2. Minutes from previous awg meeting

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Appendix 2: Attendance
Graham Appleby graham.appleby@nerc.ac.uk

Philippe Berio philippe.berio@obs-azur.fr

David Coulot david.coulot@obs-azur.fr

Roberto Devoti devoti@asi.it

Richard Eanes eanes@csr.utexas.edu

Pierre Exertier (Thursday) pierre.exertier@obs-azur.fr

Van Husson van.husson@honeywell-tsi.com

Rainer Kelm kelm@dgfi.badw.de

Rolf Koenig (Friday) koenig@gfz-potsdam.de

Cinzia Luceri cinzia.luceri@asi.it

John Manning johnmanning@auslig.gov.au

Horst Müller horst.mueller@dgfi.badw.de

Ron Noomen ron.noomen@deos.tudelft.nl

Konstantin Nurutdinov (Friday) konstantin.nurutdinov@ncl.ac.uk

Erricos C. Pavlis epavlis@jcet.umbc.edu

Mike Pearlman mpearlman@cfa.harvard.edu

Stefan Riepl stefan.riepl@bkg.bund.de

Markus Rothacher (Friday afternoon) markus.rothacher@bv.tum.de

Peter J. Shelus pjs@astro.as.utexas.edu

Nadia Shuygina nvf@quasar.ipa.nw.ru

Mark Torrence mtorrenc@magus.stx.com
Appendix 3

Overview of satellite/receiver/wavelength specific center-off-mass offsets

G. Appleby

Appendix 4: IERS Retreat summary (Noomen)

          • Represent space geodesy and individual space geodetic techniques
          • Combine best elements of individual techniques
          • Continue, expand an d improve current products
          • Possible “new” fields/products: geocenter (explicitly), planetary “geodesy”, relativistic products, orbits


  • Absolute station coordinates, velocities

  • Geocenter, scale

  • Earth Orientation Parameters

  • Validation and calibration GPS/GLONASS spacecraft parameters (phase centers)

  • Validation and calibration gravity field solutions

  • Validation of parameters/models (troposphere, relativity, tides, …)


  • Analysis standards

  • Station (inter-technique) site ties (incl. validation)

  • Rapid provision of coordinates of new stations

  • Political support

IERS Retreat: IERS Combination Pilot Project
(evolves from IERS SINEX combination campaign)
rigorous combination of networks + EOPs + quasars:

- IERS technique centers (combination product, or 1 individual solution)

- combination solutions at measurement level

  • 4-6 weeks delay

  • timeline:

- May 1, 2003: installation of Combination WG

- end of June: release of CFP

- Sep 15: deadline for proposals

- beginning Oct: evaluation of proposals

- Jan 1, 2004: start of pilot project

  • eventually, combination product will replace (that of) IERS PCs

  • eventually reprocess old SLR, VLBI, GPS, … data

  • time-series of weekly solutions, evolve into multi-year solution

IERS Retreat: discussion group on “techniques”
Bruyninx, Noomen, Nothnagel, Weber
Analysis topics:

  • ocean tidal loading: IERS to recommend conventional model (users: or better) => action item “SBL” and “Conventions”

  • atmospheric pressure loading:

- values at station and/or grid (interpolation), 6h resolution, max 7 days latency => action item “SBL”

- regression coefficients

- IERS to define reference pressure

  • update conventions (per chapter) when necessary and timely


  • geocenter: definition and requirements => action item Noomen: initiation and testbed various techniques


  • GPS at all sites => action item Services
  • GPS Core stations => action item IGS

  • barometer readings and dissemination => action item IGS

IERS Retreat: miscellaneous (1)

Gambis: format change C04 / Bulletin B

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