2—Round two—2

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The Seventh Annual Governor’s School Academic Competition—March 25, 2000. Questions by and  Governor’s School for Government and International Studies BoB Squad and Case Western Reserve University College Trivia Club.

2—Round TWO—2—Round TWO—2



2—Round TWO—2—Round TWO—2

Related Tossup/Bonus Round
Tossup One. In cardiac muscle, an influx of this ion from the extracellular space induces the release of intracellular stores of the same ion to effect muscle contraction. For 10 points, name this metallic element which composes about two percent of the human body, mainly stored in bones.

ANSWER: calcium

BONUS. Answer these other questions on calcium for 10 points each.

• Calcium is found in the periodic table in Group two A, using the old nomenclature, meaning it is classified as this type of metal.

ANSWER: alkaline earth [do not accept “alkali” or “alkaline”]

• Calcium’s hydrated sulfate is a mineral widely used in jewelry and ornamentation. Name this mineral, which is the basis for various plasters and alabaster.

ANSWER: gypsum (or selenite; or satin spar; or gypsite)

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