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BONUS. For 10 points each, name these musical instruments. • Orchestras tune to this double-reeded woodwind’s A. ANSWER: oboe

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BONUS. For 10 points each, name these musical instruments.

• Orchestras tune to this double-reeded woodwind’s A.

ANSWER: oboe

• It is the tuba’s tenor counterpart, principally used in marching bands and for solos.

ANSWER: euphonium

• The horizontal strings of this keyboard instrument were struck by brass wedges. Too soft for use in concert with other instruments, it was abandoned in favor of the harpsichord and piano.

ANSWER: clavichord
Tossup Two. She published the autobiography The Life I’ve Led in 1955. That life included two selections to the girls’ All-America team while a high school basketball player and gold medals in the javelin throw and eighty-meter dash in the 1932 Olympics. For 10 points—name this athlete, also the victor in eighty-two golf tournaments.

ANSWER: Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias [accept Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias]

BONUS. Answer these questions on the Federal Reserve System for 10 points each.

• The system was established by the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, which occurred in this year.

ANSWER: 1913

• This is the number of regions in the Federal Reserve System.

ANSWER: twelve

• Each of the members of the Board of Governors may serve only one full term spanning this many years.

ANSWER: fourteen
Tossup Three. The oldest written records of an Indo-European language contain the tongue of this agricultural people, who may have been the first civilization to use iron. For 10 points—name this ancient civilization at its height between the eighteenth and fourteenth centuries BCE, located in present-day Turkey and Syria.

ANSWER: Hittites

BONUS. For 10 points for the first clue, or 5 points if you need a second, with a potential bounceback after each clue, identify the Geocities neighborhood from brief descriptions.

• 10: Education-related web sites that are not associated with life at colleges and universities usually reside here.

5: It also names an ancient Greek city that is slated to host the 2004 Summer Olympics.

ANSWER: Athens

• 10: Science fiction and fantasy fans are usually entertained in this neighborhood .

5: It is named for a place in Nevada, thought to have high interest for extraterrestrials.

ANSWER: Area 51

• 10: This neighborhood’s web pages center on women’s lifestyle issues.

5: It shares its name with the small college Hillary Clinton attended.

ANSWER: Wellesley

Tossup Four. The first part is titled Aggressive Chastity, the second part is titled Provocative Prudence. Often considered to be the first modern English novel, the title character is the maidservant of a wealthy woman who dies and whose son, Mr. B., pursues her with base intention. For 10 points—name this work written by Samuel Richardson.

ANSWER: Pamela: Virtue Rewarded

BONUS. Name the company from clues, 30-20-10

• 30: It is the second-largest employer in the US behind the federal government. Its one millionth US employee was hired this past holiday season.

• 20: Employees at this company learn about “The Sundown Rule,” “The Ten-Foot Attitude,” and the company’s “Cheer” in which the customer is “number one.”

• 10: Founded in Arkansas in 1962, its founder Sam Walton left behind a multi-million dollar empire whose stock listing is WMT.

ANSWER: Wal-Mart
Tossup Five. Born in Nice, France, in 1879, he began his American military career during the Spanish-American War and was stationed in Cuba, the Philippines, Alaska, and Kansas. By the end of World War I, he was a brigadier general, having commanded a joint armada of 1500 French and American airplanes. For 10 points—name this military leader whose advocacy for a separate Air Force resulted in a conviction of insubordination by the Army.

ANSWER: William “Billy” Mitchell

BONUS. Identify the math term from definitions for the stated number of points.

• For 5 points, this is the distance from the center of a circle to the circle.

ANSWER: radius

• For 10 points, this quadrilateral has equal parallel side lengths but unequal diagonal lengths; the diagonals are perpendicular to each other, and the area of the figure is the product of the diagonals divided by 2.

ANSWER: rhombus [accept diamond; accept lozenge]

• For 15 points, this is a line or curve which a given curve approaches; each hyperbola has two.

ANSWER: asymptotes
Tossup Six. Boasting over thirty thousand members in one hundred nations, this nonprofit organization founded in 1883 holds its annual convention in late Decmeber. Its five periodical publications serve the needs of educators on all academic levels. For 10 points—name this organization which publishes a style handbook used in most American high schools and colleges.

ANSWER: Modern Language Association

BONUS. Answer these questions on the international Guggenheim Museum collections.

• The first permanent home to the museum is in New York City in a building designed by this American architect.

ANSWER: Frank Lloyd Wright

• Solomon Guggenheim first displayed his collection of abstract art by founding this precursor to the eponymous museum.

ANSWER: Museum of Non-Objective Painting

• In 1997, the Guggenheim opened another museum designed by Frank Gehry in this Spanish city.

ANSWER: Bilbao

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