2016 bac blizzard

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Name of Meet

2016 BAC Blizzard

hosted by

Berkeley Aquatic Club

Held under the sanction of USA Swimming.

Meet Sanction

Any changes of the meet information without the approval of the administrative chairman and either the age group chairman or senior chairman are a violation of the sanction.
In granting this sanction it is understood and agreed that USA Swimming shall be free from any liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of the event.

Date of Meet:

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Berkeley Aquatic Center of Excellence

629 Central Avenue

New Providence, NJ 07974

Facility Info:

The pool is Olympic-sized: 10 lanes by 50 meters. The pool uses pedestal-style blocks with non-turbulent lane lines and an Omega Timing System. The depth of the pool at the starting end is 2 meters and at the turning end is 5 feet. There is one 3 lane 25 yard auxiliary pool for warm-up and warm-down. The depth of the auxiliary pool ranges from 2 meters to 4 feet. There is bleacher seating on deck for up to 300 athletes. Additional bleacher seating is available above the pool deck for up to 250 spectators.

Pool Certification Statement:

The competition course has not been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4).

Note that this statement is a required meet announcement statement, and refers to the pre-certification of the pool length measurement in regards to National and World Record swims which may occur in the pool. The fact that this pool is not certified in accordance to 104.2.2C(4) does not impact on the validity of the times achieved in this pool. Times swum at this meet will in fact be entered in SWIMS and are eligible for qualifying for any other USA Swimming sanctioned competition.

Meet Director:

Becky Hammond; bechammond@hotmail.com or (201) 401-3617

Meet Referee:

Chris Barry: accebarry@verizon.net (908) 612-3480

Meet Safety Marshall:

Anitha Kamath: anithapkamath@gmail.com 973-818-8193

Entry Coordinator/Administrative Official:

Nancy King: npking1@verizion.net 973-202-6301

Entry Information:

Entry Deadline Date: Saturday, December 26, 2015
Please email all entries to BACMeetEntries@BerkeleyAquaticClub.com

All entries will be accepted in the order received, regardless of LSC affiliation, as space allows. Each of the sessions will be limited to no more than 200 swimmers and may be limted for duration considerations. Additionally, the distance events may be limited to 2 heats per event.

Please make the subject of your email: BAC Blizzard
All entries must be electronic entries, importable into Meet Manager as an attached file to an email. The meet entry coordinator will respond to emails within 48 hours. If you do not receive an email response within 48 hours, assume that your email has not been received. It is the e-mailer’s responsibility to make sure that the entry coordinator receives the email. If you do not receive an email response, you must contact the entry coordinator by phone.
An Entry Summary with a signed NJ Swimming waiver and a check must accompany or follow each entry and must be submitted before the start of the meet. The host club reserves the right to scratch swimmers/teams that have not paid their entry fees and turned in their waiver forms by this time.
Please mail waivers and checks to:

Berkeley Aquatic Club—BAC Blizzard

629 Central Avenue

New Providence, NJ 07974

Make checks payable to Blue Streak Aquatic

Entries must be submitted in meters times only but may be converted from yards. No phone or faxed entries will be accepted.

If the meet does not fill by the entry deadline, the meet director may, at his discretion, accept entries beyond the stated deadline.

Meet Format


The host club has the right to change the format of the meet with the approval of the sanctioning chairman and either the age group or senior chairman. These changes would be made for a more efficient swim meet for the swimmers and the host club. Reasons for these changes include:

To allow more swimmers to swim.

To conform to facility capacity limits or for facility safety concerns.

To condense the meet into smaller time frame.

