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2014 AAO Annual Session Research E-Posters
Electronic Posters (E-Posters) will be available for viewing throughout the Annual Session at the E-Poster Kiosk located in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Lobby D. E-Posters will also be available for viewing on the AAO website after Annual Session until July 31, 2014. This takes the place of the Posterboard display.
208 accepted E-Poster titles were classified by the author as Research.
*- Denotes financial interest or visual enhancement
Masticatory Function in Patients with Dentofacial Deformities Before and After Orthognathic Treatment - A Prospective, Longitudinal and Controlled Study

Cecilia Abrahamsson, et al.

Malmö, Sweden
Force Decay Associated with Colored Elastomeric Chains; An In Vitro Investigation

Hussain Alabduljabbar, Jeremy Breckon

Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Growth Status of Saudi Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate

Sahar Albarakati, Eman Alkofide

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Intensity of Pain Due to Separators in Adolescent Orthodontic Patients

Abdullah Aldrees

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mandibular Alveolar Bone Volume in Different Facial Types

Thamer Alkhadra, et al.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Evaluation of the Tension Generated During Canine Retraction with Mini-Implant and Power Arm Through Photoelasticity Analysis

Marcio Almeida, et al.

Londrina, Brazil
A Comparison of Dental and Skeletal Changes After Rapid Maxillary Expansion by Two Palatal Expanders Assessed with Cone-Beam Computed Tomography: A Pilot Study

Guilherme Almeida, et al.

Uberlandia, Brazil
A Randomised Controlled Trial of Non-Pharmacological Interventions to Reduce Dental Anxiety Amongst Individuals with Cleft Lip and Palate

Khalid Almoammar, et al.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Diagnosing the Severity of Buccal Caries Lesions in Governmental and Private Orthodontic Patients at Debonding, Using ICDAS-II and DIAGNOdent Pen

Naif Almosa, et al.

Gothenburg, Sweden
Comparison Between Chronological Age and Dental Age in Saudi Cleft Lip and Palate Patients

Maan AlSultan, et al.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Root Resorption and Infraocclusion in Deciduous Second Molars Without Succedaneous Permanent Tooth

Arthur Alves, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
The Evaluation of the Cytotoxicity and the Resistance from the Corrosion of the Mini-Implants of Titanium Used as Orthodontic Anchorage

Celha Alves, Marcos Lenza

Palmas, Brazil
Evaluate the Presence of Microorganisms Taken from New Packages of Metallic Brackets of Four Different Brands Before They Were Bonded on the Teeth In Vivo

Paola Apping, et al.

Guadalajara, Mexico
A New Perspective for the Treatment of Class III Malocclusion

Romina Ascencio Centeno, Valeria Rostirolla Gonzalez

Madrid, Spain
Comparison of Condylar Position Between Right and Left Side in CBCT in Normal Occlusion Subjects

Alejandra Ayala Cid, et al.

México City, Mexico
Role of Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome2 (Evc2) in Craniofacial Development

Mohammed Badri, et al.

Boston, MA, USA
Relationship Between Posterior Crossbite and Breathing Pattern, During Mixed Dentition

Raphaela Biasutti, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Evaluation of Interface Between SLA Treated Mini-Implant and Bone with FIB and TEM Technique

Kang-Wook Bin, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
CBCT Study of External Apical Root Resorption Contrasting Premolar-Extraction and Non-Extraction Therapies

Brian Bolerjack, Ed Harris

Memphis, TN, USA
Evaluation of Thermo-Activated Nickel-Titanium Wires Deflection After Thermal Treatment on Their Distal Region

Fausto Bramante, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Effects of Educational, Preventive and Motivational Actions on the Oral Health of Patients Undergoing Fixed Orthodontic Treatment

Juliana Melo Brandao, et al.

Belém, Brazil
Impacts on Daily Performances Attributed to Malocclusion Among Brazilian Adolescents: What Are the Main Risk Indicators?

Gustavo Antonio Brandão, et al.

Belém, Brazil

Orthodontists' Attitudes on Addressing Obesity in Orthodontic Practice

Jae Brimhall, et al.

