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10 July 2009 20. Francis Beaty (L-20)

20. Francis Beaty1,2,3,4 b. abt 1710-17155

d. 1774 in Mecklenburg Co., NC6

sp. Martha Mitchell7 b. abt 17118

d. Bet 25 Sep 1767 & 29 June 1773, prob. Mecklenburg Co., NC9

m. abt 1739 prob. in Augusta Co., VA10

1.Thomas b. abt 1740, Augusta Co., VA11

d. 30 Apr 1828 in Iredell Co., NC12,13,14,15

sp. Agnes Houston16 b. abt 174517

d. 16 Oct 180618, Iredell Co., NC19

m. 30 Dec 176120

2. James21,22 b. abt 174223, Augusta Co., VA

d. 1826, Lincoln Co., NC24,25

sp. Mary Hunter26,27 b. 1753

d. 25 Oct 1812, Lincoln Co., NC28,29

m. abt 176930
3. Agnes b. 1743, Prob. Augusta Co., VA

d. 5 Apr 181031

sp. Robert Armstrong b.


m. 17 Dec 176232, NC
4. Hugh b. Abt 1744, Prob. Augusta Co., VA

d. 1802, Oglethorpe Co., GA33

sp. Margaret Houston34 b. Abt 174935

d. Aft 1814, GA36

m. 1 Nov 176837, NC
5. John b. Abt 1746, Prob. Augusta Co., VA38

d. 12 Jan 183439, Mecklenburg Co., NC

sp. Mary Wilson40 b. 1755, Mecklenburg Co., NC41

d. Jan 1843, Mecklenburg Co., NC42

6. Francis b. Abt 1748, Prob Augusta Co., VA

d. 1830, Lincoln Co., NC43

sp. Mary Gabriel44 b. 176545


m. 17 Dec 1788, Lincoln Co., NC 46

7. Robert b. Abt 1750, Augusta Co., VA

d. 4 Apr 1781, Mecklenburg Co., NC47

8. Wallace b. Abt 1752, Augusta Co., VA

d. 182148

sp. Elizabeth49
9. Elizabeth b. 1745, 1748, or 1756


sp. Robert Gray b.

d. 179950


1.This lineage has been well known to Beaty researchers for decades. Francis Beaty was a surveyor and land owner in early Virginia and North Carolina. His name appears on numerous land records as a surveyor, grantee, grantor, or witness. Unfortunately, early Beaty researchers have gotten this lineage confused with a number of other, apparently unrelated, Beaty lineages which occurred in Virginia and North Carolina about the same time. Such confusion caused uncertainty regarding the authentic L-20 lineage. This collection of family groups is a result of a careful review of relevant research and represents current thinking regarding the composition of L-20.
It appears that the earliest records of Francis Beaty are found in Lancaster County, PA. On 4 Feb 1737, a Francis Beaty was granted two tracts of land, one of 200 acres and one of 300 acres, in Lancaster Co., PA. On the same day, a James Beaty was also granted two tracts of land (198 and 400 acres) in Lancaster Co., PA. The 198-acre tract was further described as on the waters of Yellow Breeches Creek in Pennsborough Township. Based on DNA testing of descendants of Francis and James, it appears that they were either brothers, or at least close cousins. This James Beaty is the earliest ancestor of L-98. An excellent paper by Tim L. Daugherty in 2000 entitled AJames Beatty of Lancaster and Cumberland Counties, PA, Part One@ details the association of James Beatty and Francis Beaty.
Another family relationship which has been suggested by Beaty researchers concerns L-20 Francis and L-56 John Beaty. Both settled in North Carolina about the same time and in the same area. It was thought that they might be brothers. However, recent DNA testing of descendants of Francis and John suggest that they are were not related.
A number of Beaty researchers have confused this Francis Beaty with another Francis Beaty who lived and died in Washington County, VA. This latter Francis had a brother, John, who lived and died in the same area. This two-brother Beaty lineage is L-4. Early Beaty researchers concluded that they were related to L-20 Francis. However, recent DNA testing has indicated that they were a separate, unrelated Beaty lineage not connected in recent history to L-20.

