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An adult Albertosaurus weighed about 1 metric ton, they were approximately 9 meters (m) long and 3 meters (m) high. They could run about 21 kilometers per hour (Km/h) and they lived in the Cretaceous Period.


An adult Allosaurus weighed on average* 2.3 metric tons. It had an average length of 9 meters (m) and a height of 2 meters (m). The Allosaurus is estimated to have been able to run 40 kilometers per hour (km/h). It lived in the Jurassic Period.

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n adult Ankylosaurus weighed about 6 metric tons. It was about 8-9 meters (m) long and about 2 meters (m) high. The Ankylosaurus could move at about 8 kilometers per hour (km/h) and lived in the Cretaceous Period.


An adult Apatosaurus weighed on average 16 tons. Its length was about 23 meters (m), and its height 4-5 meters (m). This dinosaur could move at 24 kilometers per hour (km/h) and it lived in the Jurassic Period.

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