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Tossup Seven. It is bordered by Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast. After a series of outright dictators, it is now ruled by President Blaise Compaoré. For 10 points, name this nation that in 1984 changed its name to a phrase meaning “land of upright men” from its colonial name of Upper Volta.

ANSWER: Burkina Faso

BONUS. Answer the following about current events in Africa.

• This nation was victimized in February 2000 by a horrible series of storms.

ANSWER: Popular Republic of Mozambique

• This Egyptian President received legislative permission, in February 2000, to continue the state of emergency which has existed since the 1981 assassination of his predecessor.

ANSWER: Hosni Mubarak
Tossup Eight. It focused on major economic and military centers such as Hue, Khesanh, and Saigon. Vo Nguyen Giap planned it to coincide with a lunar holiday of importance to both sides. For 10 points, identify this strike which began on January 30, 1968, a psychological turning point of the Vietnam War.

ANSWER: Tet Offensive

BONUS. The U.S. never officially declared war on France at the end of the eighteenth century, either. Identify the following events that brought the two nations to unofficial arms.

• In this 1797 incident, three members of the Directory demanded a bribe from a mission sent to improve US-France relations.


• Franco-American relations were sour prior to the XYZ Affair because France had taken umbrage at this 1794 treaty, in which Britain promised to remove troops from the Northwest Territories.

ANSWER: Jay’s Treaty
Tossup Nine. Catherine de Medici declared this plant the “Herba Regina” after it apparently relieved her of her migraine headaches. Other early users also achieved very favorable results such as in healing wounds or controlling the growth of tumors. For 10 points, name this plant which was introduced to France by diplomat Jean Nicot.

ANSWER: Tobacco [or nicotiana tabacum]

BONUS. At the latest American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting, preliminary studies revealed that nicotine patches can be beneficial to treating certain illnesses. Name these illnesses from clues for 10 points each.

• Patients of this degenerative neurological disease who were treated with nicotine were found to be less anxious, were more mentally attentive, and had better control of their bodies. Name this disease that affects millions of people such as Michael J. Fox.

ANSWER: Parkinson’s Disease

• Nicotine in combination with drugs used to treat this syndrome helps patients control various tics, rages, and blurted obscenities.

ANSWER: Tourette’s Syndrome

Tossup Ten. Egeon can’t pay ransom to be released from arrest in Ephesus, but tells a sad story to Solinus about how Egeon raised a separated twin in Syracuse and gets a reprieve. Of course, the other separated identically-named twin lives in Ephesus. For 10 points, name this Shakespearean play about two Antipholuses and two Dromios in a situation of mistaken identity.

ANSWER: The Comedy of Errors

BONUS. Dante is guided by several individuals in his Commedia. For 10 points each:

• Dante is led through Heaven and Hell by this Latin author of the Aeneid.

ANSWER: Publius Vergilius Maro

• Mr. Aligheri is led through the nine levels of Paradise by this woman, to whom Dante dedicated most of his poetry.

ANSWER: Beatrice


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