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Two-community society – it is characterized by division between two communities. Unlike a Nation State, in a two-community society there is no common official language and the social integration is much more difficult as it does not take place on the basis of common values, cultural space and social memory. In Latvia with the formation of a large Russian speaking community of immigrants during the occupation, signs of a two-community society can be observed: separate information spaces, an observable rift in the political sphere based on national characteristics, differing social memories, language segregation at the workplace, in schools and kindergartens.

Common values – Latvian language and the Latvian cultural space, allegiance to Western democratic values: individual freedom and responsibility, rule of law, human dignity, human rights, tolerance of diversity, civic participation, and belief in ideas passed down from the Age of Enlightenment about progress and the ability of people to make a better world.

Social memory – a shared understanding about history, events of the past and socio-political processes, their interpretation. This understanding is formed by individual memories, national policy, content of education, days which are celebrated, remembrance rituals, etc.

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