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WICKED - April 9, 2010 Broadway (VOB) 4,17Gb

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WICKED - April 9, 2010 Broadway (VOB) 4,17Gb.

Mandy Gonzalez (Elphaba), Katie Rose Clark (Glinda), Rondi Reed (Morrible), PJ Benjamin (Wizard), Andy Karl (Fiyero), Alex Brightman (Boq), Jenny Fellner (Nessarose)

WICKED - January 29, 2010 Closing Night Palladium Theatre Sttutgart (VOB) 4,24Gb.

Roberta Valentini (alt. Elphaba), Lucy Scherer (Glinda), Mathias Edenborn (Fiyero), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Akaber), Carlo Lauber (Der Zauberer), Janine Tippl (Nessarose), Stephan Luethy (Moq), Michael Günther (Dr. Dillamonth).

WICKED - October 31, 2009 Stuttgart (VOB) 4,00Gb.

Cast: Roberta Valentini (alt. Elphaba), Lucy Scherer (Glinda), Bero Antunovic (u/s Fiyero), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Akaber), Carlo Lauber (Der Zauberer),Janine Tippl (Nessarose), Andrea Casati (u/s Moq), Petter Bjällö (u/s Dr. Dillamonth) Qualität: A

WICKED - September 27, 2009 Broadway DVD Sunset Master 8 GB

Dee Roscioli, Erin Mackey, Kevin Kern, Rondi Reed, PJ Benjamin, Michelle Federer, Alex Brightman, Timothy Parker.

A | Great to see Dee on Broadway finally. The real treat is Michelle's return to Nessarose. She gives a great, original and true performance as Nessa. Beautiful capture with lots of energy from the cast.
WICKED – September 3, 2009 (1NT)
Donna Vivino, Chandra Lee Schwartz, Richard H. Blake, Lenny Wolpe, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Amanda Rose, Ben Liebert, Paul Slade Smith
A- | First DVD of Chandra as Glinda. She does a very cute job and reminds me a little bit of Alli Mauzey. Blackouts during Room Assignments and NOMTW, besides that everything is there.
WICKED – August 16, 2009 US Tour - Katie Rose Clarke's Last (2DVD)

Donna Vivino (Elphaba), Katie Rose Clarke (Glinda), Richard H. Blake (Fiyero), Lenny Wolpe (Wizard), Myra Lucretia Taylor (Mdme Morrible), Amanda Rose (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Paul Slade Smith (Dr. Dillamond).

WICKED - August 5, 2009 San Francisco: 

Teal Wicks, Alexa Green as (u/s) Glinda, Nicolas Dromard, DeeDee Magno Hall, Patty Duke, Lee Wilkof, Alexander Selma as (u/s) Boq), Keith A. Bearden as (u/s) Doctor Dillamond.

A | This performance was a wonderful one. Teal was on fire and much different from her LA days. Alexa has a very high powerful voice which was stunning. DeeDee and Patty were both sensational.
WICKED – July 22, 2009 Stuttgart – (VOB) 4,31Gb.

Cast: WillemijnVerkaik (Elphaba), Valerie Link (alt. Glinda), Filippo Strocchi (u/sFiyero), Carlo Lauber (Zauberer), Helena Blöcker (u/s Mme Akaber),Janine Tippl (Nessarose), Stephan Luethy (Moq), Petter Bjällö (u/s Dr.Dillamonth)

Quality: A- (1 DVD)
WICKED – June 28, 2009 Broadway (VOB) 2 DVD 3,59Gb. Y 3,11Gb.
Nicole Parker, Laura Woyasz (s/b Glinda), Kevin Kern, Kathy Santen (u/s Madame Morrible), PJ Benjamin, Cristy Candler, Alex Brightman, Timothy Britten Parker
Laura Woyasz's first performance as Glinda in New York; washout throughout but gets better in Act 2; video has almost no obstructions; there is sometimes a head at the bottom of the screen and a few dropouts, the longest during "No One Mourns the Wicked"; completely missing is the first verse or so of "As Long As You're Mine" (it picks up at "I'll make every last moment last") due to battery change 2 DVDs A-
WICKED - June 14, 2009 Matinee (2nd US Tour)
Carrie Manolakos as (s/b) Elphaba, Helene Yorke, Colin Donnell, Kristine Reese, Marilyn Caskey, Tom McGowan, Ted Ely, David De Vries
A | Great capture of the second tour. Carrie does a wonderful job as Elphaba and has a fantastic voice. Helene as does a great job as Glinda and quite different
WICKED (Die Hexen von Oz) - May 1, 2009 – Stuttgart (VOB) 4.01Gb

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba), Lucy Scherer (Glinda), Mathias Edenborn (Fiyero), Helena Blöcker (Madame Akaber u/s), Carlo Lauber (Der Zauberer), Janine Tippl (Nessarose),

WICKED – April 26, 2009 San Francisco Matinee (VOB) 2 DVDs 2,59Gb, y 2,52Gb.

