from the Avenue Q promo

-Clips from a performance on "The View"

-Clips from "Show Business"

-Clips from Des Moines touring company (for video projections) "Avenue Jew" and the "Time" intermission bit and "Avenue Jew" and the "Time" intermission

AVENUE Q - April 7, 2009 US Tour; Costa Mesa; Orange County,CA; 2DVD´s 2.05Gb. y 2.32Gb.

Robert McClure (Rod/Princeton), Anika Larsen (Kate/Lucy), David Benoit (Nicky/Trekkie), Sala Iwamatsu (Christmas Eve), Cole Porter (Brian), Danielle K. Thomas (Gary), Maggie Lakis (Mrs. T/Bear).

AVENUE Q  - January 2010 London (VOB) 3,83Gb.
Starring: Edward Baruwa, Daniel Boys, Christopher Fry, Cassidy Janson, Rachel Jerram, Candy Ma, Alan Pearson.
A few small changes made to the show for British audiences, about three short blackouts (Kate's entire Empire State Building scene is dialog only), crystal clear, A
AVENUE Q – February 20, 2010 Brisbane, Australia (VOB) 3,63Gb. (HOTFILE and 4SHARED LINKS)
Mitchell Butel, Natalie Alexopoulos, Luke Joslin, Leah Howard, David James, Christina O'Neill
House camera video with a full stage shot and no zooms; good clear sound throughout A-
AVENUE Q – June 19, 2010 Philadelphia (VOB) 3,43Gb.

Brent Michael DiRoma (Princeton/Rod), Tim Kornblum (Brian), Ashley Eileen Bucknam (Kate Monster/Lucy u/s), Michael Liscio Jr (Nicky/Trekkie Monster), Lisa Helmi Johanson (Christmas Eve), Nigel Jamaal Clark (Gary Coleman), Kerri Brackin (Mrs T)  

THE BAKERS WIFE The Music Theatre of Wichita KS 2,83Gb.

Steve Frazier (Baker), Mari Swan (Baker´s Wife), Brian Miller (The Marquis), Greg Spencer (Claude)

THE BAKER'S WIFE PRESS REELS – April 2005 Papermill Playhouse, NJ (VOB) 1,87Gb.
Alice Ripley, Max VonEssen
Only clips for publicity, not the entire show. some odd jumps and cuts, PROSHOT Quality: A
BAREFOOT IN THE PARK - March 26, 2006 Cort Theatre, NYC; (VOB) 2,24Gb.

Patrick Wilson (Paul Bratter), Amanda Peet (Corine Bratter), Jill Clayburgh (Mrs. Banks), Tony Roberts (Victor Velasco). A-

BARBARA COOK MOSTLY SONDHEIM – 2003 Pro-Shot Commercial DVD (VOB) 5,67Gb.
Appearances: Barbara Cook, Wally Harper
Director: Jim Brown
Comments: Includes bonus features - interview and master class
BARBARELLA – January 1, 2005 Wien last performance – (VOB) 1,80Gb.

Cast:  Nina Proll, Eva Marold, Mark Seibert, Drew Sarich, Martin Niedermaier, Siegmar Tonk

Quality: A- (clear picture with lots of close-ups)
BARE: A POP OPERA - July 24-27, 2008 Wheeler Center, Fountain Square, Indianapolis – 1,58Gb.

Justin Ivan Brown (Jason), Brian Benson (Peter), Kagiso Alicia Paynter (Ivy), April Armstrong (Nadia), David Ross (Matt), JT Whitmer (Lucas), Christina Humphery (Tanya), Briana Walker (Kyra), Susie Mohr (Diane), Linda Heiden (Rory), Brion Monroe (Zack), Andrew Elliot (Alan), Juli Inskeep (Claire), Jorie Johnson (Sister Chantelle), John

Phillips (Priest) PROSHOT
BARE March 14, 2008 - Bellmore , NY VOB 3.32Gb

Cast: Dan Wagner; Rich Martino; Tracy McDowell; Erin Edelle; Danny Amy; Pamela Rufrano; Jon Parker; LaNette Wallace; Krystle Lee Latella; Kristen Butler; Nicolina Sciascia; Kristina Rose King; Brett Campbell

