2008 uiuc high school solo round 8

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8. The diagonals of rhombus ABCD intersect at point E. Line segment BD measures 18 units, and side AD measures 41 units. Find the area of the rhombus. To find the area of the rhombus, you can use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the length of diagonal AE and use the formula for the area of a rhombus using the lengths of the diagonals, or you can find the area of one of the four triangles made by the diagonals, and multiply by four. FTP, what is one-half times 18 times 80?

ANSWER: 720 square units

9. He is said to have one thousand different names, including Narayana and Hari, and he once walked across the universe in only three steps. Whenever good and evil are out of balance, this god descends and corrects the balance, and the shrivasta mark is found on his chest. He is depicted laying on the coils of Shesha, and he holds the shankha, chakra, gada, and padma in his four hands. While on earth, he rides the bird Garuda, and his consorts are Bhumidevi and Lakshmi. FTP, identify this member of the trimurti, the Hindu preserver god.

ANSWER: Vishnu
10. As a star in college, he was alleged to have sexually harassed assistant trainer Jamie Naughright, and finished second in the Heisman Trophy voting to Charles Woodson during his senior year at Tennessee. Taken ahead of Ryan Leaf in the NFL Draft, in 2004 he broke Dan Marino's record for single-season touchdowns. Backed up by Jim Sorgi, he led his team from an 18-point deficit to victory in the 2007 ACF Championship before being voted MVP in Super Bowl XLI. FTP, identify the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts.


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