Vicki Noon (s/b Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum, Nicolas Dromard, David Garrison, Patty Duke, Dedee Magno Hall

A | First capture of the San Francisco Cast and they are simply PURE perfection. No words to describe this fierce cast except you HAVE to see it.
WICKED – April 26, 2009 (San Francisco) Evening (VOB) 2DVDs 2,77Gb. Y 2,82Gb.
Angel Reda (u/s Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum, Nicolas Dromard, David Garrison, Patty Duke, Dedee Magno Hall, Eddy Rioseco, Tim Talman (u/s Dillamond)
A+ | Brilliant capture with stunning close-ups. Angel has evolved into such a great Elphaba and the whole cast is pretty much just blowing it out of the water right now.
WICKED – April 14, 2009 (Tour) (VOB) 4,29Gb.
Donna Vivino, Steffanie Brown (u/s Glinda), Richard H. Blake, Lenny Wolpe, Amanda Rose
B | Tons of washout but it is quite steady and it's nice to see Steffanie portray Glinda.
WICKED – March 28, 2009 (2nd Tour)
Marcie Dodd, Helene Yorke, Colin Donnell, Tom McGowan, Merilyn Caskey, Jacqui Graziano (u/s Nessa), Ted Ely, David DeVries
A- | Great capture of Wicked including epic Wicked mishap. Power suddenly goes out in middle of Thank Goodness and the show is stopped. Video starts again at Wicked Witch of the East, about two minutes after show is restarted.
WICKED - March 8, 2009 (Broadway)

Nicole Parker (Elphaba), Alli Mauzey (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), Anthony Galde (U/S The Wizard), Jayne Houdyshell (Morrible), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Alex Brightman (Boq), Timothy Britten Parker (Dr. Dillamond)

WICKED – February 26, 2009 Appleton, WI (VOB) 4,03Gb.
Merideth Kaye Clark (s/b), Katie Rose Clarke, Richard H. Blake, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Lenny Wolpe, Amanda Rose, Ben Liebert, Paul Slade Smith

WICKED - February 22, 2009 - Broadway
Cast: Nicole Parker, Alli Mauzey, Kyle Dean Massey (u/s Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell, PJ Benjamin, Cristy Candler
A Beautiful capture of this amazing performance. Shot in 4:3. Nicole was shockingly amazing in voice, acting and interpretation of the character. Alli gave the optional high note in the opening that was stunning. This performance was on fire and spot on! A
WICKED – February 21, 2009 Stuttgart (matinee) 2 DVDs 4.05Gb Jana's second to last show.

Cast: Willemijn Verkaik, Jana Stelley, Mathias Edenborn, Barbara Raunegger, Carlo Lauber, Lanie Sumalinog, Robert Knorr, Stefan Poslovski

It also includes 'Heissgeliebt' and Ich bin es nicht from Jana's last show
WICKED - February 20, 2009 Stuttgart

Willemijn Verkaik, Lucy Scherer, Mathias Edenborn, Barbara Raunegger, Stefan Poslovski as (u/s) Der Zauberer von Oz, Nicole Radeschnig, Robert Knorr as (u/s) Moq, Michael Günther.

A+ | Shot from the orchestra with only one head slightly in the way during the wide shots, but nothing interferes with the action. The video follows the action extremely well
WICKED - February 9, 2009 West End London

Kerry Ellis, Dianne Pilkington, Oliver Tompsett, Harriett Thorpe, Desmond Barrit, Kady Jo Jackson, Jeremy Legat, Andy Mace.

