2014 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute

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2014 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute

Center for Peace & Conflict Studies and Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights

Wayne State University

Permission Slip

April 2014
Dear Parent/Guardian,
The Center for Peace & Conflict Studies at Wayne State University is hosting the 2014 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute. This is a one-week institute beginning on July 21st and ending July 25th. The institute will explore issues related to conflict resolution, violence prevention training, diversity, international/global affairs and social justice, all in the spirit of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, a native Detroiter and the first person of color to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. High school students from across the Detroit metropolitan area are invited to attend and represent varied racial, ethnic, religious, sexual orientations cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Each day will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m., with the exception of Thursday July 24th, on which students will stay overnight in the University residence halls, and Friday, July 25th, when students will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m. Please be prepared to assure your child’s timely arrival each day and pick-up your child at time of dismissal including the early dismissal on Friday. In the residence hall, male and female students will stay on separate floors. One chaperone will be available for every five participating students. The residence halls will provide evening dinner on Thursday and a Friday morning breakfast.
The following parent/guardian permission slip must be completed and submitted no later than Friday May 16, 2014. Space is limited. No late permission slips will be accepted.
I_______________________________________ give permission to my son/daughter _____________________ to participate in the 2014 Ralph Bunch Summer Institute at Wayne State University.
Does your child have permission to stay overnight in the Wayne State University dormitories on Thursday, July 24th  Yes  No
I understand that my child is responsible for his/her own sleeping bag, towel and toiletries during the overnight stay.  Yes  No
Does your child have any medical conditions or allergies?  Yes  No

If yes, please describe: ___________________________________________________

Does your child have any dietary restrictions?  Yes  No

If yes, please describe: ___________________________________________________

Emergency Contact Information:

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________________________________________
Both my child and I have read and accepted the Memo of Understanding.  Yes  No
Student Name: _____________________________________School: ____________________
Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________ Date: ____________________
For more information, please contact:
Mary Katherine Burnett (313) 577-3453 email : aw1537@wayne.edu

Barbara L. Jones (313) 577-3518 email: barbaraljones@wayne.edu

Center For Peace and Conflict Studies Program,

Wayne State University

656 W. Kirby F/AB Detroit, MI 48202

(313) 577-3518


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