2nd Decade 1976–1986 as11 to as20

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2nd Decade 1976–1986 AS11 to AS20

1981–1982 AS16

No newsletter produced.

1982–1983 AS17

1982 October 31 – Innilgard's first event, a picnic, was held in the Botanic Park.

Seneschal: Bryony of the Bees
1983 1984 AS 18

Irregular September 24, 1983, AS18

October 29 – Blair Athol Fair demo.

October 30 – Picnic in the Botanic Park. Potluck lunch with games. Bring bread to feed the ducks and carp.

Seneschal/Chronicler: Haos Windchaser

Constable: Torgon
Irregular November 22, 1983, AS18

November 26 – Championship Lists – Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone. Pot lunch and tourney, held every 6 months to determine the Shire Champion.

January 7 – Twelfth Night

February – Seneschal's birthday carnival - a masked feast and revel. Competitions: Best mask, Bawdy ballad and Subtltie.

Irregular March 1984, AS18

The Irregular is to be published monthly by the Seneschal and is used for event notifications and important announcements. It is handed out at shire meetings and posted to those not attending. Cornerstone is the main newsletter, carrying articles, flyers and advertising.

March 18 – Children's Book Council Medieval Fair Demo – Botanic Park. Autocrat: Gereint the Scholar

March 24 – Prospect Fair Demo – St. Helen's Park, Prospect. SCA presence in the form of a tent and fighter demo. Brother John to sell jewellery.

March 31 – Autumn Championship Tournament – Heywood Park. Autocrat: Tovye Woolmongere.

March 31 - Pot Luck Feast - Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Cost $2.50. Autocrat: Tovye Woolmongere.

April 7 – King William will be in Stormhold and at Festival on April 14th.
Shire meetings held at Magill Guide Hall, St. Bernard's Rd. Garb optional, dancing, fighting, show and tell, help with heraldry, event photos, research being done.

Office changeover: Lucrezia di Lorenz, Chatelaine / Hospitaller; Silfren the Singer, Marshal.

Irregular April 1984, AS18

The attendance of King William at Stormhold Tournament (April 7th), the Harvest Festival (Rowany, April 15th) and Rowany Festival (April 20th – 25th) meant that April would have little activity in Innilgard during April.

1984–1985 AS19

Irregular May 1984, AS19

May 6 – Travellers Return Picnic - Botanic Park under our usual tree.

May 20-21 – Game Fest (Adelaide Cup Day) - Mt. Pleasant. Cost $5–10. Coins to be wagered, prize for person with most coins at end of the event.
New King and Queen of the West are Ronald and Dierdriana.
Irregular June 1984, AS19

June 30 – Midwinter Feast. Cost $5.00. A feast of two removes with 5 dishes in each.

With this issue the Irregular started to be typed and was posted to the populace and people asking about the SCA.
Irregular July 1984, AS19

July 28 – Ravensbrook Tourney and Feast – Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone.

July 28 – Pot Luck Feast -– Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Cost $2.50. Autocrat Robert Gordon of Ravensbrook.
Irregular August – September 1984, AS19

Officers of Innilgard

Seneschal: Haos Windchaser

Minister of Arts: Gereint the Scholar

Marshal: Silfren the Singer

Master of Lists: Tovye Woolmongere

Chronicler (Cornerstone) and Chirurgeon: Arial of Shadowvale

Hospitaller: Lucrezia Lorenz

Herald: Haos Windchaser

Mention of subscription rates of $25.00 a year for Tournaments Illuminated (4 issues yearly) and Pegasus (12 issues yearly). Innilgard Irregular subscriptions (every month or two) $5.00.
Irregular September 1984, AS19

September 29 – Spring Championship Tourney – Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone. Robert Gordon of Ravensbrook is outgoing Champion.

September 29 – Pot Luck Feast – Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Cost $2.50.
Stop Press: Viceroy Proposal details in full in this issue together with a map of the Knowne World as at 1984. The first Viceroy Tournament to be held in November 10 in Politarchopolis. Two tournaments to be held, one the Viceregal and another for those who do not wish to contest the crown.
The Shire of Innilgard device passes! Blazon is Argent, a frette gules, surmounted by a laurel wreath, all within a bordure embattled azure.

Map of Lochac is included.

Irregular October 1984, AS19

October 20-21 – Wedding of Tovye Woolmongere and Aislinn de Valence – Mt. Crawford Forest Reserve. Cost $15.00. Autocrat: Haos Windchaser. Feast is medieval French. Competitions: Best favour, Best calligraphed quotation, proverb or message to the newly-weds, Best entertainment. Flyer.

