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THE COUNT OF MONTE CHRISTO (Der Graf von Monte Christo) – April 11, 2009 - St. Gallen

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THE COUNT OF MONTE CHRISTO (Der Graf von Monte Christo) – April 11, 2009 - St. Gallen

In DVD9 or DVD5 (No Menu)

Cast: Thomas Borchert, Sophie Berner, Carsten Lepper, Christoph Goetten, Karim Khawatmi, Kurt Schrepfer, Daniel Berini, Barbara Obermaier, Ava Brennan, Andre Bauer

Bild: 16:9 A++ PRO-SHOT Ton: Dolby Digital 5.1 und Dolby Digital 2.0
THE COUNTRY GIRL - May 20, 2008 Bernard B. Jacobs Theater, NY; (VOB) 4,05Gb.

Morgan Freeman (Frank Elgin), Frances McDormand (Georgie Elgin), Peter Gallagher (Bernie Dodd), Remy Auberjonois (Paul Unger), Anna Camp (Nancy Stoddard), Joe Roland (Ralph), Lucas Caleb Rooney (Larry)
THE CRADLE WILL ROCK - 1985 TV Cast (VOB) 4,01Gb.

Starring Patti LuPone, Tom Robbinson, Henry Stram, James Harper, David Schramm.

Intro by John Houseman. Beautiful quality recording. A+
THE CRUCIBLE- Act 1: 2/22/02 & Act 2: 2/27/02 Broadway Virginia Theatre, NY, USA
Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Angela Bettis, Brian Murray
Digitally shot from the mezzanine, no heads. A
THE FIX – April 30, 1997 London (VOB) 3,70Gb.

Mostly close-ups.  Filmed through something to hide camera.  Occasional static.  

John Barrowman and Philip Quast. Shot through a grate but well shot so you ignore it after a while.
Some tracking issues at the very start.
THE FOREIGNER – December 4, 2004 Broadway (VOB) 2,27Gb.

Matthew Broderick, Frances Sternhagen, Kevin Cahoon, Mary Catherine Garrison, Neil Huff.  Very nicely filmed, clear crisp video.  Also includes scanned Playbill info and two clips from NY1.   A

THE FROGS – June 25, 2004 Broadway (VOB) 3,56Gb. (RapidShare Links)
Nathan Lane, Chris Kattan, John Byner, Daniel Davis
Great video filmed in a difficult theater; excellent sound as always; A
THE FULL MONTY – February 17, 2001 Broadway
Patrick Wilson, Emily Skinner, Marcus Neville, Romain Fruge, Andre DeShields, Jason Danieley
Good taping throughout with an occasional railing in the picture. Clear audio and nice picture, with slight spotlight washout the show, although not distracting B
THE FULL MONTY – January 16,2002 Broadway (VOB) 3,19Gb.
Will Chase, Daniel Sherman Stewart, Chris Diamantopolous, Larry Marshall, Danny Gurwin, Steven Skybell, Emily Skinner
Digital, shot from mezzanine with no heads. There are some brief video cover-ups while the ushers were patrolling and for latecomers, but other than that, it's a beautiful video. B+

THE GLASS MENAGERIE - March 18, 2005 Broadway

Jessica Lange, Christian Slater, Josh Lucas, Sarah Paulson.  Very nicely filmed.  Also includes scanned Playbill info, NY1 clip, and 2 Theatre Talk clips.   A

THE GOAT, OR WHO IS SYLVIA? - April 2002 Broadway (VOB) 3,38Gb.
Starring: Bill Pullman, Mercedes Ruehl, Jeffrey Carlson, Stephen Rowe
A good capture of the American class playwrite.
THE GOODBYE GIRL - (Walnut Street Theatre) VOB 2,58Gb.

Starring Donna McKechnie, Alyse Wojciechowski, William Ryall

THE GOODBYE GIRL - 1993 Broadway
Bernadette Peters, Martin Short, Susann Fletcher, John Christopher Jones, Carol Woods
Neil Simon's classic with music by Marvin Hamlisch. Colorful. A must for Bernadette fans! Great performance shots. Plus, a special about the show's opening night. Interviews with Carol Channing, Gwen Verdon, Neil Simon, Marvin Hamlisch and others.