Note: Mostly full stage.
BARNUM - London Palace Victoria Theatre Pro-Shot (VOB) 3,96Gb.
Michael Crawford, Eileen Battye, Michael Heath, Christina Collier, Sharon Benson
Michael Crawford stars as the world's greatest showman in this filmed version of the original Broadway smash hit show, Barnum.
THE BEAUTIFUL GAME * May 2005 rehearsal * Hungary, Budapest * Pro-shot (VOB)
Zoltan Miller (John), Andrea Maho (Mary), Nikolett Gallusz (Christine), Janos Balogh (Frank), Pal Omboli (Gondor), David Sandor (Daniel), Zsuzsanna Vago (Bernadette), Janos Koltai (Father O'Donell).

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – April 4, 2010 National Tour (VOB) 4,29Gb.

Starring: Liz Shivener, Justin Glaser, Nathaniel Hackmann, Sabina Petra, Merritt David Janes, Keith Kirkwood, Michael Fatica, Jen Bechter. 

Great new production of this classic Disney musical. Everything is nicely captured and nice performances from the cast. Being this production has a smaller budget, it all works very nicely! A-
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - July 27, 2007 Broadway (VOB) 3,97Gb.
Steve Blanchard, Anneliese van der Pol, Chris Hoch, David deVries, Jeanne Lehman, Glenn Rainey, Jamie Ross, Trevor Braun, Aldrin Gonzalez, Ann Mandrella. Good amount of closeups and good quality filmed from the mid-mezzanine; there is a railing issue for a while in Act 1 but the taper improves. 'Me', 'Gaston' and 'Be Our Guest' are all predominantly in blackout and recording stopped for some time after 'Gaston', which created a little jump in the timeline to where Maurice gets thrown out of the tavern.
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – October 2006 Sydney, Australia (VOB) 3,50Gb.

Starring: Michael Johnson (Beast), Jessica Hart (Belle), Matt Reynolds (Gaston), Christopher Hamilton (Lumiere), Anita Margiotta (Mrs Potts), Andrew Jackaman (Cogsworth), Jay James-Moody (Lefou), Janina Hamerlok (Babette), Keara Donohoe (Wardrobe), Ian Johnson (Maurice), Brendan Cascarino (Chip)

Produced by the Riverside Lyric Ensemble, Australia. Filmed using multiple cameras on tripods. A
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - April 2006 Christchurch, New Zealand (VOB) 4,27Gb.

Regional production. Multi-camera proshot. Excellent quality. A

BEAUTY AND THE BEASTAugust 3, 2003 Philadelphia (VOB) 3,24Gb.
Jennifer Shrader, Roger Befeler, Marc G. Dalio, Rob Lorey, Andrew Boyer, Monica M. Wemitt, Tracy Generalovich
Final Performance of the Third National Tour. Pretty good video. One of the best. A-
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - 2003 - UK Tour (VOB) 3.82Gb NO funcionan
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – July 1, 2002 Brazilian first production cast (VOB) 3,10Gb.

Kiara Sasso (Bela), Saulo Vasconcelos (Fera), Daniel Boaventura (Gastón), Andressa Massei (Guarda Roupa), Marcus Tumura (Lumiere), Jonathas Jobas (Din-Don).

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – April 28, 2002 Broadway (VOB) 3,68Gb.
Steve Blanchard, Sarah Litzsinger, Bryan Batt, Chris Hoch
Heads in the way at times but nice zooms and very clear picture; 1st generation from the master A
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – November 18, 2001 Broadway (VOB) 2,62Gb.
Starring: Steve Blanchard, Michelle Mallardi Christopher Siever, Bryan Batt, Jeff Brooks, Beth Fowler, Mary Stout.
Great color and sound, great zooms adn close-ups. A-

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 2000 Madrid Cast (VOB) 2 DVDs 3,54Gb. Y 2,25Gb.

Carlos Marín(Il Divo)as Beast,Geraldine Larrosa(Innocence) as Beauty,Lisardo Guarinos as Gaston,Victor Ullate as Lefou,German Torres as Lumiere,David Venancio Muro as Din Don,Kirby Navarro as Mrs Potts,Miguel de Grandy as Maurice.