October 28 – Foundation Picnic – Botanic Park.
Irregular November 1984, AS19

November 10-11 – Viceroy Tourney – Queanbeyan Showground. Hosted by Politarchopolis.

The wedding of Tovye Woolmongere and Aislinn de Valence was a successful event. The tourney was won by Charles of the Park from Stormhold. Arian of Shadowvale won the calligraphy competition and Bryony of the Bees won the favour competition. Arian is also moving to Stormhold.

Radnor of Guildemar won October Crown for his lady Grün.

Two more devices passed, that of Aislinn de Valence and Haos Windchaser.
Irregular December 1984, AS19

December 8 – Arian's Bardic circle at Robert of Starmount's home.

Group is looking to purchase parchment at 76c a sheet (100 cm x 60 cm.).

The first Viceregal tournament was won by Lord James the Sinister. There was a draw between James, Charles of the Park and Robert Gordon of Ravensbrook. James and Olwyn YrGogh will be crowned at 12th Night in Stormhold.

Queen Dierdriana appointed 6 of Lochac's finest as her guard but notification of this did not reach them during Her reign so these 6 wore their baldrics during the tourney. The 6 were Jock Cameron of Lochswan, James the Sinister, Robert Gordon of Ravensbrook, Haos Windchaser, Hugh Louis de la Lautrin, Sean the Wayfarer. Award of Arms was given to Lucerzia Lorenz. Flyer for 12th Night Feast.
Irregular January 1985, AS19

January 12 – 12th Night Feast – Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Cost $8.00 in December, $10.00 in January. Autocrat: Bryony of the Bees.

Irregular February 1985, AS19

February 17 – St. Valentine's Revel – Botanic Park. Competition: Wear a heart.

At the 12th Night Investiture in Stormhold Aislinn de Valence was given and Award of Arms and Haos Windchaser was made a Lieutenant of the Queen's Guard (Queen Grün). Bryony of the Bees took on the office of Seneschal of Lochac.

West Kingdom competitions can be entered by people from Lochac. Beltane competitions are all performing arts (details in the newsletter).

Irregular March 1985, AS19

Shire meeting for this month had dance practice, armouring, pot luck tea and slides of previous Rowany Festivals.

March 16 – Prospect Fair Demo – St. Helen's Park, Prospect.

March 23 – Autumn Championship Tourney – Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone.

Information in this issue about Rowany Festival, membership and common words used in SCA speak.
Irregular April 1985, AS19

April 13 – Two Martyrs (Chivalric) Tournament – Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone. Autocrat: Gereint the Scholar. Flyer.

1985–1986 AS20

Irregular May 1985, AS20 (This issue was compiled by Sven Stormdriven as Haos was away on honeymoon in Tasmania)

May 18-20 – Innilgard Festival. Survival guide included.

The Innilgard Festival (formerly Beltane Festival of “Steve” if you are Gereint, will celebrate the wedding of Haos Windchaser and Bryony of the Bees. Competitions include Best Costume Accessory, Best Mulled Beverage, Best Tourney lunch, Best Bardic presentation. Flyer.
Viceroy elect is Hugh Lois of Rowany fighting for Merewyn de la Fiore of Riverhaven. Investiture will be at the Rowany Midwinter Feast June 22.

At the two Martyrs Tourney there was an injury. A call put out for a medic as fighting is not allowed without one present.

Irregular June 1985, AS20

Gereint The Scholar has taken on the editorship of Cornerstone.

Tovye Woolmongere's device has passed.
Irregular July 1985, AS20

July 13 – Midwinter Feast – Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Autocrat: Lucrezia Lorenz.

July 22 – Prince Alfred College Demo.

July 27 – Winter Tourney – Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone. Round robin followed by challenges and troll fights.

Archery practices will start at Archery Academy, Belview Heights.
Irregular August 1985, AS20

Gereint the Scholar is the new group Herald.

Irregular September 1985, AS20

September 1 – Call to Arms Tournament – South Parklands. Tourney to be fought with a variety of arms to get fighters ready for the Championship.

September 14 – Spring Championship Tournament - Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone. The winner will be champion for the next 6 months. Open weapons.
An article on attending SCA events is included.
Irregular October 1985, AS20

October 12-14 – Spring Viceroy Tournament – Mt. Crawford State Forest Reserve. Cost $15.00. Autocrats: House Mereswake. Competitions: Best Tourney Garb, Best Period SCA legal Piece of armour, Best Period Light Source. Principality level: Kneeling cushion for the Viceroy and Vicereine. Tourney is a double elimination fight. The full event is described including a timetable, Viceroy Tourney, Boar Hunt, Progressive and Grand Melee, Target Archery Auction, Roving Archery Round and Woods Battle. Flyer.