Rolan Bell, Jacqui Dubois, Derek Elroy, Victor Romero Evans, Joanna Francis, Matthew J Henry, Marlon King, Susan Lawson-Reynolds, Joy Mack, Marcus Powell, Joe Speare, Chris Tummings. “Telling the story of Ivan, a country boy who dreams of becoming a reggae star, The Harder They Come features classic reggae tracks including You Can Get It If You Really Want, Rivers Of Babylon and The Harder They Come. Ivan’s journey to make it in music is not an easy one, and the scene drives him to a fast and furious life as an outlaw, but he would rather die than kill his dream.”  Based on the 1972 film of the same name.  This is an archive video of the show meant for cast and crew.  Filmed from the back of the house on a tripod, using a stationary full stage shot, with sound patched in directly from the soundboard.  Crystal clear.   A

THE HISTORY BOYS - May 6, 2006 - Broadway (VOB) 4,04Gb.
Richard Griffiths, Frances de la Tour, Clive Merrison, Stephen Campbell Moore
THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST - February 5th, 2011 (2pm) American Airlines Theatre Broadway (VOB) 3,47Gb.
Cast: Brian Bedford, Dana Ivey, Paxton Whitehead, Amanda Leigh Cobb, Santino Fontana, David Furr, Tim MacDonald, Paul O'Brien, Charlotte Parry, Sara Topham
Quality: A-. Railing at the bottom of the screen present in wide/medium shots with one brief blackout in Act One when someone needed to leave. Also, the extreme sides are obstructed by a head but I did my best to shoot around them.
Disc includes 20 minutes of Opening Night footage and Interviews.

THE KING AND I - June 1992 Wichita, KS (VOB) 3.86Gb

Kristen Chenoweth, Richard White, Linda Michelle, Nexdra Dixon, Etta Wang.  Early Kristen Chenoweth appearance as Tuptim, when she was billed as Kristi D. Chenoweth.  Nicely filmed, semi-pro shot, using one camera on a tri-pod.   A-
THE LIFE – 1998 Broadway (VOB) 3,90Gb.
(Vernel Bagneris, Mark Bove, Chuck Cooper, Felicia Finley)
THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA – April 21, 2005 Broadway

Kelli O'Hara, Victoria Clark, Mathew Morrison. 

Nicely filmed and very clear.  Complete show.   A
THE LION KING – January 5, 2006 US Tour San Diego

Cast: Gugwana Dlamini (Rafiki), Rufus Bonds, Mr. (Mufasa), Marvette Williams (Sarabi), Derek Hasenstab (Zazu), Video is shot from the far house left side A few heads in the way, but a nice crisp and clear capture. A-

THE LION KING (Il Re Bella Foresta), Italy Date Unknown (VOB) 3,97Gb.

Cast: Andre de la Roche, Alessia Passari, Michelle Dalpozzo, Michelle Goberti, Cinzia Magri, Davide Magnini. 

Pro shot for TV!  A different interpretation, but clearly influenced by the Broadway production. 

More dance, almost no dialogue, and even includes songs from Tarzan.  In English.   Quality: A

THE LION KING - 7/13-8/31/97, Minneapolis, World Premiere, (VOB) 2,96Gb.

John Vickery (Scar), Samuel E. Wright (Mufasa), Tsiddi Le Loka (Raffiki), Geoff Hoyle (Zazu), Jason Raize (Simba), Heather Headley (Nala), Scott Irby-Rannair (Young Simba), Kajuana Shuford (Young Nala), act one is from right orchestra, act two is from left orchestra, some spotlight wash out, hard to rate, B

THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED – January 18, 2006 Off Broadway (VOB) 2,13Gb.
Julie White, Johnny Galeki, Neal Huff, Zoe Lister Jones Quality: A-

THE LITTLE MERMAID - August 31, 2007 Denver Previews
Sierra Boggess (Ariel), Sean Palmer (Prince Eric), Sherie Rene Scott (Ursula), Tituss Burgess (Sebastian), Norm Lewis (King Triton), Eddie Korbich (Scuttle), J.J. Singleton (Flounder), Tyler Maynard (Flotsam), Derrick Baskin (Jetsam), Jonathan Freeman (Grimsby)
THE LITTLE MERMAID - September 1, 2007) Denver Previews VOBS
good quality
THE LITTLE MERMAID - March 29, 2008 Broadway VOBs
Betsey Morgan (understudy Ariel), Cicily Daniels (understudy Ursula), Sean Palmer (Eric), Tituss Burgess (Sebastian)
THE LITTLE PRINCE Portuguese version 2009 (VOB) 3,60Gb.

Martin Gavina (The Little Prince), Nuno Martins (The Aviator)

THE MARVELOUS WONDERETTES - August 19, 2010 Sacramento, CA (VOB) 3,73Gb.

