20th Century China Setting the Stage

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20th Century China

Setting the Stage

  • China was ripe for revolution in the 1900s because ________________________ controlled economic resources and ____________________________ & ____________________________held the country’s keys to survival.

  • In 1911, the Republic Alliance overthrew the _________________________________

    • Later the R.A. is known as the ________________________________

    • ___________________________ became the leader of the Kuomintang & President of the _____________________________

The Republic of China

  • What were Sun Yat-sen’s “Principles of the People”?

  • Are these principles practiced after Sun Yat-sen’s death?

  • What was the cause of the May 4th Movement and what did it signify about the Chinese people?

  • What other impact did the May 4th Movement have?

Rise of Chinese Communist Party

  • What new revolutionary helped found the Communist Party of China?

  • What plan was part of his new brand of communism?

Nationalists v. Communists

  • Who was the new leader of the Kuomintang Nationalists?

  • Why was the Kuomintang losing members to the Communist Party?

  • Mao’s military was called the ___________________________.

    • Who was recruited to be in this army and how were they trained?

  • What was the Long March?

  • Who invades China in 1931?

    • What impact did this invasion & WWII have on the relationship between the Communists and Nationalists?

China Post-WWII

  • Who gained control of China in 1949 and what was China then called?

    • Who gave aid to this part of China?

  • Where did the Nationalists reside?

    • Who gave support to this government?

  • Communists were successful in gaining control because….

    • They gained support of ___________________________ (by giving land) and ______________________

    • Mao’s army used….

    • Many saw the Nationalist gov’t as ________________________ and allowed ______________________ to dominate China

Communist Control of China

  • Where did China invade? What was the effect?

  • What two organizations were set up to restore China? Who led them?

  • In what three ways did Mao plan to rebuild China based on Marxist socialism?

  • Explain the Great Leap Forward.

  • Describe the formation of the Red Guard.

  • What was the Cultural Revolution?

  • What were the impacts of the Cultural Revolution?

  • Who was Zhou Enlai?

Mao’s Legacy

  • The _________________________________________ damaged Chinese efforts to increase agricultural & industrial output

  • Mao’s policies ____________________________________________

  • Mao ______________________________________________ for higher production

  • Many people began to talk of __________________________ the economy & turned away from radical socialism

  • China entered ____________________________ period under Zhou Enlai

China & the West

  • What was China’s relationship with the Soviet Union after Mao’s death?

  • What was China’s relationship with the U.S.?

  • Who was Deng Xiaoping?

  • What economic reforms were made?

Tiananmen Square

  • What caused the uprising at Tiananmen Square?

  • What happened at Tiananmen Square? What were the results?

China Enters New Millennium

  • What issues faced Jiang Zemin as the new Pres. of the People’s Republic of China?

  • Who assumed the presidency in 2003 (and remains as the Pres. of China today)?

  • What happened in 1997?

  • China’s status since 2000

    • There has been a dramatic _______________________________

    • Adopted gradual approach to selling off state industries & ______________________ the economy

      • By 2007, the country had world’s ________ largest economy after U.S., Japan, Germany

    • Cheap consumer goods from China are filling shops and dept. stores

    • BUT China’s economic strength has come at a cost

      • _______________________ gap between rich & poor, leading to _________________

      • Rapid industrialization = _____________________________________________

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