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Identities are complementary, not exclusionary

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Identities are complementary, not exclusionary

The policy on the national identity of the Latvian society, civil society and integration emphasizes the principle of identities being complementary, in accordance with which, the various identities do not exclude but rather enrich each other. National minority identities exist and develop alongside the Latvian identity. An individual can simultaneously have a number of identities (that of a national minority, Latvian, European, global).

3. Description of the Situation
3.1. Civil Society and Integration
An active civil society promotes common development of the State and participation in it increases each person’s social capital. A civil society encourages the cohesion of a nation on the basis of both national and democratic values. Therefore, the task of the civil integration policy of Latvia is to reduce the barriers for the development of Latvia’s civil society and to promote civic participation skills of the population and opportunities to become involved in the solution of society’s common issues.

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