Internet Website Posting:

The meet announcement, Hy-Tek Event List (.HYV file), and meet results will be posted on New Jersey Swimming website. (www.njswim.org)
Website address: www.BerkeleyAquaticClub.com
Before the meet, we will post:
Meet announcement

Downloadable Hy-Tek Events list (.HYV file)

Psyche sheets

Updated meet schedule

Warm-up Schedule and Team Warm-up Assignments

Timing assignments

After the meet, we will post:
Downloadable Results (.CL2 file)

Printable results (.PDF file)

Meet Requirement


In order to be eligible for the NJ Swimming Zone Championship Team or for NJ Swimming Athlete Travel Grants for sectional and national level meets, NJ Swimming policy stipulates certain participation requirements. As a NJ Swimming sanctioned meet, this meet counts toward those participation requirements.

Coaches Eligibility:

All coaches “on the deck” must be current coach members of USA Swimming with all requirements up to date.

All coaches must have coaching cards visible at all times.

Swimmer Eligibility:

All swimmers must be members of USA Swimming to enter and compete in this meet.

All swimmers must be included in a team’s official meet roster in the meet database to be eligible to participate in this swim meet in any event including relays.

Unattached Swimmers.

All transfer swimmer(s) must swim unattached for 120 days from their last attached competition. Swimmers must use an New Team Alpha CodeUN or U as their team affiliation. All unattached swimmers must be listed on the team’s official waiver/verification form.

Age Groups that are offered.

This is a meet which has combined age groups: 12 & Under and 13 & Over. However, 10 and unders and 11-12’s will be scored and awarded separately in the 12 & under grouping and 13-14’ and 15 and overs scored and awarded separately in the 13 & over grouping.

Time Standards that will be used.

Swimmers must be slower than the time standards listed at the end of this meet information.

Individual Limits:

Each day, swimmers may swim four events in any one session of this meet each day. Alternatively, 13 and over swimmers may swim 3 events in a 13 and over session and one a the distance session in the same day.

Age at Meet:

Age for this meet is as of the first day of the meet.

USA-S Racing Start Certification Statement:

Any swimmer entered in the meet must be certified by a USA Swimming member coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water. When unaccompanied by a member coach, it is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer’s legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement.

Audio/Visual Recording Statement:

Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms or locker rooms.

USA-S Deck Change Policy Statement:

Changing into or out of swimsuits other than in locker rooms or other designated areas is prohibited.

Meet Format:

This is a Long Course Meet

This meet will be run in accordance to current USA Swimming Rules.

This meet will be run as a time final meet.

This meet will be deck seeded with coaches checking in/scratching all swimmers

Meet Schedule:

The building opening time is 9:45 am.

This meet will have three sessions per day.

Starting times for the second and third session each day will be announced once entries are received and a time line is established.

Meet Schedule:



Session 1 and 4

12 and unders

10 a.m.

10:50 a.m.

Session 2 and 5

13 and overs

End of Session #1, 4

50 minutes after w/u start

Session 3 and 6

13 and over Distance

30 minutes before session 2/5 end in the warm down pool

5 minutes after sessions 2/5 end

Warm-up Procedures:

The sanctioning, and/or age group, and/or senior chairman must approve all new warm-up schedules.

New Jersey Swimming Warm-up and Safety Guidelines:

Warm-ups will be run under New Jersey Swimming Warm-up and Safety Guidelines.

Teams will be assigned lanes for warm-ups. When more than two teams share a common lane for warm-ups, all teams must agree to a warm-up procedure. If clubs sharing a lane can’t agree on a warm-up procedure, that lane will be a general warm-up lane.

All swimmers are entitled to a fair and comparable warm-up. All teams MUST get the same opportunities for general warm-up lanes, sprint lanes, and pace lanes.

Entry Into Pool:

All swimmers must enter the pool from the starting end of the pool.

All swimmers must enter feet first.

New Jersey Swimming officials will monitor warm-ups.

Uniformed and designated meet marshals will also monitor warm-ups.

All general warm-up lanes will swim in a counterclockwise direction.

When all teams are assigned their own warm-up lanes, (without any team sharing a lane with another team) teams can run their own warm-ups.

Warm-up Schedules.

