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World History: We Are Not Alone

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World History: We Are Not Alone

Irish-Gaelic for “ourselves alone”, this group was founded by Arthur Griffith in 1905. For 15 points, name this group of nationalistic Irish Catholic group, the political mouthpiece of the Irish Republican Army.

ANSWER: Sinn Fein (shin fain)

World Literature: Authors of Note

He directed the Ibadan School of Drama and founded the Masks and Orisun Repertory theater companies to promote the dramatic arts in his native land. For 15 points, name this Nigerian author of Poems from Prison and The Lion and the Jewel, the winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize in Literature.

ANSWER: Akinwande Oluwole Soyinka

Stretch Round
Tossup One. Calculated as a point on the conic’s distance from a focus divided by the point’s distance from the directrix, it is zero for a circle, greater than zero but less than one for an ellipse, one for a parabola, and greater than one for a hyperbola. For 10 points—name this mathematical quantity that shares its name with a odd behavioral qualities.

ANSWER: eccentricity

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