Lexington, KY, USA

Photoelastic Analysis of Lower Incisor Intrusion Using Self-Ligating Brackets

Pierre Britto, Ernesto Rodrigues

Belo horizonte, Brazil
A Systematic Review of Cephalometric Norms and Profile Evaluation for a Japanese Population

Caroline Bronfman, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Force Production of Non Latex Novelty-Shaped and Standard-Shaped Inter-arch Elastics: An In-Vitro Comparative Study

Jay Burton, Edmund Khoo

New York, NY, USA
Compensatory Canine Angulation in Class II and III Malocclusion Patients

Mauro Busato, et al.

Cascavel, Brazil
TMD and Orthodontics in the Opinion of Different Specialties

Waleska Caldas, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Evaluation of Facial Esthetics in Children with Complete BCLP

Louise Calil, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Association Between Anterior Open Bite and Breathing Pattern, During Deciduous Dentition

Fabiana Canevari, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Comparative Study of Changes in the Treatment of Angle Class II Division 1 and 2 Malocclusions with Three Types of Maxillary Molar Distalizers

José Fernando Castanha Henriques, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Comparison of Pharyngeal Airway Volume Among Different Skeletal Vertical Patterns: A Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study

Mevlut Celikoglu, et al.

Trabzon, Turkey
Effect of Occlusal Interferences on Orthodontic External Root Resorption

Anne Chan-Ly, et al.

New York, NY, USA
Physical Properties of Orthodontic NiTi Wire

Chin-Sung Chen, et al.

Taipei, Taiwan
Orthodontic Force Application for the Success of Autotransplantation

Jin-Hyoung Cho, et al.

Gwang-ju, South Korea
Masticatory Function Assessment for Patients with Non-Sagittal Discrepancies Using MAI (Mixing Ability Index) and FIA (Food Intake Ability)

Tae-Hyun Choi, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Dynamin Plays an Important Role in Myoblast Fusion and Differentiation

Hye won Choi, et al.

Boston, MA, USA
Cost-Effectiveness of Maxillary Lateral Incisor Agenesis Treatment Options

Panagiotis Christou, et al.

Geneva, Switzerland
Corrosion Resistance of General Purpose Stainless Steel Wire Formed for Orthodontic Use

Yosdhorn Chuankrerkkul, et al.

Bangkok, Thailand
Impact of a Predoctoral Orthodontic Honors Program Created and Taught by Postgraduate Orthodontic Residents

Rachale Cohen, Kathrin Praedikow

New York City, NY, USA
Temporomandibular Disorders May Be Influenced by Genetic Alterations, Not by Occlusal Features

Paulo Conti, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Buccolingual Inclination of the Tubes with MBT Prescription for First Lower Molars

Andre Costa, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Stability of Treatment with Frankel-2’s Appliance: What about the Lower Anterior Teeth's Clinical Crown Length?

Artur Cunha Vasconcelos, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Torque Expression of Different Metal Alloys in Conventional and Self-Ligating Brackets

Tari Darwiche, et al.

Maringá, Brazil
Pain Intensity of Tooth Movement Using Two Different Orthodontic Forces

Waraporn Densiri-aksorn

Bangkok, Thailand
Conservative Treatment of Asymmetric Class II

Rodnei Dezordi, et al.

Maringa, Brazil
In Vitro Study of Bone Relaxation After Orthdontic Miniscrews Insertion

Sara Drago, et al.

Genoa, Italy
Surface Characteristics and Sliding Resistance of Different Orthodontic Wires

André Luís Drumond, et al.

Goiânia, Brazil
Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhances Bone Formation in Orthopedically Expanded Interpremaxillary Suture in Rats

Abdullah Ekizer, et al.

Kayseri, Turkey
Bone Forming Capabilities of 5 Particulate Based Graft Materials After Extensive Osteotomy: A 6 Week Pilot Study in the Dog Mandible

Camelia Espahbod, et al.

New York, NY, USA
Mobile SMS-Based Intervention on Temporomandibular Disorder Treatment: Preliminary Results

Cristina Lucia Feijó Ortolani, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Bone Thickness and Interradicular Space of Posterior Mandible Sites for Miniscrew Placement

Thais Fernandes, et al.