Misty Cotton (Missy Miller), Bets Malone (Suzy Simpson), Lindsay Mendez (Betty Jean Reynolds), Lowe Taylor (Cindy Lou Huffington). Produced by the Sacramento Music Circus at the Wells Fargo Pavilion. Very nicely filmed and crystal clear. A few short blackouts, but nothing too bad. This is staged a little differently than the other versions as it’s presented in the round. A

THE MARVELOUS WONDERETTES – April 24, 2010 - Musical Theatre west, Long Beach, CA
Darcie Roberts (Cindy Lou), Lowe Taylor (Missy), Bets Malone (Suzy), Beth Malone (Betty Jean)

THE MARVELOUS WONDERETTES (The Winter Wonderettes) – December 19, 2009 – (VOB) 4,18Gb.

Laguna Playhose, Laguna Beach, CA (Evening)

Marvelous Wonderettes are back as they create a rockin’ 60s party to celebrate the holidays with friends and family!

Betty Jean, Cindy Lou, Missy and Suzy are entertaining at the 1968 Holiday Party for Harper’s Hardware, where Betty Jean has worked since high school. Audience members are fellow employees, friends and family, and the girls have transformed the hardware store into a winter wonderland.
THE MARVELOUS WONDERETTES – December 08, 2006 El Portal Forum Theatre - North Hollywood, CA

Bets Malone, Kirsten Benton-Chandler, Kim Huber, Julie Dixon Jackson. A

THE MARVELLOUS WONDERETTES – March 21, 2003 Hermosa Beach Playhouse, Hermosa Beach, CA:

Beth Malone (Betty Jean), Kirsten Benton (Cindy Lou), Kim Huber (Missy), Bets Malone (Suzy) No coverups/obstruction.

THE NORMAL HEART – April 29, 2004 Revival Cast Public Theater New York (VOB) 3,36Gb.
Raul Esparza, Joanna Gleason, Billy Warlock
Brilliant production. Raul Esparza is mind blowing B+
THE NORMAL HEART – April 19, 2011 Broadway (VOB) 4,20Gb.
Ellen Barkin, Patrick Breen, Mark Harelik, John Benjamin Hickey, Luke MacFarlane, Joe Mantello, Lee Pace, Jim Parsons, Richard Topol, Wayne Alan Wilcox. A great capture of this powerful show and would suggest to anyone. Disc also includes around two hours of interviews and behind the scenes footage. A
THE PAJAMA GAME - February 18, 2006 Broadway (VOB) 3,76Gb.

CAST: Harry Connick, Jr., Kelli O'Hara, Michael McKean, Peter Benson, Joyce Chittick, Megan Lawrence, Michael McCormick, Roz Ryan, Paula Leggett Chase, Bianca Marroquin

Excellent recording of this fabulous production. Great picture and sound. A
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA London Promo 3 minutes (VOB)

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 1990 - Los Angeles, CA (VOB) 1,95Gb.

Michael Crawford, Dale Kristien, Norman Large, Mary D’Arcy.

Very nicely filmed, but some generational loss.
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – August 29, 1993 Los Angeles, CA (VOB)
Davis Gaines - Dale Kristien - Michael Piontek
Full stage shot from the house camera. Excellent video and sound. Features cast speeches and surprise appearance by Andrew Lloyd Weber at Curtain Call. A-
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - 2002 - (Madrid, Teatro Lope de Vega)

Juan Carlos Barona (alt), Julia Moller (alt), Zenon Recalde (u/s). Single-Camera Pro-shot.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - February 26, 2006 London (A+)
Matt Cammelle, Rachel Barrell, David Shannon, James Barron, Sam Hiller, Wendy Ferguson, Annette Yeo
In my opinion one of the best filmed Phamtoms out there. On two discs at nearly 7gb.

