3-1 Notes: Early English Settlements 1st English Attempt to Settle in America

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3-1 Notes: Early English Settlements
1st English Attempt to Settle in America:

  • Sir Walter Raleigh- started a settlement at Roanoke Island

  • settlers all DISAPPEARED—we still don’t know what happened!

1st Permanent English Settlement in America:

  • Jamestown, Virginia- started by the Virginia Joint Stock Company

  • They started a colony because they got a Charter

  • Charter = permission slip from king to start a colony.

Why did Jamestown almost fail?

  1. It had bad soil- swampy land is bad for farming

  1. Many diseases were spread by mosquitoes

  2. People did not want to work—they were only worried about looking for gold.

Why did Jamestown survive?

  1. John Smith forced people to work and got help from Natives.

  1. John Rolfe showed them how to plant tobacco.

Jamestown’s Government

House of Burgesses- 1st Representative Government in America!

3-2 Notes: New England Colonies
4 New England Colonies:

  • New England colonies were founded for religious reasons

Protestants Split into 2 Groups:

Puritans & Separatists

Wanted to change church in England

  1. Wanted to leave England

  2. Start new church in America

  3. Example = Pilgrims

Massachusetts Colony

  • Their leader was William Bradford

  • They came here to start new church

  • Squanto and Samoset showed Pilgrims how to grow corn, beans & pumpkins

Squanto helping Pilgrims fish

Connecticut Colony

  • Founded by Thomas Hooker (he left Massachusetts)

  • 1st WRITTEN CONSTITUTION in America = Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

Rhode Island Colony

  • founded by Roger Williams (believed in religious freedom for everyone

3-3 Notes: Middle Colonies

4 Middle Colonies:

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware

New York:

  • 1st it was called New Amsterdam & it was ruled by the Dutch (They bought it from the Natives for BEADS!)

  • The English attacked New Amsterdam & took over

  • It was then ruled by the Duke of York—so he called it “New York”

  • New York became a Proprietary Colony

  • Proprietary Colony= all land in the colony is ruled by one or more people. They control the land and the government

New Jersey

  • 1st a part of New York

  • Duke of York then gave it to Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret


  • Penn treated Natives as equals

3-4 Notes: Southern Colonies

5 Southern Colonies:

Virginia, Maryland, North & South Carolina & Georgia

**Slaves needed in all southern colonies**

  • Founded by Lord Baltimore

  • Home for Catholics

  • However, anyone could settle there


-Home of Jamestown

Bacon’s Rebellion:

  • Nathan Bacon & Farmers vs. Virginia’s Government

North and South Carolina

-Indigo is grown here; Indigo = Blue dye that was introduced by Eliza Lucas

-Slaves needed to work on Tobacco and Rice Plantations


  • Protected the other colonies from Spanish Florida

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