A | Beautiful set of highlights lasting over an hour.
WICKED – January 25, 2009 2:00 PM Final Chicago Performance Oriental Theatre Dvd
Final Chicago Performance: Dee Roscioli, Annaleigh Ashford, Barbara Robertson, Gene Weygandt, Kristoffer Cusick, Ted Ely, K. Todd Freeman, Heidi Kettenring.
A | Amazing, powerful, emotional performances full of energy from the cast and audience. A great send off for the final performance, beautifully captured. Many great riffs and vocal variations, a must for any Wicked fan.
WICKED – January 18, 2009 (Tour) Matinee (VOB) 2 DVD 2,74 y 1,29Gb.
Donna Vivino, Melissa Bohon (u/s Glinda), Richard H. Blake, Lenny Wolpe, Myra Lucretia Taylor, Amanda Rose, Ben Liebert
A- | Melissa's last performance as Glinda before leaving the Tour. First Act is complete. Second Act is complete all the way up until As Long as You're Mine. Some head obstruction, but a decent capture of the semi- new Tour Cast.
WICKED - January 11, 2009, Los Angeles Closing Performance 4.85 GB

Eden Espinosa, Megan Hilty, Derrick Williams, David Garrison, Carol Kane, Briana Yacavone, Eddy Rioseco, Tom Flynn.

A- | Final Los Angeles performance. Eden struggles again in TWAI, but the rest of the performance is stunning. Lots of applause and screaming all over. Many blackouts and a little head obstruction, but still a great capture.
WICKED: The Edit (VOB) 3.81Gb
Various sources were used to compile this DVD (bootlegs, YouTube, press reels, commercial footage, The Tonys, etc) and it has to be seen to be believed!  It is the entire first act, from start to finish, and features many different casts.  This was painstakingly compiled by a fan, and uses the "best" available footage of the show edited together.  As an example, 4 or 5 different actresses playing Galinda are seen during the opening number "No One Mourns Wicked."  The edits are seamless, and you have to admire the work that has gone into making this DVD.   B

WICKED – December 28, 2008 Stuttgart (VOB) 2 DVD 3,89Gb. Y 3,95Gb.

Cast: Maria Walter (u/s Elphaba), Lucy Scherer (Glinda), Mathias Edenborn (Fiyero), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Akaber), Carlo Lauber (Der Zauberer), Barbara Schmid (u/s Nessarose), Stefan Stara (Moq), Michael Günther (Dr. Dillamonth), Valerie Link (swing Midwife), Stefan Poslovski (Frex), Emma Hunter (Melena), Casey Lee Ross (Chistery).

WICKED – December 7, 2008 Stuttgart (VOB) 4,04Gb.

Cast: Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba), Jana Stelley* (alt. Glinda), Mathias Edenborn (Fiyero), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Akaber), Stefan Poslovski* (u/s Der Zauberer), Nicole Radeschnig (Nessarose), Stefan Stara (Moq), Matthias Dressel* (u/s Dr. Dillamonth, Frex), Heather Carino* (swing Melena), Valerie Link* (swing Midwife), Rhys George* (swing Chistery) Qualität: A (1 DVD)

WICKED - November 15, 2008 Wicked LA (VOB) 2DVDs 2,96Gb. Y 3,48Gb.
Vicki Noon (s/b Elphaba), Megan Hilty, Derrick Williams, David Garrison, Carol Kane, Briana Yacavone, Eddy Rioseco, David Devries
A | A great capture of one of the few times Vicki went on in LA. 5 blackouts, all of which only last about 30 seconds. Solid performances and whole show including BCEFA Speech!
WICKED – November 2, 2008 US Tour Atlanta (VOB) 3.74Gb

Carmen Cusack and Katie Rose Clarke (Carmen's last)

WICKED – October 31, 2008 Broadway (VOB) 4,18Gb.

Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell (Madame Morrible), P.J. Benjamin (The Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Stephen Skybell (Doctor Dillamond)

Good clear video with solid performances from the entire cast! Video starts during "No One Morns The Wicked" when Glinda says "According to the time dragon clock". Some Quick black outs in the beginning due people being late. Includes Bows and BCEFA Speech A-
WICKED – October 26, 2008 Evening Los Angeles | Michael Drrolet's Last (VOB) 3,65Gb.
Teal Wicks (Elphaba), Emily Rozek (s/b Glinda), Derrick Williams (Fiyero), David Garrison (The Wizard), Michael Drrolet (Boq), Linda Kerns (u/s Madame Morrible), Brianna Yacavone (Nessarose). Michael's Last Show. Shot in Wide screen. Fantastic performances, Teal was on fire and Defying Gravity was amazing. Emily was very cute and made Glinda her own. At some times the video can be a little shaky due to ushers but an overall steady, great shot with
gorgeous colors. A-
WICKED – September 11, 2008 Los Angeles Highlights
Teal Wicks, Emily Rozek, Derrick Williams, Carol Kane, Tim Talman, Briana Yacavone, Michael Drolet
WICKED - September 27, 2008 – (VOB) 2DVDs 2.40Gb y 2.50Gb
Dee Roscioli (Elphaba), Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda), Charles Hagerty (u/s Fiyero), Rondi Reed (Madame Morrible)
Notes: A few brief cover-ups, but a great capture overall.
WICKED - September 2008 London (VOB) 4.12Gb

Alexia Khadime, Dianne Pilkington, Oliver Tompsett, Harriet Thorpe, Desmond Barrit, Caroline Keiff, Jeremy Legat, Andy Mace.

