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Latvian non-citizens – former USSR citizens and their descendants to whom, according to the law, have been given special status and who have the right of naturalisation on an individual basis.

Social integration – inclusion of all people living in Latvia into society notwithstanding of their national belonging and self-identification. The common basis for the integration is the Latvian language, the feeling of belonging to the State of Latvia and its democratic values, respect for Latvia’s unique cultural space and development of a shared social memory. Social integration promotes civil participation focussed on the democratic and rational solution of social problems, as well as strengthens mutual cooperation and trust between individuals. At the same time, integration means openness and respect of the constituent nation for the uniqueness of national minorities and their right to maintain their distinctive identity. The task of integration is also to promote the inclusion of immigrants into society, providing motivating means and opportunities to engage in a cohesive society.

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