Some said this video its from day 24 others from 25 February 2006


Cast: Ethan Freeman, Anne Goener, Nikolaj Alexander Brucker, Enrst van Looy, Fernand Delosch, Karen Buck, Bonifacio Galvan, Gabriele Ramm, Annabel Knight

Quality: A- (2 DVDs)
(VOB) 2 DVD 3,27Gb. Y 2,86Gb. *Please note: this show is performed entirely in German*
Cast: Uwe Kröger (Phantom), Beatrix Reiterer (Christine), Lucius Wolter (Raoul), Ernest Van Looy (Himmin), Fernand Delosch (Andre), Laurie Anne McGowan (Carlotta), Daniel Brenna (Piangi)
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - September 2008 London (VOB) 2DVD´s 3,10Gb. y 2,78Gb.
Ramin Karimloo, Gina Beck, Simon Bailey, Kate Radmilovic, Rohan Tickell, Barry James, Gareth Snook, Heather Jackson, Tori Jones.
Beautifully shot widescreen DVD of an excellent cast. A
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – May 12, 2008 Broadway

Howard McGillin, Elizabeth Loyacano, Jeremy Stolle (u/s Raoul),George Lee Andrews, David Cryer, Rebecca Judd, Evan Harrington, Heather McFadden, Katie Banks, Chris Bohannon, Harriet Clark. Nicely filmed from the balcony. Takes the filmer a few minutes to settle, then it’s a great video. DVD includes main menu and animated scene selections. A-

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA – October 31, 2010 evening final show, US Tour Pantages Theatre, Hollywood

Tim Martin Gleason (Phantom), Trista Moldovan (Christine), Sean MacLaughlin (Raoul), Kim Stengel (Carlotta), D.C. Anderson (M. Andre), Michael McCoy (M. Firmin), Nancy Hess (Madame Giry), Luke Grooms (Ubaldo Piangi), Paloma Garcia-Lee (Meg), cast was on fire, first 20 minutes of the show has about 8 minutes of scattered black outs, last one is in the middle of Think of Me then the rest of the show is in intact, head on either side that blocks far sides of stage which obstruct the action occasionally especially in the first act, some wash out here and there, includes curtain call speeches by Tim Martin Gleason and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, A

THE PILLOWMAN – March 2, 2005 Broadway
Billy Crudup, Jeff Goldblum, Zeljko Ivanek, Michael Stuhlbarg. Jesse Shane Bronstein, Kate Gleason, Rick Holmes, Ted Koch, Madeleine Martin, Colby Minifie,Virginia Louise Smith
A dark show so there are some dark spots; lots of close-ups but missing the last 6 minutes of act 1, which is sound only; act 2 is complete B+
THE PIRATE QUEEN - April 13, 2007 Broadway
Stephanie J. Block (Grace), Hadley Fraser (Tiernan), Linda Balgord (Queen Elizabeth), William Youmans (Bingham), Marcus Chait (Donal), Jeff McCarthy (Dubhdara)

Falta Password

THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE - July 7, 2007 Long Beach
Rex Smith (The Pirate King), Krisofer McNeely (Frederick), Jennifer Malenke, Mary Gordon Murray, Norman Large (General), Paul Clausen (Police Chief)
THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE - 2006‏ Opera Australia (VOB) 3,89Gb.

Recorded onto DVD from television

Cast: Anthony Warlow (Pirate King), David Hobson (Frederic), John Bolton-Wood (Major-General Stanley), Suzanne Johnston (Ruth), Taryn Fiebig (Mabel Stanley), Richard Alexander (Sergeant of Police), Andrew Brunsdon (Samuel).
THE PRODUCERS – February 20, 2001 Chicago (VOB) 4.23Gb
Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Roger Bart, Gary Beach, Brad Oscar, Cady Huffman

Classic video; best Producers available; video includes Letterman performance A-


7 minutes

THE PRODUCERS – November 4, 2001 Broadway (VOB) 2,46Gb.
Starring: Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Roger Bart, Gary Beach, Brad Oscar, Cady Huffman.
Nice, lots of close-ups, some heads in the way. Many ad-libs from Nathan Lane ("I hear he has a polyp") and his closing speech at the end for Actor's Fund performance. B
THE PRODUCERS – March 22, 2002 Broadway (VOB) 2,20Gb.

Henry Goodman, Steven Weber, Roger Bart, Gary Beach, Brad Oscar, Cady Huffman

Filmed from 2nd row mezzanine center. Missing a few seconds during Keep It Gay. Digital video. A-
THE PRODUCERS – December 19, 2002 Broadway (VOB) 3,19Gb.

Brad Oscar, Roger Bart, Gary Beach, Brad Musgrove, Cady Huffman, John Tracey Egan

Shot from 3rd row balcony. Small splice in the intro-to-Roger's-elegant-UES-townhouse moment because of flipping tapes, so you'll see Roger Bart as Carmen Ghia for a moment there. Great video. 1st generation from the master, digital A-
THE PRODUCERS – May 24, 2005 Broadway (VOB)
Richard Kind, Roger Bart, Brooks Ashmanskas, John Tracey Egan, Jonathan Freeman, Angie Schworer.
A little jumpy in the first 10 minutes and then a 3 minute cover up for latecomers. Excellent video from master.