Good performances and nice video.Sound is excellent.Menu with access to scenes. Rating: A+

Susan Egan, James Barbour, Tom Bosley, Gary Beach; includes behind the scenes and news footage.)

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Disneyland 1993/94 (VOB) 3,66Gb. (Sendspace links)

Stephanie J Block

[Several videos of the Disneyland condensed version of B&tB including one with Stephanie J Block as Belle.]
BEEHIVE – 1997 Music Theater of Wichita (VOB) 3,81Gb.

Cast Unknown

Tripod shot of a wonderfuly fun show! It is an all female cast musical review about the the musica of the 60s to the 70s. Highly reccomended!!!

Was recorded live from the Royal Festival Hall in London, and it aired on PBS as part of the August 1999 pledge drive. Ms. Peters' admirers' will be thrilled to discover that the video and DVD releases contain songs not previously broadcast on PBS. The DVD version contains a comprehensive biography and extensive career credits with specifically selected photos.

"Bernadette Peters In Concert" is absolutely fabulous, and it's a must own!

BEST OF MUSICAL GALA 2010 (Stage Entertainment, Germany) filmed in Dortmund. 24. February 2010
with: Pia Douwes, Willemijn Verkaik, Ana Milva Gomes, Elisabeth Huebert, Patrick Stanke, DMJ, Anton Zetterholm and Mark Seibert. Good quality!
BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS - 2000 National Tour (VOB) 1,95Gb.

Ann-Margret, Gary Sandy, Avery Sommers. Hal Davis, Ed Dixon, Rob Donohoe, Roxie Lucas, Matt Landers,

Jen Celene Little, Terri Dixon
BIG THE MUSICAL – Broadway Press Reel (VOB) 4,13Gb.

Not a bad pro shot transfered from tape to dvd, does have timecode on bottom also has interviews with cast etc on disc.

BILLY ELLIOT, THE MUSICAL – May 16, 2010  HL   A- (VOB) 1,18Gb.

Michael Dameski, Trevor Braun, Kate Hennig, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Will Chase, Seth Fromowitz, Eric Gunhus (u/s Scab & Posh Dad), Maddy Novak (u/s Tracy Atkinson)

30 minutes of Highlights from this performance. About 10 minutes of the 30 is blacked out; highlights include Take Me Up/The Stars Look Down; The Boxing Hall Scene; Solidarity; Billy and Michael in Michaels Parents Room Scene; Expressing Yourself; and the Electricity Dance A-
BILLY ELLIOT March 6, 2009: Broadway

David Alvarez (Billy), David Bologna (Michael), Leah Hocking (u/s Mrs. Wilkinson), Jayne Paterson (u/s Mum), Liz Pearce (u/s Clipboard Woman).

BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL - 21st November 2008 Broadway Vob´s “ DVD´s 4.06Gb y 4.01Gb
David Alvarez as Billy, Haydn Gwynne as Mrs Wilkinson, Gregory Jbara as Dad, Carole Shelley as Grandma, Santino Fontana as Tony, Frank Dolce as Michael
BILLY ELLIOT THE MUSICAL Broadway 15 November 2008 – Broadway 3.89Gb
Cast: Trent Kowalik, Haydn Gwynne, Gregory Jbara, Carole Shelley, Santino Fontana, Frank Dolce, Stephen Hanna
A much better capture than the London one posted earlier, amazing performances. This also includes the curtain calls.
BILLY ELLIOT – January 23, 2007 Sydney, Australia

Genevieve Lemon (Mrs. Wilkinson), Richard Piper (Dad), Lola Nixon (Grandma), Justin Smith (Tony), John Xintavelonis (Mr. Braithwaite), Linal Haft (George). (Unsure who is playing Billy at this performance). Recorded through the house camera, so it’s a stationary, full-stage shot with sound patched in directly from the sound board). A-

BILLY ELLIOT November 2, 2006 London (VOB) 3.56Gb
Mathew Koon, Sally Dexter, Philip Whitchurch, Ann Emery, Chris Lennon, Sara Poyzer
Excellent show and amazing capture here, crystal clear picture and sound. First 10 minutes of act 2 are missing. A
BLITHE SPIRIT 5/16/09 2DVD´s Broadway, Revival

Rupert Everett (Charles), Jayne Atkinson (Ruth), Christine Ebersole (Elvira), Angela Lansbury (Madame Arcati), Susan Louise O'Connor (Edith),

BLITHE SPIRIT July 15, 2009 Broadway: VOB 1 DVD Doble Layer 7.72Gb.

