2. Minutes from previous awg meeting

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Minutes ILRS/AWG Workshop #8
April 3-4, 2003, Nice, France

1. Opening

Welcome by Noomen. Thanks to SAO/ILRS/Pearlman for arranging location for meeting and services. Approval of agenda (Appendix 1). Brief introduction of participants; their names and e-mail addresses are listed in Appendix 2.

2. Minutes from previous AWG meeting

Not discussed explicitly. Most of the issues of the meeting in Lanham 2002 will pass the floor again in the current workshop in Nice.

Appleby briefly reported on the station/satellite specific center-of-mass corrections, previously presented at the International Workshop on Laser Ranging in October 2002 (Appendix 3). The results will be made more unambiguous for analysts, at least for the cannonball satellites initially, and then be made available on the ILRS web pages (action item Appleby/Otsubo/Torrence).

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