Londrina, Brazil
Can Essix Retainer Maintain Transverse Dimension After Posterior X-Bite Correction?

Carlos Fernandez-Feo, et al.

Jacksonville, FL, USA
Evaluation of Alveolar Bone Plate Thickness in Different Facial Patterns Using CBCT

Marcos Ferreira, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Rating the Pubertal Peak Through the Mandibular Canine Calcification in Children

Paulo Ferreira, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Efficacy of Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate to Treat and Prevent White Spot Lesions Associated with Fixed Orthodontic Treatment: A Systematic Review

Jacklyn Fisher, et al.

Bronx, NY, USA
Evaluation of the Force Generated by Gradual Deflection of Orthodontic Wires in Conventional Metallic, Esthetic and Self-Ligating Brackets

Manoela Francisconi, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Dentoskeletal and Tegumental Effects of Klammt Orthopedic Appliance in Class II Malocclusion

Acácio Fuziy, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Pretreatment Decay Missing Filled Teeth (DMFT) Index as an Indicator of White Spot Lesions Prevalence at the End of Treatment

Anish Gala, David Chung

Brooklyn, NY, USA
IFN-γ and IL-10 Expression in the Periodontal Ligament During Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Michelle Galhardi, et al.

Londrina, Brazil

The Alternative Method for Customized Lingual Bracket Base Use Reverse Engineering Software, Multi-Axis Milling Machine

Sung-Nam Gang, et al.

Gwang-ju, South Korea

Class II Elastics: Occlusal Plane Effects in the Hypodivergent and Hyperdivergent Patient

Abraham Ganz, Anil Ardeshna

Newark, NJ, USA
Dento-Alveolar and Skeletal Changes Associated with the Use of the Device Pendex: A Cephalometric Evaluation

Rúbia Lorena Garcia, et al.

Goiânia, Brazil
Risk of Developing Palatally Displaced Canines in Patients with Early Detectable Dental Anomalies: A Longitudinal Study

Daniela Garib, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
The Effect of Pulsed Low-Level Laser Therapy on the Rate of Orthodontic Tooth Movement:
A Randomized Clinical Trial

Monica Gawlick, et al.

Bronx, NY, USA
Investigation of the Characteristics of Malocclusion in Children with Juvenile Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Clinical and Volumetric Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Sandra Golin, Simone Appenzeller, et al.

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
Prevalence of Upper Lateral Incisor Microdontia in a Mexican Population

Dolores Gomez-Fernandez, et al.

Tepic, Mexico
Bone Regeneration Support of PHB and Transgenic Flax Scaffolds

Tomasz Gredes, et al.

Dresden, Germany
Evaluation of the Pigmentation Stability of Orthodontic Aesthetic Elastomeric Modules

Rackel Gualberto, et al.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Perception of Smile Aesthetics by Dental Professionals and Patients

Mireya Guzmán Mora, Ma. Eugenia Vera Serna

Mexico City, Mexico
The Incidence of Soft Tissue Scar Remaining After the Removal of Temporary Anchorage Devices

Young Don Ha, et al.

Gangnam, South Korea
Significance of Cephalometric Radiograph in Orthodontic Treatment Plan Decision

Narmin Helal, et al.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

Evaluation of the Force Generated by Gradual Deflection of Orthodontic Wires in Self-Ligating and Conventional Brackets

Rodrigo Higa, et al.

Bauru, Brazil

Quantification of Metal Artifacts Triggered by Brackets - MSCT vs. CBCT

Veronika Hirschinger, et al.

Erlangen, Germany
Evaluation of Chewing Efficiency in Anterior Open Bite by Using a New Dispositive Named Me-mastig

Liliane Holanda, et al.

Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil
Subjective Evaluation of Smile Attractiveness After Extraction and Non-Extraction Orthodontic Treatment

Jason Horn, et al.

