2002 Conference, Mazatlan, Mexico 2nd Executive Board Meeting

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B. Conference Committee.

- Distribution of 2001 conference funds
The income for last year’s conference is included with the Treasurer's Report. The expenses which do not show up in the report are the deposit to Le Quartz and the speakers' fees. The Iamslic grants are listed and the number of registration waivers.

A fax sent from Joan Baron Varley to Pauline Simpson confirms that there would be profit sharing based on the number of Iamslic members attending and the number of Euraslic members attending with a pro-rata allocation where a participant attended for only a few days.

Sandra Abbott Stout has sent copies of all accounting for the Brest Conference to Joan Baron Varley. This includes the report from Le Quartz.

Joan is asking for a basic, bottom line accounting of all income and expenses. After calculations from the Le Quartz data, it appears as if the profit is around $4700.00 minus the proceedings.

Joan could look at the list of attendees and identify the Euraslic members.

Euraslic's payment for extra copies of the proceedings will be removed from the conference revenue and listed as cost recovery.

Sandra will send a package of information with as much detail as possible to Joan.

Motion: K. Heil (seconded by Gordon Miller) moved that the profits from the Brest conference be divided 50/50 with Euraslic after a correction is made for Euraslic’s payment for proceedings. Motion passed.

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