2002 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Tournament University of Michigan/Duke University

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SAMARY: sa-mah-REE

22. At the rear, Paul Lhote and Eugene Lestringez flirt with Jeanne Samary. The son and daughter of the proprietor look on from the periphery, with a red-and-white awning visible above their heads. A still life of bottles and fruit occupies the center, and in the left foreground, the artist's future wife adores a small dog. For 10 points - identify this painting of a scene on the balcony of the Maison Fournaise, depicted by Pierre Renoir.

Answer: Dejeuner des Canotiers

English: Luncheon of the Boating Party

23. At the age of nine, she is reputed to have mastered Latin in only twenty lessons. Refused admission to the university in Mexico City, in 1669 she entered a convent to devote her life to learning. In her Reply to Sister Philotea, she defended her desire for knowledge. Her poems “The First Dream” and “Foolish Men Who Accuse” brought her fame; Flood From the Muses’ Springs and two later volumes of her works were printed in Spain. For 10 points - name this poet, playwright and defender of women’s rights, called “Mexico’s Tenth Muse”.

Answer: Sor Juana Inés de la

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