There will be one 45 minute warm-up before sessions 1,2,4 and 5. These sessions will begin 5 minutes after the conclusion of the warm up. Warm up for the distance events will take place in the warm down pool 30 minutes before the end of the previous sessions.

Entry Times:

New Jersey Swimming does not allow ‘NT’ or ‘No Time’ to be used as an entry time.

Swimmers must be slower than gold in any event entered.


All check-in sheets are to be turned into the scoring table 30 minutes before the start of each session. Swimmers that are swimming are to have a line through their name. Swimmers that are being scratched are to have their names circled with a “SCR” next to the circle. Swimmers scratching a single event are to have a line through his/her name and the event number circled with “SCR” next to the circle. Failure to follow these procedures may result in the swimmer(s) being scratched from the session.


‘Fly-over’ or ‘Over-the-top’ starts will NOT be used.

Distance Events:

Swimmers are responsible to provide their own counter and timer.

Heat Limited Events

The 800’s and 1500’s may be limited to 2 heats per event, at the meet director’s discretion.


We will not score this meet.


Placement ribbons will be presented to the top 3 swimmers in each age group for each gender in each session. Age groups for award purposes include: 10 & Under; 11-12; 13-14; 15 & Over except for the distance events where the top 3 competitors in each event will be awarded regardless of age.

Entry Fees:

The entry fee for this meet will be $5 per event except the 800 and 1500 meter Freestyle which will be $11 per entry. (All entry fees are non-refundable.)

Make checks payable to: Blue Streak Aquatic

Host club has the right to scratch teams/swimmers for lack of payment of entry fees.

Admissions and


Admission will be $6.00 per session.

Heat Sheets and Results will be available for free on both Meet Mobile and Live Results.


Results will be posted on both www.njswim.org and www.BerkeleyAquaticClub.com

Host Club


  • The host club will provide a single timer in each lane through out the meet.

  • The host club will have stopwatches available for volunteers helping to time.

  • The host club will e-mail all club entries back to the participating clubs.

  • The host club will create a warm-up schedule that will be fair and equal to all teams. This warm-up schedule will be e-mailed to all participating clubs and posted on the team website no later than 1 week before the meet.

  • The host club will create timing assignments that are fair and equitable with as many teams participating as possible. These timing assignments will be e-mailed to all participating clubs and posted on the team website no later than 1 week before the meet.

Participating Club


  • Participating Clubs responsibilities:

  • Participating clubs must help with timing assignments. Timing assignments will be e-mailed to participating clubs and posted on the team website 1 week prior to the meet.

  • Swimmers must provide their own timer and, if desired counter, for the distance events.

  • Participating club parents must stay off of the pool deck except for timing assignments, or officials working the meet.

  • Participating clubs are encouraged to provide as many certified officials as possible. Officials must present up to date and complete officials’ credentials each session. Please contact the meet referee to volunteer.


Water is available for sale.



629 Central Avenue

New Providence, NJ

From 78 East

Take Exit 44 toward New Providence/County Highway 527. At the end of the exit ramp turn left onto County Road 527/Glenside Avenue. After ½ mile, turn Left onto Glenside Road. Glenside Road will become South Street/County Highway 647. Turn Left onto Central Avenue. Berkeley Aquatic will be .3 miles after this turn on the right-hand side of the road.

From 78 West
Take Exit 43 and merge onto Diamond Hill Road/County Highway 655. In a little less than a mile, turn right onto Mountain Avenue/County Highway 622. Again, in a little less than a mile, turn left onto South Street/County Highway 647. In .8 miles, turn left onto Central Avenue. Berkeley Aquatic will be .3 miles after this turn on the right-hand side of the road.
From Interstate 287
Take Exit 21 A (Route 78 East/New York City). Follow ‘From 78 West’ directions above.

