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Tossup Six. He led the teams which composed the Pioneer plaque and the Voyager record as messages to aliens. One of the originators of the theory of nuclear winter, he spent much of his later life advocating disarmament. For 10 points, name this popular scientist, the author of Contact and Cosmos.

ANSWER: Carl Sagan

BONUS. Identify these things discovered or invented by Carl Sagan for 10 points each.

• Svante Arrhenius (SVAN-tay ahr-EE-nee-us) first proposed a form of this environmental condition, but Sagan refined and explained it in order to explain the unexpectedly high temperatures on Venus.

ANSWER: the greenhouse effect

• Sagan and Joshua Lederberg created this scientific discipline, which searches for life on other planets and develops theories about such life.

ANSWER: exobiology

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