Angela Lansbury, Rupert Everett, Christine Ebersole, Jayne Atkinson, Deborah Rush, Simon Jones, Susan Louise O'Connor. Well filmed from the balcony.

BLOOD BROTHERS April 29, 1989 OLC (VOB) 3.56Gb
Kiki Dee, Con O'Neill, Warwick Evans, Robert Locke
Professionally Shot for BBC. A little on the dark side, but very watch able, lots of close-ups. Sound is really good in the songs, slightly quieter during dialogue. Dark picture (Pro Video) B
This is the proshot video that was spoken about. This one is better than the other one, however, because this one is in color, as opposed to black and White.
BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON - November 10, 2010 Broadway (VOB) 3,32Gb. Limited Trades!!

Benjamin Walker, Kristine Nielson, James Barry, Darren Goldstein, Greg Hildreth, Jeff Hiller, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Cameron Ocasio, Bryce Pinkham, Nadia Quinn, Maria Elena Ramirez, Kate Cullen Roberts, Ben Steinfeld, Emily Young, great capture of this show, high energy rock show based on Andrew Jackson's life, A

BLOODY BLOODY ANDREW JACKSON – October 31, 2010 Broadway (VOB) 3,19Gb.

Benjamin Walker, Kristine Nielson, James Barry, Darren Goldstein, Greg Hildreth, Jeff Hiller, Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Cameron Ocasio, Bryce Pinkham, Nadia Quinn, Maria Elena Ramirez, Kate Cullen Roberts, Ben Steinfeld, Emily Young, great capture of this show, high energy rock show based on Andrew Jackson's life, A

BOEING BOEING 19 April 2008 Broadway [Play] (VOB) 4.26Gb
Cast: Christine Baranski, Bradley Whitford, Mark Rylance, Gina Gershon, Mary McCormack Kathryn Hahn.
Note that this is a PLAY, not a Musical. Filmed on the first night of previews. This production is based on London’s West End revival of 2007. Nicely filmed and very clear although there is balcony railing visible in the wider shots and the taper missed the first minute of act two.
An audience cam of a very, very funny show!
BONNIE AND CLYDE November 14, 2009 - La Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, CA

Laura Osnes (Bonnie Parker), Stark Sands (Clyde Barrow), Melissa van der Schyff (Blanche Barrow), Claybourne Elder (Buck Barrow), Chris Peluso (Ted), Wayne Duvall (Sheriff), Mare Winningham (Emma Parker), Michael Mulligan

BOUNCE – October 25, 2003 Washington DC (V=B) 3,83Gb.
Richard Kind, Howard McGillin, Michelle Pawk, Jane Powell
Beautiful video with lots of close ups, good camerawork and lighting, although some spotlight washout A
BRIGADOON - (Television, October 15, 1966)  (VOB) 3,88Gb.

Rare 1966 Armstrong Television production of the musical By Lerner & Lowe.  Favored by many over the MGM film, this emmy-winning production includes “My Mother’s Wedding Day”, deleted from the MGM version.  Handsome young Goulet was a musical powerhouse.  Fun to see young Peter Falk, too.  Robert Goulet, Sally Anne Howes, Marlyn Mason, Peter Falk, Tommy Carlisle. In color.  (A)

BRIGADOON – November 13, 1996 New York City Opera (VOB) 2,58Gb.
Brent Barrett, Rebecca Luker, Judy Kaye
Featuring recreated choreography originally by Agnes De Mille. Well filmed from the balcony. Some generational loss. Great capture with no obstructions of this rarely performed show. B+
BROADWAY: The American Musical Commercial DVD (VOB) 2 DVD´s 7.67Gb. y 6,43Gb.