THE PRODUCERS October 2004 Melbourne, Australia 2DVD´s

Reg Livermore, Tom Burlinson, Chloe Dallimore, Tony Sheldon, Bert Newton (The original Australian cast.)  Recorded through the house camera, so it's a stationary full stage shot.  Audio patched in directly from the sound board.  Some spotlight washout.   A-


THE PRODUCERS - July 16, 2009 Admiralplast Berlín

Cornelius Obonya (Max Bialystock), Andreas Bieber (Leo Bloom), Bettina Mönch (Ulla), Reinwald Kranner (Franz Liebkind), Martin Sommerlatte (Roger DeBris), Rob Pelzer (Carmen Ghia)

THE RABBIT HOLEFebruary 25, 2006 Broadway (VOB) 2,.69Gb.

Cynthia Nixon, Mary Catherine Garrison, John Slattery, Tyne Daly, John Gallagher Jr.  Missing the first few seconds of the show.  Beautifully filmed and crystal clear.  Includes scanned Playbill information, as well as NY1's opening night coverage, a review of the show, and an interview with Cynthia Nixon.   A

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW – January 11, 2009 Wien – (VOB) 2 DVD 4,75Gb.

Rob Fowler, Chris Ellis-Stanton, Ceri-Lyn Cissone, Stuart Matthew Price, Maria Franzén, Kerry Winter, AndrewGordon-Watkins, Jack Edwards, Alexander Goebel

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW – May 2009 Berlin 1 DVD; Rate: A- (VOB) 3,68Gb. (RAPIDSHARE LINKS)

Rob Fowler (Frank'N'Furter), Chris Ellis-Stanton (Brad), Ceri-Lyn Cissone (Janet), Maria Franzen (Magenta), Stuart Matthew Price (Riff Raff), Kerry Winter (Columbia), Martin Semmelrogge (Narrator)


Patricia Quinn (Usherette), Adrian Edmondson / Stephen Gately ( Brad Majors), Sophie Lawrence / Jo Farrell (Janet Weiss), Kraig Thornber / Richard O’Brien (Riff-Raff), Amy Field / Nell Campbell (Columbia), Toyah Wilcox / Patricia Quinn (Magenta), Anthony Head / Michael Ball (Frank-N-Further), Gary Amers (Rocky), Ben Richards (Eddie), Julian Littman (Dr. Scott), and Narrators Christopher Biggins, Rayner Bourton, Robin Cousin, Little Nell, Richard O’Brien, Steve Pemberton, Tony Slattery, and Jamie Theakston.

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW - August 17, 2001 Off-Broadway NYC, English (VOB) 3,50Gb.
Cast: Tom Hewitt (Frank-N-Furter), Jarrod Emick (Brad), Alice Ripley (Janet), Daphne Rubin-Vega (Magenta), Mark Price (Riff-Raff), Ana Gayster (Columbia), James Stovall (u/s Eddie/Dr. Scott), Jonathan Sharp (u/s Rocky), Dick Cavett (Narrator)
THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW – 1994 Teatro Del Globo Buenos Aires ARGENTINA (VOB) 2,92Gb.

Jean Pierre Noher (Frank N Furter), Lorena Alvarez (Janet), Julio Breshnev (Brad), Juan Manuel Tenuta (Relator), Natalia Castelli, Pablo Gonzalez, Natalia Lobo, Mariana Rodriguez Mentasti, Fernando Mercado, Fabián Muzzo, Alejandra Peralta, Héctor Pilatti, Carlos Zabala.

Filmed with a house camera from the right side of the stage, good follow of the action with many close ups.
THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW – August 6, 1988, Royal Hanley U.K. Tour, Final Performance (VOB) 4,09Gb.

Julie Fox (Usherette/Magneta), Sue Cotter (Janet), Craig Deegan (Brad), Marc Seymour (Narrator), Paul Critchlow (Riff Raff), Lorinda King (Columbia), Mark Turnbull (Frank N Furter), David Ian (Rocky), Paul Cottingham (Eddie), Rober John-Lee (Dr. Scott), Phillipa Blake, Mark Vince, Judy Walker (Phantoms)* Multi-camera pro-shot recording made as a momento for the cast/crew, some generation loss, includes a couple of tv news segments about the show at the end.B+ (Pro-shot)

THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL - Halle 2003 PRO-SHOT (VOB) 4,.3 Gb. In German. RATING: A+
Darius Merstein (Percival Blakeney), Ann Christin Elverum (Marguerite St. Just), Chris Murray (Citizen Chauvelin)
Pro-shot of a dress rehearsal for the Halle production. Shot from the house. Clear picture with lots of closeups. Great quality. Amazing performances.
THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS – October 30, 2010 Broadway (VOB) 3,46Gb.

