2. Minutes from previous awg meeting

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9.2. Station qualification

Pearlman addressed this issue (Appendix 22). For a number of years, the ILRS has tried to initiate a station qualification system with 3 options: Core, Operational or Associate Station. For several reasons, this has not come true. Pearlman proposes a new qualification system, with two options only: Operational or Associate Station. Details of the proposal: (i) all currently active stations will become Operational Station, (ii) new stations will initially become Associate Station, (iii) depending on the satisfaction of various criteria (site log, number of passes, format and integrity, evaluation by AWG), a new station can be “upgraded” to Operational status, (iv) an Operational Station may be downgraded to Associate status if it does not satisfy Operational requirements anymore, (v) the tracking network will be evaluated on a quarterly basis, with provisions for long (up to 9 months at most) downtimes. The proposal was agreed upon by the ILRS AWG, with the exception that the AWG did not honor the necessity for minimum tracking criteria on Stella and/or Starlette.

In addition to this qualification, the AWG decided that for internal analyses purposes it will continue the previous system of 3 possibilities, the results of which will be made available on the ILRS AWG web pages. The AWG will use the so-called Shanghai criteria for this purpose, although exceptional circumstances (like geographic distribution) might be used to modify the outcome. Action item Husson: develop automatic system for assessing AWG Core Stations.

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