Berkeley Aquatic Club BAC Blizzard

Order of Events

Session 1: 12 and under


Evt. #

Women’s Time Standard


Men’s Time Standard

Men’s Evt. #



11-12 50 Backstroke





10 & under 50 Freestyle





11-12 400 Freestyle





10 & under 100 Backstroke





11-12 100 Freestyle





10 & under 100 Breaststroke





11-12 100 Butterfly





10 & under 200 IM





11-12 50 Breaststroke





10& under 50 Butterfly



Session 2: 13 and over


Evt. #

Women’s Time Standard


Men’s Time Standard

Men’s Evt. #



13-14 200 Freestyle





15 & over 100 Breaststroke





13-14 100 Backstroke





15 & over 200 Freestyle





13-14 200 Breaststroke





15 & over 100 Butterfly





13-14 400 IM





15 & over 400 IM





13-14 200 Butterfly





15 & over 200 Backstroke





13-14 50 Freestyle





15 & over 50 Freestyle



Session 3: 13 & over Distance


Evt. #

Women’s Time Standard


Men’s Time Standard

Men’s Evt. #



13 & over 800 Freestyle




Session 1: 12 and under


Evt. #

Women’s Time Standard


Men’s Time Standard

Men’s Evt. #



11-12 50 Freestyle





10 & under 50 Backstroke





11-12 100 Breaststroke





10 & under 100 Freestyle





11-12 100 Backstroke





10 & under 100 Butterfly





11-12 200 IM





10 & under 50 Breaststroke





11-12 50 Butterfly





10& under 200 Freestyle





11-12 200 Freestyle



Session 5: 13 and over


Evt. #

Women’s Time Standard


Men’s Time Standard

Men’s Evt. #



15 & over 400 Freestyle





13-14 400 Freestyle





15 & over 200 IM





13-14 100 Butterfly





15 & over 200 Breaststroke





13-14 200 Backstroke





15 & over 200 Butterfly





13-14 100 Breaststroke





15 & over 100 Backstroke





13-14 100 Freestyle





15 & over 100 Freestyle





13-14 200 IM



Session 6: 13 & over Distance


Evt. #

Women’s Time Standard


Men’s Time Standard

Men’s Evt. #



13 & over 1500 Freestyle



2016 BAC Blizzard

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sunday, Januray 17, 2016


In consideration of the acceptance of this entry, I/we hereby, for myself/ourselves, my/our heirs, administrators and assigns, waive and release any and all claims against USA Swimming, NJ Swimming, Berkeley Aquatic Club, Blue Streak Aquatic and their staffs for any injuries and/or expenses incurred by me/us at the swim meet, or while on the road to and from the meet. I/we are USA Swimming registered athletes and am/are eligible to compete in all the events I/we have entered.

Meet Verification

I hereby certify that all entered swimmers and coaches listed on the waiver form, for the 2015 BAC Blizzard meet, are registered members of USA Swimming. All USA Swimming numbers are correctly listed and unless otherwise noted, are not required to swim unattached (UN) due to the 120 day transfer. Also I acknowledge that deck access is limited to coaches and/or officials working the meet and displaying their credentials.

Club Name/Club Code

Signature of Coach and/or Parent/Guardian

Telephone ________________________ E-Mail Address

Name(s) of Coach(es):

Entry Fee Summary: ________________ number of Events x $5= $__________ ________________ number of Distance Events x $11= $__________
Total = $__________

Make checks payable to: Blue Streak Aquatic

Article 302.4 of the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations

False Registration: An LSC may impose a fine of up to $100 per event against a member coach or a member club’s representative signing a document which indicates a swimmer is registered with USA Swimming for a meet when that swimmer is not properly registered or eligible to compete for that club. This will be enforced by the LSC and the LSC will be entitled to the fines imposed.
List all Unattached Swimmers:
Unattached Swimmer ______________________________, Unattached Swimmer
Unattached Swimmer ______________________________, Unattached Swimmer
Unattached Swimmer ______________________________, Unattached Swimmer
Unattached Swimmer ______________________________, Unattached Swimmer

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