2.Apparently Francis moved from Lancaster Co., PA to what became Augusta Co., VA between July 1737 and February 1738 because of the following two events.
Augusta Co. Court, May 1748 - William Caldwell vs. Francis Beatey. Debt on note dated July 1737. Affidavit by John Allison, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dated 14th April, 1742. Thus, Francis was apparently in Lancaster Co., PA in July 1737. (Chalkley-1, pg. 298)
Two deeds were registered to Francis Beatty in Orange Co., VA in February 1738. One was for 388 acres and one for 398 acres. [Source Unknown] Augusta County was formed from Orange County in 1738.
It looks as if Elinor Mitchell (Martha=s mother) and some of her children also made this move about the same time.

3.It appears, based on the following information, that Francis and family moved to North Carolina in 1755. In June 1755, he sold the ABeatey=s Well Place@ in Augusta Co., VA to John Tate. [Chalkley-3, p.338] Then, he was listed as a Arunaway@ in the Augusta Co., VA List of Delinquents in the Tax Levies for 1755. [Chalkley-2, p.417] In April 1756, he apparently received a commission from Arthur Dobbs, Governor of North Carolina, appointing Francis to the position of Public Registrar for the County of Rowan.

4.In his will, Francis names the following children in this order: son Thomas, son James, son Hugh, son John, son Francis, son Robert, son Wallace, son-in-law Robert Gray, and son-in-law Robert Armstrong and Agness, his wife (Armstrong=s wife). In his codicil to his will, Francis refers to his Afour youngest sons, John, Francis, Robert, and Wallace.@ Further on, he refers to his Athree youngest to wit, Francis, Robert, & Wallace.@ Thus, it appears that the order of his sons in his will represents their birth order. However, the birth order of his daughters is not clear from his will. The husbands of both are listed last.

5.These birth years are speculative. No evidence has been found regarding the date or place of Francis= birth. Some researchers have placed his birthdate and place as Aabt 1711 in Ballykeel-Edgonnell, County Down, Ireland.@ However, no evidence has been found supporting the opinion that Francis was born in Ireland.
Another researcher places Francis= birth year and place as Aabt 1697 in Scotland.@ Again, no evidence has been found supporting this opinion.
Francis was apparently associated with Thomas Mitchell. It is believed that Francis married Martha Mitchall, a daughter of Thomas and Elenor Mitchell. According to several Mitchell researchers, Thomas Mitchell and brother John immigrated from Northern Ireland to America in 1682. They moved into Donegal Township, Chester Co., PA (now Lancaster Co., PA) in 1720. Chester Co. was created in 1682. Lancaster Co. was created from part of Chester Co. in 1728. It is unknown where the Mitchells were from 1682 to 1720.
Regarding the immigration of the Mitchell=s to America, no record has been found of a 1682 trip. However, there is a record of the immigration of Thomas, John, and Robert Mitchell to Pennsylvania in 1685. (Coldham, pp. 524 & 525)

6.There appears to be some confusion regarding when Francis= will was written and probated. Holcomb-5 reports a date of 29 June 1773 for the will. Presumably, this date is meant to be the date that the will was written. However, in a codicil of his will, Francis refers to his will as made on 23 June 1773. The codicil was signed on 9 Sep 1773. The top part of the will is difficult to read. It is possible that Holcomb mis-read the date. The codicil is quite clear. The dates it contains for the will and codicil are accepted.
The will was witnessed by John Sloan, Francis Armstrong, James Cunningham, and James Tate. It named his children and some grandchildren. It was recorded in Mecklenburg Co., NC Will Book G, pp. 81‑86. [Holcomb‑5, p. 7]
Some Beaty researchers have recorded that his will was probated in 1774. However, no record of this probation has been found. L-20A has a date for the probation of Francis= will of 9 Sep 1773. This is unlikely since Francis signed his codicil to his will on that date.
On 20 July 1773, Francis Beaty of Mecklenburg Co., NC to John Armstrong of Tryon Co., for ,50 proc. money . . . 300 acres in two surveys lying in the forks of Catawba River adjacent Wm. Cronely (?) corner, John Armstrong, Chronicle . . . Francis Beaty (Seal), Wit: Wallace Beaty, Francis Beaty Junr., W. Tate. Rec. Jan. term 1775. [Holcomb-2, p.147; Holcomb-3 p.69]
On 5 Oct 1774, Thomas Beaty & Hugh Beaty of Rowan Co., Robt. Armstrong of Tryon Co., & all of Prov. Of N.C. & Executors of Estate of Francis Beaty late of Mecklenburg, Decd., as appears by the L. W. & T. of said Beaty dated 23 June 1773 . . . to John Bradley of Tryon Co., for ,50 proc. money . . . land in Tryon Co. [Holcomb‑3 pp.65‑66]
Based on the above events, it appears that Francis died in the months immediately preceding October 1774. Again, we have not found a probate record of his will nor court records appointing Thomas and Hugh Beaty and Robert Armstrong as executors of Francis= estate. But, presumably, they would have begun disposing of his property within a few months of his death.

