2008 uiuc high school solo round 8

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1. While serving as justice minister, he took homosexuality laws off the books, and he almost resigned upon the formation of a minority government by Joe Clark. He spoke out against the Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords, believing that they would weaken the Charter of Rights. During the October Crisis, he invoked the War Measures Act to fight back against the FLQ, and put forth the resolution that led to a declaration of independence from the British Parliament. FTP, identify this Canadian prime minister, the successor to Lester Pearson.

ANSWER: Pierre Trudeau

2. Defending his attacks on an administration in which he served in Go Quiety...Or Else, he angered African-American leaders by accusing them of being unwilling to condemn black racists. Defeating George Mahoney to become Governor of Maryland, he was elevated to his highest post in exchange for the support of Nelson Rockefeller. Many of his attacks included alliteration, such as “nattering nabobs of negativism,” but he resigned after pleading no lo contendere to a single count of income tax evasion. FTP, identify the first vice president under Richard Nixon.

ANSWER: Spiro Agnew

3. Respiratory chain dysfunction in these has been linked to ALS and Alzheimer’s, while Leigh’s disease is caused by a mutation within them. Also referred to as a chondriosomes, the tricarboxylic acid cycle occurs within them, and oxidative phosphorylation occurs within tem. They contain the enzymes involved in the Krebs cycle, and its inner membrane is folded into cristae. FTP, name these organelles that generates most of the cell's supply of ATP, the “power-plant” of a cell.


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