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Frequency of measurement

Study is conducted once in 10 years

Forecast of the preferable value of the indicator

Both indicators increase

Related results of the activity

• Implementation of the task No. 1.1.2 of the GAP “Improvement of civic knowledge and skills of children and young people at all levels of education”

• Implementation of the Guidelines for the Development of Education 2007-2013

Other information

Policy result

Promotion of more extensive involvement of the population in forms of civic participation

Outcome indicator No 1 of the policy result

The proportion of the voters who participated in the Saeima elections (%)

Methodology for obtaining the indicator

Source: Data of the Central Election Commission http://web.cvk.lv/pub/upload_file/Sa10/aktiv/Novadi.pdf

The number of voters who participated in elections versus the total number of voters.

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