WICKED – August 24, 2008 Chicago (Lisas Last) (VOB) 4.18Gb.
Lisa Brescia, Annaleigh Ashfort, Kristoffer Cusick, Gene Weygandt, Rondi Reed, Heidi Kettenring, Stanton Nash, K. Todd Freeman
WICKED – August 5, 2008 Broadway (VOB) 3,87Gb. Y 2,96Gb.
Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), Aaron Tveit (Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell (Morrible), P.J.Benjamin (The Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq),mStephen Skybell (Dr. Dillamond)
WICKED - July 23 2008 Stuttgart (VOB) 2DVD´s 2.60Gb y 1.84Gb
Roberta Valentini (u/s Elphaba), Lucy Scherer (Glinda), Mark Seibert (Fiyero), Matthias Dressel (u/s Der Zauberer), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Akaber), Maike Switzer (u/s Nessarose), Marco Fahrland (u/s Moq), Michael Guenther (Doktor Dillamonth)
Though the video can be shaky, this is still stunning quality with some absolutely beautiful close-ups which makes it a pure joy to watch. A+
WICKED – July 12, 2008 Matinee Stuttgart, Palladium Theater
Cast: Elphaba (Willemijn Verkaik), Glinda (s/b Jana Stelley), Wizard (u/s Stefan Poslovski),
Madame Morrible (Barbara Raunegger), Fiyero (Mathias Edenborn), Nessarose (Nicole Radeschnig),
Boq (Stefan Stara), Dr. Dillamond (u/s Matthias Dressel)
Quality: 9/10 (Cam Shot)
WICKED – July 11, 2008 Stuttgart - (VOB) 3,52Gb.

Willemijn Verkaik (Elphaba), Lucy Scherer (Glinda), Mark Seibert (Fiyero), Carlo Lauber (The Wizard), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Morrible), Nicole Radeschnig (Nessarose), Stefan Stara (Boq), Michael Guenther (Doctor Dillamond), Cosimo De Bartolomeo (Chistery)

- Act 1 only. Includes ‘Frei und schwerelos’ and ‘Gutes tun’ from June 15 2008 show with Roberta Valentini (u/s Elphaba).
WICKED - June 17, 2008 Broadway - VOB

Kerry's First: Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum (Glinda), David Burnham (Fiyero), Jayne Houdyshell (Morrible), Lenny Wolpe (Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert (Boq), Steven Skybell (Dillamond)

A | Wonderful capture of Kerry's first performance on Broadway. This was also Jayne's first returning to the show. David makes a great Fiyero and kinda sexy too! The cast gave great performances in welcoming Kerry!
WICKED – June 3, 2008 Chicago Oriental Theatre (VOB) 4,01Gb.
Lisa, Annaleigh & Kris's First: Lisa Brescia (Elphaba), Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda), Barbara Robertson (Morrible), Gene Weygandt (Wizard), Kristoffer Cusick (Fiyero), Heidi Kettenring (Nessarose), Stanton Nash (Boq).
A+ | AMAZING performance and chemistry. The acting and singing could not have been any better. Lisa was in top notch form. Annaleigh was beyond quixotic and the rest of the cast was just on fire.
WICKED - May 17, 2008 Stuttgart - (Rapidshare Links)

Cast: Sabrina Weckerlin (alt Elphaba), Jana Stelley (alt Glinda), Mark Seibert (Fiyero), Barbara Raunegger (Madame Akaber), Carlo Lauber (Zauberer), Nicole Radeschnig (Nessarose), Stefan Stara (Moq), Matthias Dressel (u/s Doktor Dillamonth)