Bronx, NY, USA
In Vitro Study of Adhesive Remnants Index in Brackets Bonded with Restorative and Orthodontic Resins

Roberto Huang, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Patient Compliance with Orthodontic Removable Retainers: A Pilot Study

Paul Hyun, et al.

Buffalo, NY, USA
TMA Spring Expander in Early Class III Treatment

Lucilla Iacopini, et al.

Rome, Italy
Effect of Regenerative Ability of the Mandibular Condylar Cartilage

Yuta Ichikawa, et al.

Tokyo, Japan
In Vitro Assessment of Deflection Properties of Beta-Titanium Alloy Wires Between Two Brackets in Leveled- and Unleveled-Alignment-Like Scenarios

Natalia Insabralde, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Effects of Vermilion Height on Lip Esthetics in Japanese and Korean Orthodontists and Orthodontic Patients

Hideki Ioi, et al.

Fukuoka, Japan
Comparison of the Cytotoxicity of Various Orthodontic Elastomeric Ligatures

Nittaya Jiraanankul, et al.

Bangkok, Thailand
Shear Bond Strength Evaluation of Four Brackets Bonded with Two Different Adhesives in Ceramic Cylinders

Claudio Jodas, et al.

Campinas, Brazil
Lips Projection and Nasolabial Angle in Attractive Faces: A Systematic Review

Cintia Helena Junqueira, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Tridimentional Alveolar Bone Analysis After Use of Herbst Appliance

Daniela Kameyama, et al.

Araraquara, Brazil
Prevalence of Impacted Canines and the Use of Cone-Beam Tomography for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Orthodontics Clinic UNAM in the Period 2009-2014

Akemi Kameyama, et al.

México City, Mexico
Characterization of Cartilage Pellets Engineered from Periodontal Ligament Stromal Cells

Da Young Kang, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Efficient Use of Intraoral Scanner in Sequential Labial and Lingual MTA (Mini-Tube Appliance)

Sung-Ja Kang, et al.

Gwangju, South Korea
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Evaluation of the Relationship Between Lower Central Incisor Inclination and Mandibular Symphysis Among Different Subjects with Normal and Long Face Pattern - A Retrospective Clinical Study

Desen Karabaglar, et al.

Istanbul, Turkey
Using Orthodontic Miniscrew for Maxillomandibular Fixation After Orthognathic Surgery in Skeletal Class III Malocclusion

Seong Sik Kim, et al.

Yangsan-si, South Korea
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopic Analysis on Interface of Orthodontic Implant Surface and Cortical Bone in Human Subjects

Hyun-Hye Kim, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Orthodontic Tooth Movement Using Corticotomy with Graft Materials

Hyun-Soo Kim, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Comparison of Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets Using Various Zirconia Primers

Jinseok Kim, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Displacement Pattern of Anterior Teeth According to the Position of Lingual Lever Arm: A 3-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis

Sung Ah Kim, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Evaluation of Skeletal and Dental Effects of Curved Arches and Anterior Vertical Elastics Combined with Piezocision for the Treatment of Anterior Openbite

Evin Koc, et al.

Istanbul, Turkey
Deep Overbite Malocclusion: Exploration of the Underlying Components

Nita Kumari, et al.

Karachi, Pakistan

Local Injection of Periodontal Ligament Cells Reduces Skin Wrinkles in Hairless Mice

HyeJin Kwon, et al.

Seoul, South Korea

Interexaminer Agreement in the Evaluation of Condyle Morphology and Concentricity: A Radiographic and Tomographic Study

Giovani Lago, et al.

Londrina, Brazil
Evaluation of Dentoskeletal Effects of Differential RME in Patients with BCLP

Rita de Cássia Lauris, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
A CBCT Study of the Long Axis and Root Alignment Pattern with Orthodontic Bracket Prescriptions

Seung-Hoon Lee, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Correlation Analysis of 3-Dimensional Changes of Hard and Soft Tissues in Class III Orthognathic Surgery Patients Using CBCT

Tae-Yeon Lee, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Assessment of Metal Artifact in Three-Dimensional Surface Model by Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Kyung Min Lee, et al.

Gwang-ju, South Korea
An Overview of Characteristics of Registered Clinical Trials in Orthodontics

Min Kyeong Lee, et al.