Episodio 1 - Saluda de mi parte a Broadway (1893-1927)
Episodio 2 - La ciudad sincopada (1919-1933)
Episodio 3 - Tengo mucho de nada (1930-1942)
Episodio 4 - Ah, que hermosa mañana (1943-1960)
Episodio 5 - Tradición (1957-1979)
Episodio 6 - Preparándolo todo (1980-2004)

Audio: Inglés, Español de España y Portugués Subtítulos: Español de España y Portugués

BROADWAY BARES XI: A STRIP ODYSSEY – June 17, 2001 New York (VOB) 3,02Gb.

Cast: Idina Menzel, Julia Murney, Alice Ripley, Tom Hewitt, Emily Skinner, Charles Busch, Michele Lee, Greg Butler, Daphne Rubin-Vega
BROADWAY BARES XII: "A COMIC STRIP"   - 2002   Location: Roseland Ballroom  B (VOB) 4.02Gb.
BROADWAY BARES 15: RXXX – July 19, 2005 New York (VOB) 3,18Gb.
Shoshana Bean, Michael Elroy, Christina Applegate, David Hyde Pierce, Tim Curry, Jai Rodriguez, Bruce Villanch
There was enough flesh to make a plastic surgeon blush at “Rxxx” when Broadway Bares played doctor for this year’s stripfest.  A

BROADWAY BARES 19: CLICK IT! – June 21, 2009 New York (VOB) 3,81Gb.
Sutton Foster, Allison Janney, Kevin Chamberlin, Norm Lewis, Mo Rocca, Whitney Thompson, and Michael Urie
Internet themed show, including skits inspired by email, recipes, "bears," shopping, gambling, dating, crashing computers, YouTube, and much more.  Professionallly shot.  A


Altar Boyz, Beauty and the Beast, Hairspray, Phantom of the Opera

BROADWAY ON BROADWAY 2007: 1,96Gb. Y 2,10Gb.

Contains performances from the casts of: Wicked, Avenue Q, Rent, Mary Poppins, Lion King, 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Spamalot, Les Miserables, The Drowsy Chaperone, Grease, Curtains, and many more. Also includes "Broadway's Biggest Fan" judged by Seth Rudetsky!

BROADWAY: THREE GENERATIONS – October 5, 2008 at Kennedy Center; final performance
Condensed versions of Girl Crazy, Bye Bye Birdie, and Side Show
Narrated by Shirley Jones; Lisa Brescia, Jenn Colella, Max Von Essen, Randy Graff, Brooks Ashmanskas, Michael McElroy, Michael Mulheren, Bobby Steggert, Laura Osnes, Leslie Kritzer, James Snyder, Richard Pelzman, Ryan Bauer-Walsh, Leslie Goddard, Carrie A. Johnson, Michael Mulheren, Jimmy Ray Bennett, Ned Eisenberg, Kevin Clay, Randy Graff, Whitney Bashor, Kristen Calgaro, Sae La Chin

BROOKLYN - June 26, 2005 Final Broadway Performance
Starring: Eden Espinosa, Ramona Keller, Cleavant Derricks, Kevin Anderson, Karen Olivo as Faith.
Great capture and performances. A
BUDDY HOLLY – April 14, 2010 Essen (VOB) 2DVD 2,93Gb. Y 3,10Gb.
Dominik Hees (Buddy Holly), Lewin Blümel (Jerry Allison), Caron Pomp (Joe Mauldin), Dominik Schwarzer (Tommy Allsup), Patrick Stanke (The Big Bopper), Vinicius Gomes (Ritchie Valens), Daniel Berger (Hipockets Duncan), Malcolm Walgate (Norman Petty), Ursula Baumgartner (u/s Maria Elena Santiago), Birgit Busse (Vi Petty), Anastasia Bain, Dionne Wudu, Myrthes Monteiro (Apollo-Sängerinnen), Pia Lustenberger (Peggy Sue u.a.), Sinje Schnittker (Shirley u.a.), John Davies (Murray Deutsch u.a.)
Language: German / Songs in English Quality A
BUDDY HOLLY – May 22, 2010 Essen (VOB) 2 DVD 6,54Gb.

