2003 Valencia Delta Burke InvitationalRound 2 Questions by cb with science help by folks from DePauw

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2003 Valencia Delta Burke InvitationalRound 2

Questions by CB with science help by folks from DePauw

1. Still in existence, they can be universal or local, perpetual or temporary. Personal ones require no object, while those called real are connected to a material thing, like a medal or rosary. The Council of Constance eliminated the language a culpa et a poena from them. Partial ones can be granted by bishops, while only the pope can offer a plenary one. Provided not to remove or forgive sin, but rather to lift temporal punishment from it, FTP name these Catholic dispensations, the sale of which were attacked by Martin Luther.

A. indulgence(s)

2. Two early losses for the French at Willembourg and Chalons under Marshall MacMahon foreshadowed things to come. The pretext for this war was the offering of the throne of Spain to a Hohenzollern prince, Leopold, which France vehemently protested. When the French ambassador asked Wilhelm I to agree that Leopold would never be offered the throne again, Wilhelm refused; Otto von Bismarck made this conversation public in his Ems Dispatch, inflaming the French to war. Ended by the treaty of Frankfurt, FTP name this 1870-71 war.

A. Franco-Prussian War

3. Its proportion to electric charge can be determined from the cutoff wavelength in x-ray spectra, and it is the proportionality constant between energy and frequency of a photon. Robert Millikan made accurate measurements of it in 1916, and in 1918, its namesake won the Nobel Prize for Physics. FTP, what is this constant, equal to 6.62 times 10 to the negative 34th Joule-seconds, and symbolized small h?

A: Plancks Constant

4. Critic John Hollander argues that in this poem the line break between lines five and six, separating the word rainwater into two separate nouns, implies that those words are phenomenological constituents also. The title object is described as glazed with that rainwater, and apparently its vivid color stands out next to the white chickens. FTP, so much depends upon what title object of an eight-line William Carlos Williams poem named for a farm implement?

A. The Red Wheelbarrow

5. The legend that says that Hernando DeSoto explored the area that now is home to this sports venue explains why a pond on its par-three course is named DeSoto Springs. During its construction in 1931, a tribal shell midden was uncovered under what would become its 12th hole. Its current features include Raes Creek, which runs between Amen Corner: the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes. It also is home to the Eisenhower Cabin and Sarazen Bridge. Built by the great Bobby Jones, FTP name this Georgia golf course, host of the Masters Tournament.

A. Augusta National

6. Its formulator used this concept to explain why similar myth structures, like the idea of a great flood, recur in various far-flung cultures. It also explains similarities in moral judgments in various cultures, like prohibitions on killing. Certain key figures and motifs also spring from it, like the wise old woman and the young hero, figures the author termed archetypes. FTP name this hereditary wellspring of ideas and experiences that is shared by all humanity, a concept enunciated by Carl Jung.

A. collective unconscious (prompt on early buzz of Jung)

7. By 1880, this man had established himself as a painter and became the youngest-ever inducted member into the National Academy of Design. Soon becoming enamored with Art Nouveau, he branched out from painting and began designing furniture and windows. It was for another home furnishing that he became most famous for designing, however, using beautiful bits of specially colored glass and flowing Art Nouveau curves. Scion of a wealthy family of jewelers, FTP name this artist best known for his namesake lamps.

A. Louis Comfort Tiffany

8. Two balls are selected at random, one after the other, without replacement from a box that contains three red balls and five blue balls. FTP what is the probability that both balls selected are blue?

A. 20/56 or 5/14

9. Its origin is in the story of a 1925 diptheria outbreak in Nome, Alaska. The only serum available was in Anchorage, and as the only nearby planes had been dismantled and stored for the winter, an alternative method of rushing the serum to Nome was implemented. Twenty drivers rode teams in furious weather over 674 miles to deliver the serum; the lead member of the last team, Balto, was the subject of a recent childrens animated film. This serum run is commemorated each year, FTP, in what dog sledding race?

A. Iditarod

10. In his early 20's this man fell in love with the actress Madeleine Bejart and founded a troupe called The Illustrious Theater to utilize her talents as well as his own. An actor himself, his first attempt at writing was The Blunderer, and his short farce The Love-Sick Doctor so impressed Louis XIV that he granted the troupe the use of one of his theaters. He went on to focus on writing satires like The School for Wives, The Miser, and The Imaginary Invalid. FTP name this French playwright better known for The Bourgeois Gentleman and Tartuffe.

