2014 Games Vendor Application

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2014 Games Vendor Application

Company Information:                
Business Name:________________________________
Phone:__________________ Cell #________________
Address: _____________________________________
Resale #:_____________________________________
Web Site:_______________Email_________________

History Revisited

30th Annual Central Coast Renaissance Festival
Laguna Lake Park, San Luis Obispo, CA
July 19 & 20, 2014

Games Vendors:
Please use the space below to describe your game(s) and prizes (if any) :



















• all vendors must submit photos of booth & costuming. Photos can be color copies, all photos become the property of HR & are not returnable; photos may be emailed.

Booth Space Fees

Important: before you choose a space size, complete the layout worksheet; you will be allotted only the amount of space indicated on back –

please be accurate when selecting booth size

  • All games booths (up to 600 sq. ft.) = $70.00


Games Booths over 600 sq ft, please contact vendor coordinator

Booth FEE

As per size noted above

NON-PROFIT: Non-profit vendor booth fees are ½ the amount listed. Proof of non-profit status must be applied. NOTE: early discount does not apply; does not apply to late fees


Does not apply 

Late FEE

add $50 if rec'd after 6/11/14 

Permit FEE

$40/booth (required)

Hay Bale Rental

# of bales @ $7/bale


Make booth fee check payable to History Revisited OR provide Credit Card information below

All game vendors must submit a separate $50 CHECK per booth for their cleaning deposit; include a self-addressed stamped envelope for deposit return within 2 weeks after event. Do not use credit card for cleaning deposit.

Location: If you have a health issue or special needs relating to your merchandise, request here:

NOTE: Every effort will be made to honor your requests, but we cannot guarantee your placement.

Fire proofing is required and is the responsibility of the vendor; certificate must be available on site.



Space Size: Important! Use this grid to determine booth space, ONE SQUARE=ONE FOOT

Length (side/depth) x Width (frontage) = total sq. ft.

Frontage ______________ Side/Depth _________________ Height __________________

Draw a plan of your booth perimeter, include any ropes, tables, umbrellas, etc., which are set up outside the booth itself. (This is part of your square footage, too.)

Indicate the FRONT (street side) of your booth. Do customers walk AROUND your booth?  Remember to include that space in your layout!  

Once you have determined your square footage, including aisle space (if needed) and any tables, umbrellas, ropes outside the booth itself, use the rate schedule on page 1 to figure your booth fee

Applications submitted without a completed perimeter plan will be placed on the site layout last, so be sure to provide accurate measurements.

Incomplete applications (those lacking fees, photos, or pertinent information) will be returned.


Gate List/Wristband Policy:

You will be allowed a maximum number of wristbands (Food booths =6) (10 x 10 = 4 bands) (10x15 = 5 bands)
( 10x20 = 6 bands) (gaming booth: 10 bands)  If you lose your wristband, you will be charged $5.00 for a replacement.

It is up to you to make sure your booth staff has their wristbands prior to faire opening. Once faire is open, those who do not have wristbands will be required to pay for admission and this will not be refunded by History Revisited. Violating rules or policies of the event can result in cutting wristband and removal of violator(s) from event site.

Family passes: if you need passes for your minor children, list both their names(s) guardian name(s) on gate list.

CAR PASSES: Game Booths: 1 included.  Food booths: 2 included.  Craft Booths 10x10=1 pass, 10x15=1 pass, 10x20=2 passes.

CAMPING: There are no hook ups for RV’s on site, and parking/camping space is limited. Vendors have priority, however, and there will be space set aside for vendors. You may stay in our booth if you prefer.
NO SMOKING! The county and city of San Luis Obispo do not permit smoking in any public park. There are NO DESIGNATED SMOKING AREAS on site due to this law. You may smoke inside your closed vehicle only.

Have You Included:
--Your completed application, including an accurate perimeter plan?
--Check (or credit card info) for booth fees?
--Separate check for cleaning deposit?
--SASE for return of cleaning deposit?
--Booth, costuming & product photos
--List of all items being requested to sell
--Completed Gate List
Mail Completed Application To
History Revisited

Attn.: Vendor Coordinator

P.O. Box 3253

San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-3253

Make checks payable to: History Revisited
For Booth Fee Payment by Credit Card:



Credit Card Type


Expiration:  ________/_________ Vcode_______

Zip code of Billing address: _________________


Cardholder name (please print)                                     


Cardholder signature

Contact Vendor Coordinator at:

Email: slovendor@outlook.com

Cell: (805) 234-6204

We look forward to seeing you at the 30th Annual Central Coast Festival!



I have read all the rules and regulations for the festival and I agree to comply with them. I understand that failure to do so may result in my expulsion from the festival without refund of my fees and I may be barred from future History Revisited events.

I understand that booth fees are non-refundable.

I assume ALL and any responsibility for my booth and all items used to exhibit said items and will in no way hold History Revisited (HR) and Central Coast Renaissance Festivals, any officer or director of these previously named organizations or the city or county of San Luis Obispo and any of their officers, directors, or employees, responsible for theft, damage to, or loss of any items having to do in any way with my booth, booth space, personal belongings, my person in general, or any persons' belongings or persons in general manning my booth at any time during all hours before, during, and after the official hours of the Festival, week between or during set-up or take-down of the Festival.

I hereby authorize HR to use any and all audio and/or visual recording depicting my voice or person in Period character or costume for promotional publication. This authorization includes but is not limited to photographs, audio tapes, video tape, slides, and other recordings. I understand the number of gate passes (wristbands) listed in the rules by booth size is for the entire event. I understand that lost or missing passes (wristbands) will be replaced for $5 charge.

History Revisited enforces a drug-free environment at its events. All participants, Vendors, and History Revisited members are expected to behave in accordance with this policy. I understand that the illegal use of controlled substances is in violation of the laws of the State of California and the policy of the Board of Directors of History Revisited. I understand that the use of illegal substances by me and/or my booth staff may result in immediate expulsion from the event.

My signature below is evidence that all information provided to History Revisited is true and correct, and that I have not misrepresented items to be sold in any way.

_________________________________________________     _______________________________

Signature                                                                                        Date

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