Dominik Schwarzer (u/s Buddy Holly), Lewin Blümel (Jerry Allison), Dennis Schigiol (Joe Mauldin), Pedro Reichert (Tommy Allsup), Patrick Stanke (The Big Bopper), Vinicius Gomes (Ritchie Valens), Daniel Berger (Hipockets Duncan), Malcolm Walgate (Norman Petty), Yara Hassan (Maria Elena Santiago), Birgit Busse (Vi Petty), Anastasia Bain, Dionne Wudu, Myrthes Monteiro (Apollo-Sängerinnen), Pia Lustenberger (Peggy Sue u.a.), Sinje Schnittker (Shirley u.a.), John Davies (Murray Deutsch u.a.), Manuel Steinsdörfer, Ursula Baumgartner, Tim Harbusch, Stefan Holzhauer, Thomas Meyer.

Language: German / Songs in English Quality A
BYE BYE BIRDIE – September 16, 2009 Broadway Revival

John Stamos, Gina Gershon, Dee Hoty, Bill Irwin, Jayne Houdyshell, Nolan Gerard Funk, Allie Trimm. Well filmed from the balcony. One or two brief blackouts, but nothing too bad. A

CABARET 11/4/06 ~ West End, London (VOB) 3.91Gb

Anna Maxwell Martin, Michael Hayden, James Dreyfus, Sheila Hancock, Geoffrey Hutchings, Harriet Thorpe

Described as "a totally different Cabaret then previous ones. Wonderful production filled with very raw emotion. Crystal clear picture and sound, Fantastic performances. A+"
CABARET - 12/26/01 & 12/23/01 Studio 54 Broadway (VOB) 2,16Gb.

Molly Ringwald (Sally Bowles), Vance Avery (Emcee), Carole Shelley (Fraulein Schneider), Larry Keith (Herr Shultz), Matthew Greer (Cliff).

CABARET - March 29, 2003 Studio 54, New York, NY (VOB) 3,91Gb.
Neil Patrick Harris (Emcee), Deborah Gibson (Sally Bowles), Tom Bosley (Herr Schultz), Mariette Hartley (Fraulein Schneider)
CABARET – December 5, 1999 Broadway HL A (VOB) 4,00Gb.
Susan Egan, Michael Hall and Michael Hayden.
Highlights running almost 90 minutes. A great capture shot from the orchestra. This includes all of the songs, but not much else. Susan gives a great turn as Sally, and the Emcee is also great. There is no spotlight washout or obstruction, but there are a couple of cover-ups. The disc also includes Wilkommen and I Don't Care Much from another performance, and 45 minutes of random performances. A
CABARET - Bad Hersfeld 1995 (VOB) 2,03Gb.

Cast: Pia Douwes, Peter Heinrich, Witta Pohl, Annika Bruhns Qualität: B+

CABARET – 1994 London Pro-Shot (VOB) 2,7Gb.
Jane Horrocks, Alan Cumming, Adam Godley, Sara Kestelman, Georgia Raistrick, Charlotte Medcalf, Michael Gardiner, Loveday Smith.
CABARET – 1990 Music Theatre Of Wichita Kansas (VOB) 3,90Gb.

Features a very young Kristin Chenoweth as one of the Kit Kat dancing girls and she sings one song. James Rocco as the MC. (LIMITED TRADE)

CABARET - 1987 Broadway (VOB) 3,96Gb.

Joel Grey, Alyson Reed, Regina Resnik, Gregg Edelman

A DIFFERENT video of the 1987 production. Just as good, if not better than the other more widely circulated video of this production. This one is shot from the balcony. Lots of close-ups, clear facial expressions, and very well-shot in general. A-
CAMELOT, Bad Hersfeld, 2005 PROSHOT (VOB) 4,08Gb.
Cast: Yngve Gasoy-Romdal (Koenig Arthur), Andrea Malek (Guenevre), Aris Sas (Lancelot), Mario Ramos (Mordred), Erich Schleyer (Merlin), Michael Stobbe (Sir Pellinore), Miriam Japp (Morgan Le Fey), Sigrid Brandstetter (Nimue), Andre Bauer (Sir Dinadan), Dietmar Seidner (Sir Sagramore), Hans Steuzner (Sir Lionel), Dennis Kozeluh (Richter) Quality: A (Pro-shot)

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