Boston, MA, USA
Assessment of Upper Airway Volume Among Different Craniofacial Morphology*

Milena Lenza, et al.

Goiania, Brazil
Oropharyngeal Airway Volume Following Orthodontic Treatment: Premolar Extraction Versus Non-Extraction

Candice Leslie

Memphis, TN, USA
Use of CG Ceph (CBCT-Generated Cephalograms) in Surgery-First Orthodontic Treatment of Facial Asymmetry

Hoi-Jeong Lim, et al.

Gwang-ju, South Korea
A Survival Analysis Study of Orthodontic Miniplate

Lu Lin, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
An In Vivo Randomized Trial to Determine the Clinical Efficiency of Bonding Orthodontic Brackets to Enamel with a Self-Etch Adhesive Resin

Jordan Lissauer, et al.

Bronx, NY, USA

Condyle Volumetric Evaluation in Individuals Skeletal Pattern Class I, II and III with Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Marlos Loiola, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil

Elastomeric Chains: A Comparative Color Study on Force Degradation Qualities In Vitro

Jeff Lombard, et al.

Bronx, NY, USA
Cone Beam Computed Tomography and Radiographs for Orthodontic Treatment: Mutagenicity and Cytotoxicity

Diego Lorenzoni, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Cephalometric Comparison of Growth in Mandibular Caucasian Brazilian Children, Malocclusion Class II and Normal Occlusion During the Stages of Growth by Cervical Vertebrae Maturation

Fabiane Louly, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Nasal and Oral Bacterial Flora Before and After Cleft Palate Repair

Caroline Lucena, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Class III and Absence of a Lower Incisor with Orthodontic and Orthognathic Surgery Correction

Gabriela Luna, Isaac Guzmán

Mexico City, Mexico
In Vivo Study About the Stability of Mini-Implants with and without Sand Blast and Acid Etching in Retraction Mechanics

José Maldonado Noriega, et al.

Mexico City, Mexico
Critical Anterior Anchorage in Case of Missing Posterior Teeth

Gianluca Mampieri, et al.

Rome, Italy
Principal Arch Plane in Patients with Class III Malocclusion and the Relationship with Axis Central Incisor

Dhanna Anhad Marin Dorantes, Ruben Cesena

Guadalajara, Mexico
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Analysis of Upper Airway Volume, Length and Minimum Airway Cross-Sectional Area as Predictors for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity

Tal Masserman, et al.

Bronx, NY, USA
Dental Space Gaining with Conventional and Self-Ligating Bracket - Prospective Randomized Clinical Study

Maria Eugenia Mateu, et al.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Class II Malocclusion Treatment Effects with the Herbst Followed by Fixed Appliances

Murilo Matias, et al.

Bauru, Brazil

Evaluation of Elastomeric Chains Deformation Submitted to Differents Decontamination Means

Fernanda Mattos, et al.

Resende, Brazil

Influence of Asthma on the Degree of Root Resorption in Orthodontically Treated Patients

Giordana Melo, et al.

Maringá, Brazil
Mechanical Behavior of Niti Closed Coil Springs

Juliana Mendonça, et al.

Goiania, Brazil
The Chronological Age of Mexican Population Versus Mineralizations of the Crown and Tooth Root

Laura Mendoza, et al.

Mexico City, Mexico
Periodontal Effects of Orthodontic Labial Movement: Evaluation of Alveolar Bone Dehiscence

Carolina Menezes, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Decisions of the Courts of Justice Regarding Orthodontists’ Obligations: A 10-Year Review

Ramon Menezes Andrade, et al.

Lagarto, Brazil
An Objective Assessment of Smile Attractiveness

Anca Mesaros, et al.

Cluj Napoca, Romania
Insertion Torque and Orthodontic Mini-Implants: A Systematic Review of the Artificial Bone Literature

Reint Meursinge Reynders, et al.

Milan, Italy
In Vitro Evaluation of Orthodontic Miniscrew Insertion Torque Plots

Marco Migliorati, et al.

