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Physical Sciences: Electron Physics

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Physical Sciences: Electron Physics

In a molecule of methane, the outermost electrons are arranged in a tetrahedral three-dimensional pattern. For 15 points, give the specific name for the hybrid of electron orbital these valence electrons assume.

ANSWER: sp3 (s p 3)

Religion, Mythology, & Philosophy: Girls (and Boys) Just Wanna Have Fun

For 15 points, what is the name of the concept defined as the belief that behavior is primarily motivated by one’s avoidance of pain and its constant pursuit of pleasure?

ANSWER: Hedonism

Social Science: Abuse of Vocabulary

This is the economic term most frequently used in the mass media. Complaints about this event include increases in deadweight cost and market uncertainty. For 15 points, name this term defined as a sustained rise in the general price level, also used in reference to tires and balloons.

ANSWER: inflation

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