2. Minutes from previous awg meeting

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3. Actions since AWG Lanham

The action items of the previous meeting in Lanham were reviewed. About half has been fulfilled; the remainder will appear on the action item list coming out of this Nice meeting.

4. Announcements
4.1. ILRS related presentations

Two presentations that relate to the general activities and/or science results of the ILRS are mentioned here. The first one is a publication in Eos (Vol. 84, No. 6, February 11, 2003, p.51), entitled “Laser ranging workshop draws international research community”, by Noomen and Klosko. It is a summary of the International Workshop on Laser Ranging that was held in Washington DC in October 2002. The other one is a presentation “ILRS contribution to current and future IERS products” given by Gurtner (co-authors Appleby, Noomen and Shelus) during the IERS Retreat in Paris, on March 31 and April 1 2003.

In addition, Exertier reported on a paper written by Barlier and Lefebvre, entitled “A new look at planet Earth: satellite geodesy and geosciences” (in: “The Century of Space Science”, p. 1623-1651, Kluwer, 2001).

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