A. Moliere (Jean Baptiste Poquelin)

11. The first man to reach its summit was a Russian named Lhotsky in 1834. Located in the extreme southeast corner of the continent on which it is the highest mountain, its full height is only 7,310 feet. Located in the Great Dividing Range between Melbourne and Sydney, FTP this is what mountain named after a Polish military hero?

A. Mount Kosciusko

12. First performed in 1877, with choreography by Julius Reisinger, its premiere was considered a failure, though when its second act was produced in 1893 to commemorate the composers death, it earned much praise. One of the most performed works of all time, in 1995 an acclaimed all-male version was danced, following long after its first performance in the West in 1911, a production of the Ballet Russes (roos), featuring Nijinksy as Siegfried and Kshessinskya as Odette. FTP name this Tchaikovsky ballet in which the title character has been transformed into an avian creature.

A. Swan Lake
13. The main characteristic that separated it from its predecessors was an enlarged cranial cavity, adding almost 100 cubic centimeters to the previously accepted limit. The first remains found were originally discredited in the 1960s, but it eventually became clear that they were not the rudolfensis species. FTP, what is this handy man discovered by Louis Leakeys team in 1964, a species of man thought to have lived about 2.5 million years ago?

A. Homo Habilis

14. In this 1826 novel, the hymn-singing David Gamut appears as a type of comic relief, though he acts heroically during a Huron massacre of women and children by protecting the sisters Alice and Cora. Those sisters had been guided from Fort Edward to Fort William Henry, near Lake Champlain, to join their father, a British officer. Magua, an evil Huron, tries to take Cora for his bride, but after one of his tribesmen kills her, he accidentally kills the title character, Uncas, whose father, Chingachgook, is a friend of the white man Hawkeye. So goes the plot, FTP, of what novel, the second and likely best known of The Leatherstocking Tales?

A. The Last of the Mohicans

15. After earning two brevets while serving under Winfield Scott in the Mexican war, this military man observed the siege of Sebastopol during the Crimean War, filing long reports for the faculty of West Point. A cavalry man until the army ended that division, he developed a namesake saddle and gained the nickname Little Napoleon not for his military knowledge, but for his arrogance in dealing with other officers. Taking over for Scott as commander of the Army of the Potomac, FTP name this general whose hesitancy in engaging the Army of Northern Virginia led Lincoln to replace him in 1862.

A. George McClellan

16. Once considered a completely mythological tribe, archaeologist Natalia Polosmak believes that excavations done in the Altai Mountains near the Mongolia-Kazakhstan border might have unearthed evidence of their existence. Herodotus wrote that this tribe was subsumed by the Scythians, but in myth they were completely autonomous. Descended from Ares and Harmonia, one myth says that they met with the nearby Gargareans for mating purposes once a year. Led by Penthisilea and Hippolyta, among others, FTP name this warlike tribe of women.

A. Amazons

17. It includes Gillette of Narbonne, Ser Ciappelletto, The Eaten Heart, Bernabo of Genoa, and The Heliotrope, among others. Narrators include Dioneo, Neifile, Panfilo, Pampinea, and six others. The central conceit is that ten young people meet in a church in 1348 and decide to flee to the hills of Fiesole to escape the plague. There, each person tells one story on each of ten days, leading to the title. FTP name this collection that includes Griselda and The Pot of Basil, a work by Giovanni Boccaccio.

A. The Decameron

18. A sometime slot-car racing opponent of Otto Man, he is a Mensa member with a 170 IQ. Holder of a masters degree in folklore and mythology, during a brief stint in politics he recommended permitting mating only every seven years, meaning much less breeding for most people, but for him, much, much more. Owner of a photograph of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore and a Mary Worth comic strip in which she counsels suicide, FTP this is what pony-tailed merchant in who owns The Androids Dungeon in The Simpsons?

A. Comic Book Guy

19. The most prized type is characterized by the intersecting Lines of Retzius. All animal types exhibit the oval growth lines called Lines of Owen and are made up of a collagen matrix combined with a majority of dentin. Used by primitive peoples to make weapons and tools because it is harder than bone, FTP name this substance that makes up the incisors of hippos and horns of elephants and walruses.

