#25 The Causes of World War I and the reasons why the us entered it

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H. Declares war on Russia

I. Demands passage through Belgium to invade France

K. Declares war on France and invades Belgium

Russia: F. Orders mobilization of army to defend Serbia

France: H stands with Russia in its alliance

England: L. demands Germany withdraw from Belgium, declares war on Germany

Belgium: J. Refuses to allow German passage of troops through its country; asks

GB/England for support

Evidence to support your answer

SAS #611 World War I: The US Enters the War – use the webpages provided to write a detailed description of each event and how it led to the US entering the war as an ally of England / Great Britain

May 7, 1915

Sinking of the Lusitania

January 19, 1917: Zimmerman


April 6, 1917:

The US Declares War on Germany


What was the American reaction to the Lusitania?

What are the arguments for blaming Germany?

What are the arguments for blaming England?

What does US Senator Norris mean when he says, “It is now demanded that the American citizens shall be used as insurance policies to guarantee the safe delivery of munitions (Ammunition like bombs and bullets) of war..? (Read the 3rd-4th-5th-6th-8th sections/paragraphs)

Examine the Great War Poster Sets 1&2. Choose one poster and describe it with several details

What emotions does it create? Explain

Why is it powerful?

Should the US have entered World War One on the side of England’s side? Provide 2-3 pieces of evidence to support your answer.

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