Joshua Henry, John Cullum, Josh Breckenridge, Derrick Cobey, Coleman Domingo, Jeremy Gumbs, Rodney Hicks, Kendrick Jones, James T. Lane, Forrest McLendon, Julius Thomas III, Sharon Washington, Christian Dante White. Beautiful capture of this great show. Everything is nicely captured and performed very nicely. A

THE SECRET GARDEN - 05/26/2001-Act One and 05/30/2001- Act Two London, English (VOB) 4,06Gb.

Philip Quast (Archie), Linzi Hateley (Martha), Craig Purnell (Dickon), Meredith Braun (Lily), Peter Polycarpou (Neville), Cassandra Compton/Lizzie Bowling (Mary Lennox), Zach Morris/James Gillies (Colin)

(Act One missing the last minute) Quality: A-
THE SOUND OF MUSIC – June 2010 UK Tour (VOB) 2 DVD 3,01Gb. Y 2,76Gb. NOT FOR TRADE

Connie Fisher (Maria Rainer), Michael Praed (Captain Georg von Trapp), Marilyn Hill Smith, Claire Fishenden (Liesl von Trapp), Chris Barton (Rolf Gruber).

A magnificent capture of the first performance when the new cast took over featuring *Any Dream Will Do’s* Chris Barton who took over the role of Rolf. Comes in 2 DVDs and on the second disc after Act 2 is over there are 20 minutes worth of footage of press reels from the UK Tour production and the Canadian Cast featuring Elicia MacKenzie as Maria. So indeed its a nice DVD. A+  
THE SOUND OF MUSIC – November 2009 UK Tour (VOB) 2DVD 5,78Gb.
Connie Fisher (Maria Rainer), Margaret Preece (The Mother Abbess), Michael Praed (Captain Georg von Trapp), Jacinta Mulcahy (Elsa Schraeder), Martin Callaghan (Max Detweiler), Claire Fishenden ( Liesl von Trapp), Jeremy Taylor (Rolf Gruber).
A nice full capture of the wonderful revival.  I am disappointed in Connie's vocals, they were very weak.  She was a joy to watch though. Includes some random shots from another show.  A-
THE SOUND OF MUSIC – November 2009 UK Tour (VOB) 5,03Gb.
Kirsty Malpass, Margaret Preece, Michael Praed, Jacinta Mulcahy, Martin Callaghan, Claire Fishenden, Jeremy Taylor
An amazing capture in 16:9 wide-screen with no obstructions or blackouts. Kristy in my opinion is so much better than Connie, she has such a stronger voice and a better actress. A- (2 DVD's)
THE SOUND OF MUSIC (A Noviça Rebelde) Portuguese Version – 2008 (VOB) 2 DVDs 3,63Gb. Y 2,16Gb.

Teatro: Oi Casa Grande (Leblón-Rio de Janeiro)

Kiara Sasso (Maria Rainer), Maria Netto (Franz), Davi Guilherme (Friedrich), Malu Rodrigues (louisa), Daniel Rocha (Kurt), Angela Chaves (Brigitta), Antonia Murad (Marta) e Thayani Campos (Gretl).


THE SOUND OF MUSIC (A muzsika hangja) Hungary Cast 1992 (VOB) 3,86Gb.

Maria: Malek Andrea, Von Trapp kapitány: Farkas Bálint, Zárdafőnökasszony: Tiboldi Mária, Frau Schmidt : Mednyánszki Ági, Rolf a postásfiú: Bozsó József, A bárónő: Kovács Zsuzsa, Max : Szolnoki Tibor, Herr Zeller : Benkóczy Zoltán

THE STORY OF MY LIFE – February 23, 2009

Will Chase, Malcolm Gets, Alex Maizus, Austin McKinnis. Filmed during previews. This short lived musical lasted for just 5 official performances. Filmed from the orchestra section, so there are heads at the bottom of the screen. Basically the filmer just put the camcorder on their armrest, so it’s a mostly stationary full stage shot, but it’s great it was filmed at all. Some spotlight washout. B

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