2001 Maryland Classic (Spring) Tossups by Maureen Smith

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2001 Maryland Classic (Spring)

Tossups by Maureen Smith

Round 5

1. This person is the author of Valperga, The Lat Man Alive, and Lodore. She was the daughter of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft, and married another prominent poet. Her most famous novel is subtitled A Modern Prometheus and describes the tragedy of a scientist looses his love Elizabeth Lovenza to his own creation. FTP, identify the wife of Percy Bysshe and writer of Frankenstein.

Answer: Mary Shelley
2. This amendment was proposed by a Senator from Colorado, after an incident involving the destruction of the Maine led the US to declare war on Spain. Unlike the Platt Amendment, which gave the US the authority to remain on the disputed territory after it gains independence, this amendment pledged that US troops would leave. FTP, name this 1898 amendment to the declaration of war against Spain in Cuba.

Answer: Teller amendment

3. The structures are composed of a head of protein and an inner core of nucleic acid with a hollow protein tail. It infects the host by attaching its tail to the cell wall and injecting DNA into the host, whose chemical energy it uses to replicate. Eventually the host cell is destroyed by dissolution, releasing this to infect other cells. FTP, identify these viruses which infect bacteria.

Answer: Bacteriophages

4. Legend has it that this man was weaned on moonshine liquor and died from drinking nitroglycerine. Among the feats he is said to have accomplished are: the digging of the Rio Grande, the invention of the six-shooter, teaching broncos how to buck, and even the invention of Western movies. He attempted to outrun the Widow Maker, the fastest mustang ever known, and never forgot the love of his life, Slue-footed Sue. FTP, name this mythological man who is said to have, “taught cowboys how to be cowboys.”

Answer: Pecos Bill

5. The states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island all sent full delegations, while Vermont and New Hampshire sent only partial. Some of the ideas proposed were inter-state defense machinery independent of the federal government, the prohibition of any embargo lasting more than 60 days, and a series of constitutional amendments. The only outcome, however, was to bring about the end of the Federalist Party. FTP, identify this gathering named for the sight in Connecticut where it was held.

Answer: Hartford Convention

6. The alchemist called this compound Aqua Fortis. The chief uses of it are in the manufacture of fertilizers, ammonium nitrate, and explosive. Small amounts can be made by the reaction of sodium nitrate and sulfuric acid, but is produced industrially in the Ostwald Process by the oxidation of Ammonia. FTP, identify this acid with the chemical formula of HNO3.

Answer: nitric acid

7. This word literally means “amusing verse”. Traditionally, it usually evokes a complete impression through the juxtapostion of a natural physical element such as sight or sound with a phrase to suggest the season or emotion. It developed from the nonstandard linked verse and the opening verse used in the 16th and 17th centuries. FTP, Identify this Japanese verse form which is seventeen syllables in a five-seven-five pattern.

Answer: Haiku

8. The twelfth longest river in the world, it is known to the Chinese as the Lantsang Kiang and it rises in Tibet as the Dza Chu (Qu). It forms a natural border for East Burma and West Laos, as well as Laos and Thailand. At the four arms point it joins with the Tonle Sap and it later divides into the river proper and the Bassac. FTP, Identify this river for which Pnom Penh is a major port.

Answer: Mekong River

9. Because this man had displaced man from the center of the universe, his theories were opposed from both the theological and scientific standpoints. His major work On the Revolution of the Heavenly Bodies was published while he lay on his deathbed, and in it he refuted Ptolemeic claims. FTP, name this Polish astronomer who first suggested the heliocentric view of the universe.

Answer: Nicholas Copernicus

10. This battle forced the Treaty of Troyes, which completely humiliated the French. The English took Harfleur and then marched toward by Calais with only 9,000 men as opposed to the 30,000 French soldiers. Like the earlier battles in the Hundred Years War, British archers destroyed French advances to win the battle. FTP, name this 1415 battle which was a major victory for Henry V.

