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Tossup One. In rural Maine, Homer Wells, an orphan, becomes an apprentice to Dr. Wilbur Larch, the director of an orphanage, who also performs illegal abortions. For 10 points, name this 1994 John Irving book that delicately addresses various moral questions, turned into an Oscar-nominated 1999 film.

ANSWER: The Cider House Rules

Tossup Two. In the late 1840’s at the Ecole Normale in Paris he focused on both physics and chemistry. For 10 points, name this founder of the science of microbiology, who also proved the germ theory of disease and developed a vaccine for rabies.

ANSWER: Louis Pasteur

Tossup Three. The aggregate demand curve shifts if and only if the quantity of money changes. The supply curve is a vertical line. Such statements, along with “the velocity of money is stable”, are endorsed by this school of economics. For 10 points, name this school founded on the works of Milton Friedman.

ANSWER: monetarism [accept neo-classicism or new classicism; prompt on classicism or equivalents]

Tossup Four. Sweeney Agonistes. The Family Reunion. The Elder Statesman. The Confidential Clerk. The Celestial Party. For 10 points, name the author of these plays as well as Murder in the Cathedral and the poem The Wasteland.

ANSWER: Thomas Stearns Eliot

Tossup Five. The creation of man, the virgin birth of Christ, and the resurrection are all cited in its “creed” which all students and faculty recite daily. For 10 points, name this 73-year-old Greenville, South Carolina-based institution under fire for its anti-Catholic positions and denounced by various Presidential contenders.

ANSWER: Bob Jones University [laugh if anyone actually says “Furman University”]

Tossup Six. Wilfred Owen’s War Requiem, Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, Henry James’s The Turn of the Screw, and Herman Melville’s Billy Budd were all adapted as musical works by him. For 10 points, name this man who also composed Peter Grimes and “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”.

ANSWER: Benjamin Edward Britten

Tossup Seven. Rebels in this country have been fighting for a homeland separate from the majority Sinhalese since 1983. The Tamil rebels call themselves Black Tigers and are known for recruiting women to fight alongside men in fierce, brutal guerilla attacks. For 10 points, name this island nation off the coast of southeast India.

ANSWER: Sri Lanka

Tossup Eight. This religious work has two main parts—the Mishna, or the oral law, and the Gemara, which is a commentary on the Mishna. Other parts include the legal section called the Halakah and the Aggada, devoted to legends and stories. For 10 points, name this compilation of Jewish rabbinical teachings and oral law.

ANSWER: Talmud

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