Genova, Italy
Atomic Force Microscopic Evaluation of Enamel Surface Roughness Following Orthodontic Bracket Debonding and Composite Resin Removal Using Three Different Methods

Shadi Mohebi, et al.

Urumia, Iran
Comparison of Maxillomandibular Transverse Discrepancy Determined with Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) with Ricketts Values

Elizabeth Montoya-Meza, et al.

Tepic, Mexico
Dental Arch Development Following Space Analysis in Panoramic X-Rays in Patients with Primary and Mixed Dentition

Ramiro Morales, et al.

Tenafly, NJ, USA
In Vivo Evaluation of Genotoxicity Induced by Orthodontic Appliances in Oral Mucosal Cells

Omark Moreno Martinez, et al.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Shear Bond Strength of Brackets Bonded with Nanofilled Flowable Resins

Ricardo Moresca, et al.

Curitiba, Brazil

Postretention Stability in Cases Treated with Non Extraction Therapy

Taiki Morikawa, et al.

Chiba, Japan
Retrospective Study of Complications During Herbst Appliance Treatment with Removable Mandibular Acrylic Splint and with Cantilever

Alexandre Moro, et al.

Curitiba - PR, Brazil
Maxillary Sinus Perforation and Stability of Orthodontic Anchor Screws

Mitsuru Motoyoshi, et al.

Tokyo, Japan
Electric Myostimulation and Correction of the Muscle Biopotentials

Nabi Nabiev, et al.

Moscow, Russian Federation
Accuracy and Reproducibility of the CBCT

Melissa Nomiyama, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Perception of Profiles by Orthodontists and Consumers Generated by Dolphin VTO vs.
True Surgical Outcomes

Lyudmila Normatova, Padma Mukherjee

Newark, NJ, USA
Orthodontic Miniscrews Fracture Torsional Stress and Torque*

Cristina Okada, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Shear Bond Strength Comparison of Light Curing Units

Alexander Oldroyd, et al.

Philadelphia, PA, USA
First Premolar Extraction Effects Upon Upper Airways and Tooth Position in Class I and Class II Patients

Evelinne Oliveira, et al.

Goiânia, Brazil
The Impact of Healing Time Before Loading on Orthodontic Mini-Implant Stability: A Histomorphometric Study

Paula Oltramari-Navarro, et al.

Londrina, Brazil
Miniplate Resistance and Elasticity Under Different Forces in Orthodontic Limits: Preliminary Study

Elvan Onem, et al.

Istanbul, Turkey
Dentoalveolar Effects Consequent to Maxillary Molar Distalization with Bone-Anchored Pendulum Appliance

Aldo Otazú, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Periodontal Morphology of Central Incisors of Patients with Unilateral Alveolar Cleft: A CBCT Assessment

Terumi Ozawa, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Do Several Orthodontic Unit Members Evaluate and Treat the Same Patient Equally?

Dietmar Paddenberg, Christian Fode

Paderborn, Germany
Clear Aligner and Auxiliary Devices in Extraction Treatment

Federica Paoncelli, et al.

Rome, Italy
Upper Lips Ratio in Relation to the Retraction Degree of Upper Incisors in Angle Class II Patients Treated Without Extractions

Luiz Renato Paranhos, et al.

Lagarto, Brazil
Force Degradation Characteristics of a New Thermoset Polymer Elastomeric Chain

Milin Parikh, et al.

Bronx, NY, USA
Effect of Post-Orthognathic-Surgery Condylar Axis Changes on Condylar Morphology as Determined by 3-Dimensional Surface Reconstruction

Soo Byung Park, et al.

Pusan, South Korea
Prediction of Maxillary Canine Impaction Using Various Topological Variables

Seo-Woo Park, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Normoproteic and Normocaloric Diet Efficiency on Nutritional Status of Ortognatic Surgery Patients - Randomized Clinical Trial

Mariana Perea, Marigely Gonzalez

Mexico City, Mexico
Low-Lever Laser Therapy as a Method to Improve Orthodontic Treatment - A Systematic Review

Sofia Petrén, et al.

