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Additional indicators required to describe policy results

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Additional indicators required to describe policy results

Number of new immigrants who have received Latvian language training (number of individuals)/share of the persons having passed the language test successfully (%)

Latvian language skills among children who are non-native Latvian speakers when they commence studies in bilingual or Latvian language programmes126

Differences in annual equivalent income levels between Latvians and representatives of other ethnic groups

Share of Latvian and other ethnic group representatives who believe that different ethnic groups have the same opportunities and social status in Latvia

Ratio of the Roma children who have completed the school year to the number of children who have started the school year in comprehensive schools

Number of teachers (at all educational levels) who have been enrolled in courses on intercultural dialogue and programmes developing ability to work with students who have a different level of Latvian language skills

Successfully implemented activities as share (%) of total number of activities listed in the action plan in relation to the declared goal and planned budget

Growth in population share that trusts people of a different ethnic background living in Latvia

Share of schoolchildren (%) in Latvian educational programmes of comprehensive schools who feel closely or very closely affiliated (to Latvia, to Europe)

Share of people who have participated in pickets, rallies and demonstrations

Share of people who have been on strike

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