2002 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Tournament University of Michigan/Duke University

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Hsia: SHAH

19. The latter part of it is also known as the Yin dynasty. Its kings are believed to have had several capitals in succession, with Anyang becoming the permanent capital around 1384 BC. Known for outstanding bronzework and jade carvings, it ruled the North China Plain from the 18th to the 11th Century BC. Preceded by the quasi-legendary Hsia, for 10 points - identify this first Chinese dynasty for which reliable archaeological evidence exists.

Answer: Shang
20. An alcoholic reporter, Peter Fallow, broke the story for the tabloid City Lights. The story was exploited by the Reverend Bacon by playing on the racial aspects of the case. It is unclear throughout what exactly the victim, Henry Lamb was doing on the night in question. Concerning the life of a New York stockbroker, the main plot is a legal drama concerning Sherman McCoy’s running over of Lamb one night in the Bronx. For 10 points - identify this novel, the first work of fiction by Tom Wolfe.

Answer: The Bonfire of the Vanities

Prompt on: Sherman or McCoy early
21. Alejandro de la Peña of Mexico will hold this organization’s rotating Executive Directorship in Headquartered in Singapore, it includes eleven working groups in areas such as Energy, Fisheries, Human Resources Development, and Trade Promotion. For 10 points - identify this organization whose most recently added members were Russia, Peru, and Vietnam, founded to advance economic dynamism and sense of community in its namesake region.

Answer: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum

Accept: APEC

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