Malmö, Sweden
Effect of Fixation Techniques on the Stability of Skeletal Class III Malocclusions

Francisco Plaza Villegas, et al.

Detroit, MI, USA
Analysis of Linear Measurements in 3D Models Obtained by Automatic Segmentation

Marcelo Poleti, et al.

Londrina, Brazil
Head Position Effect on the Cephalometric Radiographs

Murilo Prado, et al.

Goiania, Brazil
Expression of Inflammatory Markers During Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Different Age Groups - A Literature Review

Kathrin Praedikow, Rachale Cohen

New York, NY, USA
Comparison Accuracy of Hand-Traced and Computerized Cephalometric Software: Lateral Cephalometric Soft Tissue Changes in Double Jaw Orthognathic Surgery Cases (Pilot Study)

Witchuda Pruksanusak, et al.

Bangkok, Thailand
Bilateral Mandibular Analysis After Herbst Appliance Treatment

Taisa Raveli, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Bracket/Enamel Interface Evaluation Protocol by Laser-Induced Fluorescence

Marcia Ritzmann, et al.

Niteroi, Brazil
Evaluation of Shear Bond Strength of Metallic Brackets Bonded to Ceramic Surfaces

Ernesto Rodrigues, et al.

Campinas, Brazil
Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Analysis of Dental Enamel, Analytics After Debonding the Braces Comparative Study with the Debonding Forces

Jacqueline Rodriguez Chavez, et al.

Mexico City, Mexico
Bruxism, Synergistic in Raynaud’s Phenomenon, Hashimoto, Retinopathy, Nephropathy in Diabetes

Pablo Rojas Pardini

Panamá, Panama
An Intracenter Comparison of Nasolabial Appearance Outcomes in Patients with Clefts

Benjamin Roth, Ross Long Jr.

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Surface Electromyography and Maxillofacial Area Muscles Biopotentials

Anna Rusanova, et al.

Moscow, Russian Federation
Properties of Two Autopolymerized Orthodontic Resins Using Interchanged Powder and Liquid Components

Tassanaporn Saen-isara, et al.

Yothi, Thailand
Lateral Comparisons Using Fishman's Skeletal Maturation Assessment

Abraham Safer, David Chung

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Dimensional Accuracy of Stainless Steel Orthodontic Bracket Slot

Kanokporn Sakdasuraruk, et al.

Bangkok, Thailand
Agreement in Treatment Complexity Between Orthodontic Experts’ Perception and Index of Treatment Complexity, Outcome and Need (ICON)

Sasita Sakshuwong, et al.

Phyathai, Thailand
Comparison of Bone Plate Thickness Before and After Molar Uprighting by CBCT Images

Patrícia Santos, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Evaluation of Orthodontic Wire Deflection Forces

Renata Sathler, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Tomography Evaluation of Changes in Periodontal Tissue Support Induced by Herbst Appliance*

João Paulo Schwartz, et al.

Araraquara - SP, Brazil
Comparative Study of Cone Beam Computed Tomography Dimensional Changes Under the Arch Using Self Ligating and Conventional Brackets

Jefferson Schwertner, et al.

Londrina, Brazil
Radiographic Protocol for Installation of Mini-Implants: Description of Technique

Alessandro Schwertner, et al.

Hernandarias, Paraguay
Treatment Factors Associated with External Apical Root Resorption (EARR) Concurrent with Orthodontia

Lina Sharab, et al.

Lexington, KY, USA
Stability of Miniscrew-Supported Tooth as an Indirect Anchorage

Cheolhong Shin, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Correlation Between Masseter Muscle Morphology and Mandibular Morphology in adults with Different Growth Patterns - A 3D CT Study

Ram Shruti

Hyderabad, India
A Normative Study to Evaluate Inclination and Angulation of Teeth in North Indian Population*

Satinder Singh, et al.

Chandigarh, India
Influence of Three-Dimensional Models Segmentation from Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Thiago Slaviero, et al.

Londrina, Brazil
Soft T issue of Young Japanese-Brazilian, Caucasian and Japanese Patients*

Thais Soliva, et al.