7.In a map of the Beverley Patent in Augusta Co., VA, Martha Mitchell is shown as purchasing 279 acres in 1739. By contrast, the earliest purchase by Francis Beaty in Beverley Manor was in 1741. Among the Beattys, Mitchells, Doaks, Tates, Andersons, Armstrongs, and Catheys, the only purchase earlier than Martha's was William Cathey in 1738. John Anderson also made a purchase in 1739.
Originally, I thought this Martha Mitchell was the person Francis married. However, I recently became aware of two records in Augusta County, VA indicating that this Martha Mitchell was actually a widow and probably not the Martha that Francis married.
One record was the will of Martha Mitchell dated 1 Feb 1758 in which she names two sons, James and David Mitchell.[Chalkley-3, p.53]
The other record was in Processioning Minutes in the Augusta Parish Vestry Book. Page 17 of this book contains the citation AJames Fulton and John Mitchell make returns, viz: 1748, 26th March, . . . . . processioned for Martha Mitchell (widow), present John Buchanan; . . . . .@ In the Beverley Patent map, John Buchanan is a neighboring landowner of the Martha Mitchell tract mentioned above.[Chalkley-2, p.434]

8.This year is speculative. No evidence has been found to indicate when or where Martha was born.
One researcher places her place of birth as Donegal Township, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. This assumption is problematic for two reasons. One, the Mitchell researchers indicate that Martha=s parents did not reach this area of Pennsylvania until 1720. Hence, if she were born about 1711, she would have been born elsewhere. Two, Lancaster County was not formed until 1728.


.Since Martha is not mentioned in Francis' will, it's probably safe to assume that she was dead by the signing of the will (29 Jun 1773). Martha was named in land sales by Francis up through Sept. 1767 (the last one being 25 Sep 1767). After that, she is not mentioned in land sales. Thus, lacking other evidence, it seems reasonable to conclude that she died "bet 25 Sep 1767 and 29 June 1773".

10.This year is speculative. If the birth information of their first born is correct (30 Dec 1740 in Augusta Co., Virginia), a marriage date of 1739, or earlier, would be logical. The source of the precise birth date of their first born cannot be determined.

11.This year and place are speculative. It is based on the assumption that Francis and Martha were married in Augusta Co., VA abt 1739. Thomas and Agnes Houston were married in 1761. It is reasonable to assume that Thomas was at least 21 years old when he married. Furthermore, the death date information in the following end note states that Thomas died in 1828 at age 88. Subtracting 88 from 1828 yields an approximate birth year of 1740.

12.Date of death comes from the Thomas Beaty Family Bible which at one time was in the possession of Mrs. Berta S. Dore, 805 N. Main St., Mooresville, NC. The death date follows a notation AAdded by EWL@ but contains no reference to the identity of EWL. The death information states AThomas Beaty died Apr. 30 1828, aged 88 yrs.@

13.The will of Thomas Beatey written on 29 Dec 1825 names the following children: son David, son Francis, son Thomas, son Ephraim, daughter Elleanor (widow of Sam Gingles, dec=d), daughter Mary, daughter Elizabeth (wife of John Graham), daughter Ruth, daughter Nancy, and granddaughter Nancy Alexander. Later in the will, he directs that remaining assets be divided into ten equal parts with two shares going to son David and the remaining eight equal shares to his eight children, Nancy, Elleanor, Mary, Francis, Thomas, Ruth, Elizabeth, Nancy and Ephriam (Nancy is named twice; probably an oversight.)

14.Lineage 227 has: b. bef 1760 d. abt 1825‑SC‑Iredell Co.