Answer: Battle of Agincourt

11. These structures are present in the group Mastigophora. The core is made up of a bundle of nine pairs of microtubules surrounding two central pair of fibres, and the base it attached to the cell by the kinetosome. These structures also appear on the gametes of algae, fungi, mosses, and slime molds. FTP, name these cell structures which assist in cell locomotion.

Answer: Flagellum

12. During WWII this author wrote Transit to Narcissus, which was not published until 1978, two years before he won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. He had previously won the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction in 1969 for his work The Armies of the Night. FTP, identify this author who also penned The Executioner’s Song and The Naked and the Dead.

Answer: Norman Mailer

13. This man’s political views are aired in such books as The Washington Connection and Third World Fascism, but he is better known for his work in the field of linguistics. Among his works are Reflections on Language and Syntactic Structures, the latter of which changed his field forever. FTP, name this American lecturer and linguist who revolutionized linguistics with his ideas of a transformational-generative grammar.

Answer: Noam Chomsky

14. Mister Ford learns of the protagonist’s plan to seduce his wife from Nym and Pistol, and disguises himself as Mr. Brook in order to test his wife’s fidelity. A subplot deals with the romantic afairs of Mistress Page’s daughter Anne, who is courted by Slender, and how she eventually marries Fenton. It was written when Queen Elizabeth I decreed that she would like to see a play in which Falstaff falls in love. FTP, identify this Shakespeare play.

Answer: The Merry Wives of Windsor

15. The libretto to this opera is based on a work by Prosper Merimee, and its composer died shortly after it opened due to its failure. A worker in a cigarette factory is escorted from town by Don Jose, whom she sedues into her life with gamblers. Micaela, Don Jose’s girlfriend attempts to persuade him to return to his former life, but his descent is inevitable, and he kills the title character at a bull fight where her boyfriend Escamillo is competing. FTP, identify this opera by Georges Bizet.

Answer: Carmen

16. Born Karol Jozef Wojtyln, this man was the first non-Italian to hold his post in 450 years. Among his works are The Freedom of Renewal, The Future of the Church, and his Collected Poems, published in 1982. FTP, identify this pope who took his name from his short-lived predecessor, who became pope in 1978 and leads the Catholic Church today.

Answer: Pope John Paul II

17. “Weave a circle round him thrice, and close your eyes with holy dread! for he on honey-dew hath fed, and drunk the milk of Paradise.” These lines come from a poem describing a place where the river Alph, “ran through caverns measureless to man down to a sunless sea,” in a land named Xanadu. FTP, name this poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Answer: Kublai Kahn

18. Some of the special moves in this game include a Crazy Dash, which is performed by putting the vehicle in reverse then forward in quick succession, and the Crazy Drift, in which the vehicle slides either left or right in order to make quick turns. The drivers one can choose include Axel, Gena, Gus, and B.D. Joe, all of whom drive their passengers crazy with their antics. FTP, name this Sega Dreamcast game, whose purpose is to pick up fares and bring them to their destinations in the fastest time with the most tricks.

Answer: Crazy Taxi

19. In the famous 1905 paper on this effect, Einstein extended Planck’s quantum hypothesis by postulating that quantization was not property of the emission mechanism, but rather an intrinsic property of the electromagnetic field. FTP, name this effect which is phenomenon of electrons being emitted from a metal when struck by incident electromagnetic radiation

Answer: Photoelectric effect

20. She is one of the subjects of John Dryden’s All for Love as well as plays by George Bernard Shaw and Shakespeare. The last and most famous fuler of the Macedonian dynasty of the Ptolemies, she was to rule jointly with her brother Ptolemy XII by a decree of her father Ptolemy Auletes. She was heavily involved with two leaders of Rome and after the Battle of Actium she killed herself with a bite by an asp. FTP, name this queen of Egypt and lover of Julius Caesar and Marc Antony.