Londrina, Brazil
Effect of Doxycycline on Periodontal Remodeling During Relapse and Retention After Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Rats

Hui-Tae Song, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
An Objective Comparison of Esthetics After Extraction and Nonextraction Orthodontic Treatment Utilizing a Standardized Smile Analysis

Anita Stavin, et al.

Bronx, NY, USA
Genetic Mutations in Hypodontia Patients

Neda Stefanovic, et al.

Belgrade, Serbia
VEGF and bFGF-2 Palatal Suture Expression Following Rapid Maxillary Expansion

Maria Bernadete Stuani, Luciane Menezes

Riebirao Preto, Brazil
Effect of Direct Electrical Resistance Heat Treatment on Phase Transformation Behavior of Nickel Titanium Orthodontic Wire

Chavalit Sujaritviriyakul, et al.

Bangkok, Thailand
Registration Area Affects Accuracy of Integrated Maxillofacial Cone-Beam CT Images

Lijun Sun, Jin-Hyoung Cho, Hoi-Jeong Lim, Hyeon Shik Hwang,

Gwangju, South Korea
A 3D Analysis of Class III Correction with Fixed Appliances

Sara Taher, Juan Martin Palomo

Beachwood, OH, USA
Histological Evaluation on Chondrocyte in Nasal Septal Cartilage of BALB/c-bm/bm Mouse

Kuniaki Takahashi, et al.

Sapporo, Japan
Effect of Orthodontic Treatment on the Upper Airway Volume

Isaac Tam, et al.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Palatal Rugae for Human Identification

Emiliya Taneva, Carla Evans

Chicago, IL, USA
Absent Upper Lateral Incisors and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer

Nigel Taylor, et al.

Guildford, United Kingdom
Detecting Sorts of Microorganisms by PCR Before and After Orthodontic Treatment

Carollyne Tiago, et al.

Campinas, Brazil
An Evaluation of Masking White Spots - An In Vivo Study on ICON

Shira Tor, et al.

Philadelphia, PA, USA
Buccolingual Inclination of Lower Second Molar Tubes in MBT Prescription

Fernando Torres, et al.

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Cephalometric Superposition on Cranial Base: Comparison of Four Methods

Hianne Torres, et al.

Goiânia, Brazil
Esthetic Outcome of Autotransplanted Premolars Replacing Traumatized Maxillary Incisors: A Pilot Study

Stéphanie Tourné, et al.

Ghent, Belgium
Comparative Study on Primary Stability of Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping Orthodontic Anchor Screws

Yasuki Uchida, et al.

Tokyo, Japan

Effects of Initial Stresses and Time on Orthodontic External Root Resorption

Rodrigo Viecilli, et al.

Loma Linda, CA, USA

Protocols Retainers Used After Orthodontic Treatment by Brazilian Orthodontists

Bruno Vieira, et al.

Maringá, Brazil
Effect of Heat Treatment on Corrosion Resistance of General Purpose Stainless Steel Archwire

Aksarin Wasumetharatsamee, et al.

Bangkok, Thailand
Effects of Buccal and Lingual Brackets on the Accuracy of Digital Intraoral Scanners

Young joo Wi, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Cephalometric Comparison of Upper Incisor Retraction Between Conventional Molar Anchorage and Implant Anchorage

Sukanya Wiboonsirikul, et al.

Bangkok, Thailand
Co-Regulation of Inflammation Stress and Tensile Strain Inhibits Osteogenicity via c-Fos Expression

Wang Yi

Wenzhou, China
Effects of Metal Brackets on Keratinized Epithelial Cells

Hanife Nuray Yilmaz, et al.

Istanbul, Turkey
Substance P and Alkaline Phosphatase Expressions in Human Periodontal Ligament Under Different Orthodontic Forces Application: A Pilot Study

Wilasinee Yoschote, et al.

Bankok, Thailand
Postretention Stability in Cases Treated with Non Extraction Therapy

Miyuki Yoshioka, et al.

Chiba, Japan
Stability of a New Antimicrobial-Peptide Coating for Mini Implants

Stephanie Zastrow, et al.

Minneapolis, MN, USA

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