15.Buried in Coddle Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mooresville, NC.

16.The Thomas Beaty Family Bible mentioned above apparently names Agnes Houston as Thomas= wife. The will of Mary Houston, made July 17, 1781, and proved in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1783, apparently names daughters Mary Clark, Jean Watson, Agness Beatty, Hannah Douglas, and Margaret Beatty. It seems reasonable to conclude that Agnes Houston was the wife of Thomas Beaty. There was apparently an association of the Francis Beaty family and the Houston family. In 1753, Francis witnessed a land sale by Samuel Houston in Augusta Co., VA. [Chalkley-3 p.313] In 1762 and 1764, Francis received land grants adjoining Thomas Houston. [Hofmann-1, p.425 & p.500] In 1764, Francis and Aaron Houston witnessed a land sale to Hugh Houston in Mecklenburg Co., NC. [Holcomb-1 p.23]

17.The Coddle Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery grave stone for Agnes Beaty mentioned below states that she was 61 years of age when she died on 16 October 1806. Thus, her calculated birth year would be about 1745.

18.Date shown on Coddle Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery grave stone in a photograph obtained from Guy Beaty and in files of Leslie F. Beaty.

19.Buried in Coddle Creek Cemetery, Mooresville, NC. Since she was buried in an Iredell County cemetery, it may be reasonable to assume that she died in Iredell County.

20.This is the marriage date given in the Thomas Beaty Family Bible mentioned above. This is the only source for this date found to date.

21.Except as noted, this information comes from Caroline=s GEDCOM.

22.L-20A has this James Beaty confused with another James Beaty who died in 1790 in Iredell Co., NC. That James Beaty left a will and named a spouse (Elizabeth) and children who L-20A lists as part of L-20.

23.Regarding birthdates stated as AAbt@, lacking documentation of these births, and assuming that children were born at about 2 year intervals, and assuming the children were born in the order listed, it seems reasonable to conclude the birthdates as shown.


.This deathdate and location comes from Caroline Ford=s GEDCOM.

25.L20A has his death date and place as Sep 1790 in Iredell Co., NC. The source of this is unknown. In addition, it appears that this death date applies to the other James Beaty mentioned above and incorrectly thought to be part of L20.

26.Caroline=s GEDCOM has James= wife as Mary Hunter, dau of John Hunter & Mary.

27.In his will dated 3 May 1790, John Hunter, Sr. of Mecklenburg Co., NC, mentioned Ason-in-law James Beaty.@ This will was recorded in Mecklenburg Co., NC, Will Book D, pp. 53-54. Source: Holcomb-5.
In his will dated 15 May 1798, John Hunter, Jr. of Mecklenburg Co., NC, mentioned Amy sister Mary Beaty wf of James Beaty.@ This will was recorded in Mecklenburg County, NC, Will Book C, 276, p 145. It was probated in April 1800 Court. Source: Ferguson-2.
In her will dated 20 Nov 1804, Mary Hunter of Mecklenburg Co., NC, mentioned Amy dau Mary Beaty.@ This will was recorded in Mecklenburg County, NC, Will Book D, 325, p 72. It was probated in January 1811 Court. Source: Ferguson-2.
From the above three wills, it is clear that Mary Hunter was the wife of James Beaty.

28.Death date and county comes from Caroline=s GEDCOM.

29.Buried in Goshen Cemetery, Gaston Co., NC.

30.This marriage date is based on the birth of their presumed first born child, Francis, in 1770.

31.The record of the Steele Creek Presbyterian Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co., NC, [BP2000 Archives] shows Agnes Beaty Armstrong, Born: 1743 (est), Died: April 5, 1810. A note in this record states: AWife of Robert Armstrong. Age 67 years.@

32.The source of this marriage date is unknown.

33.Hugh=s son, Francis, was named as administrator of Hugh=s estate in a Letter of Administration in Oglethorpe Co., GA, on 2 Mar 1802. His estate was appraised on 15 Mar 1802. It seems reasonable to assume that he died in January or February 1802. Since Hugh paid taxes in Oglethorpe Co., GA, in 1801 and his estate inventory was recorded in Oglethorpe Co., GA, it seems reasonable to conclude that he died in Oglethorpe Co., GA.