A. ivory

20. Its secretariat is permanently housed in Vienna, having moved there from Geneva in 1965, five years after its founding. It was created to protect national rights in the face of the total dominance of the Seven Sisters, as the multinational giants that controlled the trade were known. Founded by five nations, it currently has eleven member states, as Ecuador and Gabon are no longer in. Including Nigeria, Venezuela and a number of Arab states, FTP this is what cartel that controls much of the worlds oil production and pricing?

A. OPEC (The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)

DB 2003 Round 2 Boni
1. Answer the following about DNA and RNA, FTSNOP.

A. For five points, this is the general term for all the building blocks of DNA and RNA, along

with the sugar-phosphate backbone.

A. nitrogenous bases (prompt on bases)

B. For five points each, name the three nitrogenous bases that are shared by DNA and


A. adenine, cytosine, guanine

C. For the last ten points (5 each), name the other two bases, one that is just in DNA and

one that is just in RNA.

A. thymine, uracil (order is not important)

2. Identify these works written in the joint FTPE.

A. John Bunyan wrote this famous allegory about Christian while in prison for preaching.

A. Pilgrims Progress

B. With a title meaning from the depths, Oscar Wilde wrote this angry letter to lover Alfred Douglas while in Reading Gaol.

A. De Profundis

C. Much of this 15th-century first account in prose English of the Arthurian legend was written by Thomas Malory while imprisoned.

A. Le Morte DArthur (acc. Death of Arthur)
3. Name these famous horses FTPE.

A. When this horse, whose name means ox head, died of wounds after a battle near the Hydaspes River, his owner, Alexander the Great, wept.

A. Bucephalus

B. Napoleons horse, it was supposedly captured after Waterloo and displayed in England. He was named after an 1800 Napoleonic victory in the Italian Piedmont.

A. Marengo

C. This steed of Robert E. Lee outlived him by five years.

A. Traveler
4. Answer the following about doctrinal differences in Islam FTPE.

A. Sunni Islam is separated from this other main branch, prevalent in Iraq and Iran.

A. Shia (acc. Shiism or Shiite Islam)

B. The Shia diverge from the Sunni partly in their belief that this son-in-law of Muhammed should have been the first caliph.

A. Ali

C. Many Shia believe that this imam is in occultation, a sort of living sleep, and will return to bring judgment to mankind.

A. Muhammad al-Mahdi (acc. the Twelfth or equivalents)

5. Given the name of a polyatomic ion, give the formula and the correct charge (must get both correct to get ten points).

A. permanganate Answer: MnO4- (M-N-O-4-minus)

B. carbonate Answer: CO32- (C-O-3-2-minus)

C. ammonium Answer: NH4+ (N-H-4-plus)

6. Provide these terms used in sociology FTPE.

A. This is the subfield of sociology that involves the study of population size, density and movement.

A. demography (acc. demographics)

B. This adjective describes behaviors that go against the mores and norms of a given community or society.

A. deviant (acc. deviance)

C. This term generally refers to ones falling back into any previously stopped behavior or habit, but more specifically is usually used to refer to an ex-con being convicted of new crimes after leaving prison.

A. recidivism

7. Stuff about an American author born in 1897 FTPE.

A. This author wrote plays like The Merchant of Yonkers and novels like The Ides of March, but is best known for a famous play set in Grovers Corners.

A. Thornton Wilder

B. This Thornton Wilder novel describes Brother Junipers investigations into the lives of five people who died in the collapse of the title object.

A. The Bridge of San Luis Rey

C. This Wilder play bounces back and forth between the Ice Age, the beginning of time, and the 20th century in the home of the Antrobus family.

A. The Skin of Our Teeth

8. Identify these words related to Indian food and cooking FTPE.

A. This term refers to any relish used in Indian cooking; Bart didnt like this flavor of Squishy when Apu was offering it at the Quik-E Mart.

A. chutney

B. This term refers to the brick oven used to make many Indian dishes; in names of dishes it is often coupled with whatever it has cooked.

A. tandoori (or tandoor)

B. This is a common flat bread accompanying many Indian dishes, often gaining a smoky flavor from being baked on one side of a tandoori.

A. nan (nahn)

9. Identify these battles from the War of 1812 FTPE.

A. In this 1814 battle, American forces led by Andrew Jackson routed around 800 Creek warriors in the namesake site on the Tallapoosa River in Alabama.

A. Horseshoe Bend

B. Actually fought after the Treaty of Ghent had been signed, ending hostilities, in this battle Jacksons forces routed the British, who hoped to gain control of the Mississippi.

