2002 Annual Report To Parliament Crown Corporations and Other Corporate Interests of Canada

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Annual Report

To Parliament

Crown Corporations
and Other Corporate
Interests of Canada

If there is a discrepancy between any printed version and the electronic version of this document, the electronic version will prevail.”

The President’s message

It is with pleasure that I table the 2002 edition of the Annual Report to Parliament on Crown Corporations and Other Corporate Interests of Canada, in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Administration Act.

This report is the principal means by which the Government of Canada informs Parliament and the Canadian public about its corporate holdings. These range from directly held parent Crown corporations to organizations in which the government has only a partial shareholding or right to appoint a member to the board of directors.

During 2001-02, the Crown corporation sector, like the rest of the economy, was affected by a weakening global economy that was exacerbated by the terrorist attacks. In keeping with its commitment to build a stronger economy and provide improved security for Canadians, the government created the new Canadian Air Transport Security Authority, responsible for the provision of several key aviation security services in Canada. The Authority was established through the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Act, which received Royal Assent on March 27, 2002, as part of Bill C-49, the Budget Implementation Act, 2001.

On April 26, 2002, the government announced that the Blue Water Bridge Authority had become a federal Crown corporation. The Blue Water Bridge Authority owns and operates the Canadian half of the Blue Water Bridge, located between Sarnia, Ontario, and Port Huron, Michigan.

To achieve concrete results for Canadians and improve corporate governance in all Crown corporations, the Prime Minister released new Guidelines for Ministerial Dealings with Crown Corporations on June 11, 2002. The guidelines reinforce the managerial autonomy of Crown corporations and limit direct contact between all members of the Ministry and Crown corporations.

As throughout various periods in our history, Crown corporations continue to play an important role in public life, not only by delivering key goods and services, but through their important contributions to the economic, social and cultural fabric of Canada.

The paper version was signed by Lucienne Robillard,

President of the Treasury Board
December 2002


Introduction 7

Overview 9

Crown Corporations’ Corporate Holdings 30

Other Corporate Interests of Canada 37

List of Crown Corporations and Other Corporate Interests of Canada 80

Tabling of Reports in Parliament 102

Corporate Abstracts by Ministerial Portfolio 112

Agriculture and Agri Food 114

Canadian Dairy Commission 115

Farm Credit Canada 118

Canadian Heritage 120

Canada Council for the Arts 121

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 123

Canadian Film Development Corporation 125

Canadian Museum of Civilization 127

Canadian Museum of Nature 129

Canadian Race Relations Foundation 132

National Arts Centre Corporation 134

National Capital Commission 136

National Gallery of Canada 138

Finance 143

Bank of Canada 144

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation 146

Canada Development Investment Corporation 148

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 150

Fisheries and Oceans 153

Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation 154

Foreign Affairs 157

International Development Research Centre 158

Industry 161

Business Development Bank of Canada 162

Canadian Tourism Commission 164

Cape Breton Growth Fund Corporation 166

Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation 168

Standards Council of Canada 170

International Trade 173

Canadian Commercial Corporation 174

Export Development Canada 177

Natural Resources 180

Atomic Energy of Canada Limited 181

Cape Breton Development Corporation 183

Public Works and Government Services 186

Defence Construction (1951) Limited 187

Atlantic Pilotage Authority 191

Blue Water Bridge Authority 193

Canada Lands Company Limited 195

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 197

Canada Post Corporation 199

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority 201

Federal Bridge Corporation Limited, The 203

Great Lakes Pilotage Authority 205

Laurentian Pilotage Authority 207

Marine Atlantic Inc. 209

Old Port of Montreal Corporation Inc. 211

Pacific Pilotage Authority 213

Queens Quay West Land Corporation 215

Ridley Terminals Inc. 217

Royal Canadian Mint 219

VIA Rail Canada Inc. 221

Treasury Board 224

Public Sector Pension Investment Board 225

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