October 27 – Foundation Picnic – Botanic Park.
Two devices recently passed were those of Bryony of the Bees and Sven the Stormdriven.

Notice about the Eight Inter Kingdom Archery Competition and its categories.

Irregular November 1985, AS20

Interstate events begin to be listed in the Irregular.

November 9 – Children's Library Demo – State Library.

November 16 – Tourney – South Parklands. When a month has no scheduled tourneys there will be a general tourney.

November 23-24 – Mildura New Group Event. A new shire is starting and Innilgard and Stormhold will be attending.
Torgon Yuand received an Award of Arms and Aislinn de Valence received a Leaf of Merit both presented at the Viceroy Tourney. Tovye Woolmongere scored highest in the Target Archery Auction. The auction raised $144.00 for Pegasus. Robert of Starmount won the Roving Archery Competition. Stephen of Drynor won the Progressive Melee and he and Haos fought in the semi final of the Viceroy Tourney. Haos lost to Brusi Anderson of the Sheltands (Politarchopolis) in the final round. Brusi and Alarice Beatrix von Thal will be invested at 12th Night.

Borrowed armour will now cost from 50c to $1.00 starting January 1st. New fighters have a grace period of 2 months to get armour together.

Irregular December 1985, AS20

December 8 – Archery Event – Mt. Crawford Forest Reserve. Steward: Tovye Woolmongere. Target archery, roving round and knife throwing.

December 14 – Tourney – South Parklands. The first one was more a practice as exams got in the way.
Irregular January 1986, AS20

January 11 – 12th Night in Innilgard – St. Augustine's Church Hall, Unley. Autocrat: Aislinn de Valence. Pot Luck Feast.

January 12 – Fighter practice for the benefit of a new incipient Shire, Quimera d'Oro in Mildura.
Officers of Innilgard

Seneschal: Haos Windchaser

Herald: Gereint the Scholar

Arts & Sciences: Aislinn de Valence

Marshal: Silfren the Singer

Reeve: Aislinn de Valence

Lists: Tovye Woolmongere

Chronicler (Cornerstone): Gereint the Scholar

Constable: Torgon Yuand

Hospitaller: Lucrezia Lorenz (Bryony of the Bees to take over at 12th Night)

Advertisement for the Shire of Dark Skies 1st birthday celebration (Gippsland)
Irregular February 1986, AS20

February 22 – Seneschal's Birthday Picnic Tea – Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone. Autocrat: Robert of Starmount. This event celebrates the birthday of the first seneschal, Bryony of the Bees. The main feature will be a boffer “dragon” fight. The dragon is constructed of 10 fighter with pole weapons and a possible “breath” weapon of water filled bladders.

Office changeover: Hassan Sharif ibn Ysau, Master of the Lists; Lucrezia Lorenz, Reeve ; Bryony of the Bees, Hospitaller.

Article by Bryony of the Bees on “Becoming a Barony”.

Irregular March 1986, AS20

March 8 – Autumn Championship Tournament – Foxfield Reserve, Athelstone. Weapons are limited to one handed sword, axe or mace and shield

March 15 – Prospect Fair Demo.
February 1st Council meeting discussion resulted in a petition being sent off requesting advancement to baronial status and that Their Royal Majesties consider Tovye Woolmongere and Aislinn de Valence for the positions of Baron and Baroness Innilgard. The petition was the administrative one needed to start the process not the formal petition to be presented to the Viceroy and Vicereine and then Their Majesties. The formal one will be calligraphed and all those with an SCA name will be able to sign it.
A list of up coming principality and Kingdom competitions is included. 20th Year Celebrations flyer. New Lochac map included.
Irregular April 1986, AS20

April 12-13 – Hairy Star Watch – Mt. Crawford State Forest. Autocrat: Tovye Woolmongere. Archery, watching Halley's comet.

April 26 – 20th Year Celebrations – Masonic Hall, Tusmore. Autocrat: Myfanwy O Dyfed. This was the first catered feast in Innilgard. Flyer included.
Haos and Bryony went to the States to the Barony of Stargate (Houston, Texas) where the US held their 20th year celebrations to present the group's petition to advance to barony.
Notice was given of a college starting up at the University of Adelaide to be called the College of Blessed Herman the Cripple. Herman was a “blessed” rather than a “saint” as his work was not directly for the church. He was an 11thC Swabian and traditionally a feast was held on September 25th.. Deformed from birth and confined to bed, he built musical and astrological instruments, wrote hymns and poems, learned Greek and Arabic and wrote a history of the world and a mathematical treatise. First Seneschal is Tako Ich'yama.

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