Answer: Cleopatra VII

21. At the age of six this woman made a secret vow of chastity to God. Her father married her to Valerian, and on their wedding night she told him of her vow and he later converted to Christianity, and was baptized by Pope Urban. Later, she was put to trial for her religion where she converted the 400 spectators. Despite this, she was still condemned to death where it took three strokes of the sword to behead her. FTP, identify this saint and patron saint of music.

Answer: Saint Cecila

2001 Maryland Classic (Spring)

Boni by Maureen Smith

Round 5

1. Identify the following glands of the Endocrine system, TPE.

10) This pea-sized organ is located in the brain and synthesizes melatonin in periods of darkness.

Answer: Pineal gland

10) This gland located at the base of the brain secretes growth hormones, voasopresin, and oxytosin. It is considered the “master gland” of the endocrine system.

Answer: Pituitary gland

10) These glands are located atop each kidney, and secretes steroids such as aldosterone and cortisol.

Answer: Adrenal gland

2. Identify the Tennessee Williams plays from Characters, TPE.

10) Brick, Big Daddy, Maggie

Answer: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

10) Stanley, Stella, Blanche Dubois

Answer: A Streetcar Named Desire

10) Laura Wingfield, Tom Wingfield

Answer: The Glass Menagerie
3. Identify these Roman rulers.

10) Born near Seville, this man made a name for himself in the Parthian and German campaigns. He was adopted by Nerva to be his successor, and his reign was one of the most successful in Roman history.

Answer: Trajan or Marcus Ulpius Trajanus

10) According to some sources, this emperor may have been born in Spain. He bacame emperor after Trajan, and toured his empire, where he erected a wall in England from the Solway to Tyne.

Answer: Hadrian or Publius Aelius Hadrianus

10) The youngest son of Germanicus Caesar and Agrippina, this emperor’s name means, “little boot”. After the death of Tiberius, he became emperor and his ruled was marred by his insanity.

Answer: Caligula or Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
4. Identify the patron saints of the following places on a 5-5-10-10 basis.

5) England

Answer: St. George

5) Ireland

Answer: St. Patrick

10) Venice

Answer: St. Mark

10) Germany

Answer: St. Boniface or St. Martin
5. Identify the authors of these British novels, five for one, ten for two, twenty for three and 30 for all four.

a. The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Answer: Charles Dickens

b. Tom Jones

Answer: Henry Fielding

c. Tristram Shandy

Answer: Laurence Sterne

d. Joseph Andrews

Answer: Henry Fielding
6. Given a field of study, give the proper name for it. For example, if I said, “the study of life” you would hopefully answer, “biology.” Five points each and a five point bonus for all correct.

5) The study of fish

Answer: ichthyology

5) The study of insects

Answer: Entomology

5) The study of tissue

Answer: Histology

5) The study of lakes

Answer: Limnology

5) The study of cells

Answer: Cytology
7. April 20 is another popular day for events to occur. FTP, identify the following.

10) In 1999, the deadliest school shooting in the United States occurred at this Colorado High School.

Answer: Columbine High School

10) In 1769, this Ottawa was murdered. He name is now given to both a rebellion that occurred shortly after the French and Indian War, and to a car manufacturer.

Answer: Pontiac

10) In 1841, this short story by Edgar Allan Poe was published. It is considered to be the first detective story.

Answer: Murder in the Rue Morgue
8. Given the nickname to a Haydn Symphony, give its number, TPE.

10) Clock

Answer: 101

10) Military

Answer: 100

10) Surprise

Answer: 94
9. 30-20-10, identify the philosopher.

30. His father was Sophroniscus and he was born about 10 years after the battle of Salamis. He served with Peloponnesian as an infantryman with conspicuous bravery at the battles of Potidaea, Delium, and Amphipolis.

20. He was caricatured in The Clouds by Aristophanes as the master of a “thinking-shop” where young men were taught to make the worse reason appear the better reason.

10. He was put on trial in 399BCE and was sentenced to die by drinking a cup of hemlock. His most famous pupil is Plato.

Answer: Socrates
10. For five points each, name the six wives of Henry VIII.