A. New Orleans

C. In this battle of October 5, 1813, American forces crossed Lake Erie into Canada in pursuit of British and tribal soldiers; Tecumseh was killed in this battle.

A. Thames

10. Name these photographers FTPE.

A. This mans portraits of Civil War soldiers and shots of battlefield dead at Bull Run make him the best known of the photographers of his era.

A. Matthew Brady

B. Wife of Erskine Caldwell, one of this womans photographs graced the cover of the first issue of Life Magazine.

A. Margaret Bourke-White

C. This mans photographs of the poor during the depression led to his teaming with writer James Agee on the photo-essay Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.

A. Walker Evans

11. Answer the following about plants, FTPE.

A. These small holes in plant leaves let carbon dioxide in and water out, and are

mediated by guard cells.

A. stomata

B. Even though water evaporates from stomata, it is pulled up through the roots and stem

to the leaves through this process.

A. transpiration

C. Transpiration pulls water through sieve cells in this tissue within the stem of the plant.

A. xylem

12. Answer the following about the geography of Iraq FTPE.

A. This river, the eastern boundary of the ancient fertile crescent, flows through Baghdad.

A. Tigris

B. This hometown of Saddam Hussein has been a focal point of anti-American agitation.

A. Tikrit

C. With Saudi Arabia on the southwest, these two nations lie on Iraqs western border (ten points all or nothing).

A. Jordan and Syria (any order)

13. Answer the following about a despot who died on August 16, 2003, FTPE.

A. This former ruler of Uganda, who fled the country in 1979, died that day.

A. Idi Amin

B. Idi Amin died in this country, which offered him safe haven after his ouster.

A. Saudi Arabia

C. Amin invited the PLO hijackers of an Air France plane to land at this city in Uganda in 1976, where Israeli paratroopers staged an audacious raid, freeing most of the hostages.

A. Entebbe

14. Identify the composers of the following operas on a 10-5 basis.

A. (10 pts.) A Masked Ball; The Force of Destiny

(5 pts.) La Traviata; Rigoletto

A. Giuseppi Verdi

B. (10pts.) The Girl of the Golden West; Gianni Schicchi

(5 pts.) Turandot; Madame Butterfly

A. Giacomo Puccini

C. (10 pts.) Anna Bolena; Lucrezia Borgia

(5 pts.) The Elixir of Love; Lucia di Lamermoor

A. Gaetano Donizetti

15. Identify these folks who figure prominently in The Aeneid FTPE.

A. This queen of Carthage kills herself when Aeneas leaves her.

A. Dido

B. This king of the Rutulians is killed by Aeneas in battle.

A. Turnus

C. Aeneas carried this man, his father, from the ruins of Troy.

A. Anchises
16. Name the philosophers who wrote the following FTPE.

A. Discourse on Method A. Rene Descartes

B. Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding A. David Hume

C. Ethics A. Baruch Spinoza

17. Name these prominent American Jewish novelists of the 20th century from works FTPE.

A. Mr. Sammlers Planet; Herzog A. Saul Bellow

B. The Natural; The Fixer A. Bernard Malamud

C. Ancient Evenings; The Naked and the Dead A. Norman Mailer
18. Given a time, name the distance in meters of the track world record it is FTPE.

A. 19.32 seconds A. 200 meters

B. 12 minutes, 39.36 seconds A. 5,000 meters

C. 3 minutes, 26 seconds A. 1,500 meters

19. Identify the following fault types for fifteen points each.

A. The movement of this fault follows the gravitational pull on the two blocks involved, usually resulting in one block moving upward and one moving downward. The exposed block forms what is known as a fault scarp.

A. normal fault

B. Generally, movement on this type of fault is horizontal, and anything crossing this fault is going to be torn apart over the course of its movement. One of the best known versions of this fault is the San Andreas Fault.

A. strike-slip fault (also accept transcurrent fault)

20. Name these Secretaries of State FTPE.

A. This first Secretary of State under Reagan lasted just over a year and famously claimed he was in charge after Reagan was shot.

A. Alexander Haig

B. This man served as the first Secretary of State.

A. Thomas Jefferson

C. This mans namesake doctrine, formulated while serving under Hoover, stated that the US wouldnt recognize border changes created by aggression; this was enunciated in response to Japans seizure of Manchuria.

A. Henry L. Stimson

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