The video is incomplete, Act I begins towards the end of Nichts ist mehr geheuer (Something Bad), Act II ends during the last verse of Gutes Tun (No Good Deed) Quality: A- (2 DVDs)
WICKED - May 14, 2008 Broadway (VOB) 4,33Gb.
Lisa Brescia (s/b Elphaba), Kendra Kassebaum, David Burnham, Miriam Margolyes, Lenny Wolpe, Cristy Candler, Ben Liebert, Steven Skybell.
A | Done in widescreen with no real obstructions and only a couple of very brief cover-ups. Lisa is great and a little more of a subdued Elphaba than most. David had a major lyric flub in "Dancing Through Life" where he ended up singing the same verse twice.
WICKED – April 27, 2008 Chicago (VOB) 3,95Gb.
Dee Roscioli (Elphaba), Kate Fahrner (transition Glinda), Barbara Robertson (Morrible), Gene Weygandt (Wizard), Heidi Kettenring (Nessarose), Michael Seelbach (Fiyero), Kevin Samual Yee (u/s Boq).
Beautiful colors, great filming. Follows the action, clear and vibrant, great camera work.
WICKED – April 24, 2008 Los Angeles (VOB) 4.24Gb
Teal Wicks (Elphaba) Megan Hilty (Glinda)
WICKED – April 23, 2008 Los Angeles (VOB) 4,23Gb.
Elphaba: Marcie Dodd, Glinda: Megan Hilty, Fiyero: Kristoffer Cusick Wizard: John Rubinstein, Morrible: Jo Anne Worley, Nessarose: Laura Dysarczy, Boq: Michael Drolet, Doctor Dillamond: Timothy Britten Parker

Fantastic quality and great cast!

WICKED - March 13, 2008 Broadway

Stephanie J. Block (Elphaba), Annaleigh Ashford (Glinda), David Burnham (Fiyero), Miriam Margolyes (Madame Morrible), Lenny Wolpe (The Wizard), Cristy Candler (Nessarose), Ben Liebert.

A- | Some parts are a tad dark and some scenes are a little shaky, but nothing bad at all, a really nice capture. Stephanie was powerful and very fierce
WICKED - January 18, 2008 Los Angeles (VOB) 4.26Gb
Caissie Levy, Megan Hilty, Kristoffer Cusick, Jo Anne Worley, John Rubinstein, Marcie Dodd
WICKED - January 28, 2008 Tokyo - 2DVD´s 4.16Gb y 3.58Gb

Megumi Hamada, Ayako Tomada (u/s Glinda), Li Tao, Izumi Mori, Takae Yamamoto, Takayuki Ito, Ryuzo Takemi, Hideo Kurihara [2 discs]

WICKED - December 12, 2007 US Tour - St. Louise (VOB) 4.03Gb

Cast: Carmen Cusack, Katie Rose Clark, Cliffton Hall, Lee Wilkof, Alma Cuer, Deedee Magno Hall, Brad Weinstock, Tom Flynn

WICKED – December 2, 2007 Los Angeles matinee (VOB) 4,08Gb.
Eden Espinosa, Melissa Fahn (u/s Glinda), Carol Kane, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Jenna Leigh Green, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker

One of the few times Melissa has gone on and gives a nice performance. Eden is wonderful, as she usually is. Solid performances from most of the cast. A beautiful capture of this performance. Good video A

WICKED - December 2, 2007 - Evening - Los Angeles (VOB) 4,16Gb.

Eden Espinosa, Emily Rozek (s/b Glinda), Kristoffer Cusick, Carol Kane, John Rubbinstein, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker [1 disc]

WICKED – October 28, 2007 Los Angeles (VOB) 4,06Gb.
Julie's Last: Julie Reiber as (u/s) Elphaba, Megan Hilty, Dioni Michelle Collins as (u/s) Morrible, John Rubinstein, Kristoffer Cusick, Natalie Daradich as (u/s) Nessa, Adam Wylie, Timothy Britten Parker.
A+ | Stunning capture of Julie's Final as Elphaba. She was amazing all the way around, vocal, acting, beauty. Natalie makes a terrific Nessa and gives lines with a different delivery, which is nice.
WICKED - October 18, 2007 London Cast (VOB) 4,05Gb.
Kerry Ellis (Elphaba), Dianne Pilkington (Glinda), Oliver Tompsett (Fiyero), Nigel Planer (Wizard), Susie Blake (Morrible), Katie Rowley Jones (Nessarose), James Gillan (Boq), Andy Mace (Dr. Dillamond)

A | Wonderfully captured and great performances from Kerry and the West End Cast. Her Defying Gravity is wonderful.