Answer: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Kathryn Howard, Katherine Parr

11. Identify the products of the following chemical equations, 15 points each.

15) Methane is combusted.

Answer: H2O and CO2 or water and carbon dioxide.

15) Zinc is placed in a solution of hydrochloric acid.

Answer: Zinc Cholide and hydrogen or ZnCl2 and H2
12. Identify these Russian Rivers, TPE.

10) This western river flows from the Valdai plateau to the Caspian Sea over a course of 2,291 miles.

Answer: Volga

10) This eastern river flows from the Baikal Mountains to the Arctic Ocean over a course of 2,652 miles.

Answer: Lena

10) This eastern river flows from the Altai Mountains to its namesake gulf over a course of 3,459 miles, making it the fifth largest river on the planet.

Answer: Ob
13. 30-20-10 identify the ethologist.

30) She has written many books including Reason for Hope and In the Shadow of Man

20) While working with Louis Leaky, she set up a reasearch camp in Gombe, Africa, which titles her 1986 book The Chimpanzees of Gombe.

10) This author of My Friends the Wild Chimpanzees was portrayed by Sigorney Weaver in the film Gorillas in the Mist.

Answer: Jane Goodall
14. Answer the following about an American myth.

10) This is the name given to the larger than life lumberjack which was probably derived from the French Canadian, “Bon Jean”.

Answer: Paul Bunyan

10) This blue ox is said to be Paul Bunyan’s companion.

Answer: Babe

10) Another of Paul Bunyan’s friends in folklore is this cook.

Answer: Sourdough Slim
15. Identify these leaders in the Mexican History, TPE.

10) This man helped to overthrow Santa Anna in 1855. He defeated France’s attempts to establish a Mexican Empire. He also served as president from 1857-65, and 1867-72.

Answer: Benito Juarez

10) In 1876 this man revolted after losing the presidential election, and gained power, ruling until 1910 when he was deposed in the revolution led by Madero.

Answer: Porfirio Diaz

10) This tenant farmer, whose name means, “shoe”, attempted to recover expropriated village lands and led an army to regain them. His attempts failed, and he was killed treacherously.

Answer: Emiliano Zapata
16. Identify the charges on the following ions.

10) Sulfate

Answer: minus 2

10) Phosphate

Answer: minus 3

10) Actate

Answer: minus 1
17. Identify the following works by James Michner, TPE.

10) This work won the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and was later turned into a musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Answer: Tales of the South Pacific

10) This work traces the history of a volcanic island from its formation from pterodactyl feces into becoming a US state.

Answer: Hawaii

10) Like Hawaii, this work traces the history of the second largest state in the United States.

Answer: Texas
18. September 19 was a fabulous day in the entertainment world. Answer the following.

10) This former player on Saturday Night Live is best known for her characters such as Ariana, the girl who wants to be a cheerleader on the Spartans, and her Barbara Walters impression. Her birthday is September 19.

Answer: Cheri Oteri

10) This current star on Saturday Night Live shares his birthday with Cheri Oteri. He is best known for such characters as Nick Burns the computer guy. He currently performs the news with Tina Fey.

Answer: Jimmy Fallon

10) In the more serious side to drama, this actor also born on September 19 was most recently seen in Dungeons and Dragons and played Humbert Humbert in the most recent adaptation of Lolita.

Answer: Jeremy Irons
19. 30-20-10 Identify the couple.

30) Morton Sobell, a codefendant in the trial, was sentenced to only 30 years in prison by Judge Jackson.

20) In the trial, evidence showed that they had approached David Greenglass and Harry Gold for information regarding top secret nuclear data.

10) This couple was executed for treason in June 15, 1953, and became the examples of the rampant anti-communism affecting the nation.

Answer: Ethel and Julius Rosenberg
20. Identify these laws of quantum physics, 15 points each.

15) This law states that it is impossible to specify at the same time the position and momentum of a particle, such as an electron.

Answer: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

15) This law states that two particles of a certain class that are essentially the same cannot be in the exact same state.

Answer: Pauli Exclusion Principle

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