34.There is some reason to believe that Margaret's maiden name was Houston. The will of Mary Houston, made July 17, 1781, and proved in Rowan County, North Carolina in 1783, names daughters Mary Clark, Jean Watson, Agness Beatty, Hannah Douglas, and Margaret Beatty. Agness Houston was presumed to be the wife of Thomas Beaty. Therefore, it seems reasonable to believe that Margaret Houston was the wife of Hugh Beaty, Thomas' brother. This belief is strengthened by the fact that Hugh and Margaret Beaty named their last child Thomas Houston Beaty. He was the only child for whom a middle name is listed in the Family Bible.

35.Margaret's date of birth is projected from her marriage date of 1768. Girls seemed to marry about the age of 19. So, subtracting 19 from 1768 yields a projected birth year of 1749.

36.In 1814, she signed a document which sold her interest in 100 acres in Oglethorpe County to her son Francis. This was land owned by Hugh Beaty. It is not known when or where she died. But, it seems reasonable to assume that she died after 1814 somewhere in Georgia.

37.A date of marriage is shown in a photocopy of Hugh Beaty, Sr. Family Bible. The last digit of the year is almost obliterated and is interpreted to be '8'. The remainder of the date, '1 Nov 176_' is clear. [Family Bible, Hugh Beaty, Sr., Vertical Family Files, Georgia State Library and Archives, Atlanta, GA.]

38.According to Michael Lee Bowen's Family Tree Maker Online, John Beaty was born about 1747 in Mecklenburg Co., NC. [Source:

http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/b/o/w/Michael‑L‑Bowen/GENE1‑0011.html] While this approximate year of birth is probably accurate, this state and county of birth are clearly not accurate. As pointed out above, Francis and his family did not arrive in North Carolina until about 1755.

39.The record of the Steele Creek Presbyterian Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co., NC, [BP2000 Archives] shows John Beatey Born: 1747 (Est.) Died: Jan. 12, 1834. A note in this record states: AHusband of Mary, Lineage 203.@

40.Michael Bowen gives her name as Mary Wilson. Where did the identity of Mary as John=s wife come from? Did John leave a will? L20A cites a will for Mary dated 6 Apr 1836, in Mecklenburg Co., N.C. Caroline=s lineage shows two wives, both named Mary. The source of the second wife is unknown.

41.Source: Michael Bowen.

42.Mary Beaty=s will which was recorded in Mecklenburg Co., NC Will Book H, p. 116, was written/signed on 6 Apr 1836 and probated in January 1843. It is reasonable to assume that the will was probated shortly after her death; hence January 1843 is listed as her death date.

43.A will of Francis Beaty of Lincoln Co., NC, was signed 15 Feb 1827 and probated in Lincoln Co., NC, July 1830 (Lincoln Co., NC Will Book 1, p. 194). It seems reasonable to assume that Francis died in 1830.

44.Wife=s first name comes from Francis Beaty Will, 15 Feb 1827, Lincoln Co., NC.

45.Source: Ford List.

46.Lincoln County Marriage Bond: Francis Beatey and Mary Gabriel, 17 Dec 1788, Surety‑ Joseph Henry, Witness‑ Eliza Dickson [Bynum‑1, p.16]

47.A will of Robert Beaty A. . . of the County of Mecklenburg . . .@, dated 4 Apr 1781, mentions eldest brother Thomas Beaty; brothers James, Hugh, Francis, Wallace, John; and brothers-in-law Robert Gray and Robert Armstrong. Will was recorded in Mecklenburg Co., NC (Will Book A, pp. 110-111) . [Holcomb-5, p. 7] The will does not mention a wife or any children of his own.

48.Year of death comes from L-20A.

49.On 20 Oct 1779, Wallace and wife Elizabeth Beaty of Tryon Co., NC sold to Richard Robison, 305 acres on Bear Dam Creek of the Catawba River in Mecklenburg Co., NC. This tract was willed to Wallace by Francis Beaty in his will of 1773. [Ferguson‑1, p.23] Thus, it is clear that Wallace=s wife=s name in 1779 was Elizabeth.

50.Year of death comes from Ford List.

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Ford List - An undated descendancy list printout produced by a genealogical software program. There is some indication that this list was prepared by the mother of Caroline Ford.

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