2002 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Tournament University of Michigan/Duke University

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Non-Intercourse Act (1809)

C. (15) This 1806 act, which prohibited trade in English goods that could be made domestically or bought elsewhere, was passed in response to the impressment of American seamen into the British navy.

Answer: Nonimportation Act (1806)

5. Given an Asian country, give the political party represented by its current head of government, 5-10-15.

A. (5) India

Answer: Bharatiya Janata Party

English: Indian People’s Party

B. (10) Japan

Answer: Jiyuminshuto

English: Liberal Democratic Party

C. (15) Sri Lanka

Answer: Sri Lanka Nidahas Pakshaya

Answer: Sri Lanka Freedom Party

Prompt on: People’s Alliance

Prompt on: Bahejana Nidasa Pakhsaya
6. 30-20-10-5. Identify the composer from works.

(30) operas Ottone in Villa, Orlando Finto Pazzo, Il Teuzzone, Orlando Furioso

(20) Juditha Triumphans, an oratorio; L'estro Armonico or Harmonic Inspiration

(10) The Goldfinch, a concerto for flute; Opus 4, La Stravaganza; Opus 8, The Contest Between Harmony and Invention

(5) The Four Seasons

Answer: Antonio Vivaldi

7. For 10 points each, identify these cellular structures.

A. (10) Composed of the protein actin, they are essentially the “muscular system” of the cell and allow various kinds of cell movement.


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