WICKED – October 9, 2007 Broadway (VOB) 4,12Gb.
First Performances of Stephanie J. Block and Annaleigh Ashford. Lenny Wolpe, Kathy Santen as (u/s) Morrible, Sebastian Arcelus, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell.
A+ | Beautifully captured and wonderful closeups, jaw dropping footage. Excellent performances all around, Stephanie commands the stage.
WICKED - October 7, 2007 (Broadway) (Julia and Kendra's last show) 4,06Gb.
Julia Murney, Kendra Kassebaum, Sebastian Arcelus, Kathy Santen (u/s), Lenny Wolpe, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell
WICKED – July 7, 2007 (Columbus, OH, Tour) (VOB) 2 DVDs 2,87Gb. Y 3,69Gb.
Coleen Sexton as (u/s) Elphaba, Laura Woyasz as (u/s) Glinda, Barbara Tirrell, Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Brad Weinstock, P.J. Benjamin, Tom Flynn.
A | Laura was Amazing, very original and hilarious. Coleen was terrific aswell, a very powerful voice. All nicely captured here
WICKED – July 3, 2007 Broadway (VOB) 2 DVD 2,95Gb. Y 2,05Gb.
Kendra Kassebaum, Caissie Levy as (u/s) Elphaba, David Garrison, Sebastian Arcelus, Jayne Houdyshell, Cristy Candler, Logan Lipton.
A | Minimal spotlight washout here and there and a very nice capture of Caissie's 2nd performance as Elphaba.
WICKED - May 22, 2007 Broadway Gershwin Theatre 6.95Gb

An amazing performance from the whole cast, Kendra is as hilarious as ever, Julia's voice eases over the score, her Defying Gravity is fabulous. Great performances from all involved

WICKED – March 6, 2007 Baltimore, Maryland. (VOB) 4,16Gb.

Victoria Matlock (Elphaba), Christina DeCicco (Glinda), Cliffton Hall (Fiyero), P.J. Benjamin (The Wizard), Barbara Tirrell (Madame Morrible), Deedee Magno Hall (Nessarose)

WICKED - March 4 2007 Tampa, FL (VOB) 3,96Gb.
Victoria Matlock, Christina DeCicco, Cliffton Hall, Deedee Magno Hall, Barbara Tirrell, P.J. Benjamin, Josh Lamon, Tom Flynn. Contains wonderful picture, sound, color, and most importantly performances. Great fresh new cast on the road. A+
WICKED – February 2, 2007 Chicago (VOB) 4,11Gb.
Carmen Cusack (s/b Elphaba), Erin Mackey, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt, Derrick Williams, Adam Fleming, Heidi Kettenring, K. Todd Freeman.
A | Great quality and a very nice performace from Carmen and Erin is fabulous as always. Features the new Dillamond.
WICKED January 20, 2007 Broadway (VOB) 4.03Gb
Julia Murney (Elphaba), Katie Adams (G(a)linda) Sebastian Arcelus, David Garrison, Jayne Houdyshell, Logan Lipton.
Beautifully filmed, and amazing clarity! At times, looks like broadcast quality.
Some blackouts, including one substiantial one during the sharing secrets portion of Popular, however, the audio is only a little muffled.
WICKED – January 10, 2007 Chicago (VOB) 4,10Gb.
Dee Roscioli, Erin Mackey, Brad Bass, Rondi Reed, Gene Weygandt, Heidi Kettenring, Adam Fleming, William Youmans
Wonderful quality, crystal clear picture and sound; a nice clear good video; features the limited run of Brad Bass as Fieyero and William Youmans as Dillamond A
WICKED – December 13, 2006 Chicago, Oriental Theatre (VOB) 4.07Gb

Dee Roscioli: Elphaba, Megan Sikora: Glinda, Brad Bass: Fiyero

Rondi Reed: Mme. Morrible, Gene Weygandt: The Wizard of Oz, Heidi Kettenring: Nessarose
Wonderful fresh new cast. Dee and Brad add great new vocals. Megan was a terrific Glinda. Watch for funny blooper in Popular. Amazing quality, one of the top Wickeds out there. *NO POSTING ON YT*
WICKED - November 25, 2006 Broadway (VOB) 4.03Gb
Ana Gasteyer, Katie Adams as (s/b) Glinda, David Garrison, Derrick Williams, Jayne Houdyshell, Jenna Leigh Green, Logan Lipton, Steven Skybell.
Act One plus a few minutes of Act Two. Includes London Script changes. Katie give a great performance as Glinda. A

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