2008 uiuc high school solo round 8

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Jane Eyre
20. While working with Charles Scarburgh, he preferred a visual approach to scientific problems, such as creating a model of working muscles, and among his projects are the Trinity College Library and a chapel at Pembroke College. He oversaw the building of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea as well as a hospital for seaman at Greenwich, and he called upon the form of the Theater of Marcellus when designing the Sheldonian Theatre at Oxford. Several buildings designed by him were destroyed in the Whitehall fire of 1698, and a dedication to him reads, “If you seek a monument, look about you.” FTP, what English architect redesigned St. Paul's Cathedral?

ANSWER: Sir Christopher Wren

OT. She was known as bopis due to her apparently large eyes, and annually she would regain her virginity by bathing in the well Canathus. Ixion was tricked into sleeping with a cloud in the shape of her, and after the death of Argos, she placed his one hundred eyes on the peacock. As the goddess of childbirth, she tried to prevent the birth of Apollo and Artemis, and she would serve as advisor to Eurystheus while Hercules was completing his labors, as her attempt to kill him as a baby using serpents failed. FTP, identify the Greek counterpart to Juno and the vindictive wife of Zeus.

ANSWER: Hera (accept Juno until Artemis)

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