2002 Conference, Mazatlan, Mexico 2nd Executive Board Meeting

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2002 Conference, Mazatlan, Mexico

2nd Executive Board Meeting, October 8, 2002


The meeting was called to order at 5:09 pm.

Denis Abbott (President-Elect), Sandra Abbott-Stout (Treasurer), Beth Avery, Jane Barnwell, Susan Berteaux (President), Ruth Gustafson, Kathy Heil, Stephanie Haas, Marian Jiagge, Jim Markham, Gordon Miller, Linda Pikula, Pauline Simpson, Elizabeth Winiarz (Secretary)

I. Announcements & Additions.
The new IAMSLIC Archivist is Marissa Hudspeth mhudspeth@whoi.edu

Susan circulated the list of executive board members. Marissa Hudspeth was added.


Janet Webster to address whether we should have grants information on our website.

II. Business Meeting Items/Issues.

III. Reports & Discussion, continued

Pacific Regional Group Report
The South Pacific Group Report has been posted. Ganeshan's report is for PIMRIS, not for the Regional Group. Questions are: When did the South Pacific Group meet? Were all members in the area invited? Since the current president is from the region, could Ganeshan please include him in all correspondence and invitations? His report did not list the names of the Group members. Has a listserv been set up?

Action: As membership chair, Jane Barnwell will work with Ganeshan. Elizabeth Winiarz will send a letter acknowledging receipt of Ganeshan's report, with reservations. The Board would like to see a list of members of the group and the reason why Sunita Prasad is no longer chair. The Board requests that more effort be placed into reaching all members and potential members in the region. Denis Abbott will then contact Ganeshan and become an ad hoc member of the group.

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