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Simple Footnote Format

Based on MLA Handbook, 6th ed., 2003


Simple Footnote Format

Throughout the body of the paper, enclose any direct quote within quotation marks. List the author’s last name (if no author is listed, use the title of the work) and page number for the quotation in parenthesis at the end of the quote.

Example: “Robert’s use of satire was considered unconventional for his writing style.” (Allen, p. 95) or (Allen 95)


Works Cited Page Format

The works cited page should appear at the end of a research paper. It is your bibliography. Center the title Works Cited at the top of the page and double space between the title and all entries. Begin each entry at the left margin. Entries should appear in alphabetical order based on the first word of each entry. If an entry has no author, begin the entry with the title. If an item of information is unavailable skip that item and continue the entry in the specified format.



Author(s). Book Title. Place of publication: Publisher, year of publication.

Example: Allen, Robert and James Brandon. World History. New York: Dodd, 1999. *Note, with two or more authors, the additional author’s names are listed first name then last name. For a book editor, include a coma and the abbreviation ed. for editor after the individual’s name.


Anthology or Reference book

Author. “Article Title.” Book author or editor. Anthology or Reference Book Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, year of publication.

Example: Creasy, James. “George Washington.” Bloom, Harold, ed. Encyclopedia Americana. New York: Groliers, 2001.


Magazine/ Newspaper article—Author. “Article Title.” Title of Publication. Day Month Year: page number(s).

Example: Williams, James. “New York Tips.” Newsweek. 9 July 2002:33

*Note: for newspapers, section and page number should be included (ex: C3).



WEB SITE, not part of a database

Author. Name of Page. Date of publication. Name of institution/organization affiliated with site. Date of access .

Example: Cook, James. Webdoctor. 2004. American Medical Society. 3 September 2004 <http://webdoctor.com>.



Author. “Article title”. Original Source of Article. Date of Original Source: page numbers. Name of the Database. Library where database was accessed. Date of access .

SIRS Database

Michaels, Jason. “Julius Caesar and Shakespeare.” Atlantic Monthly. July 2001: 134-138. SIRS Renaissance. Matoaca High School Library. 4 April 2003 <http://sks.sirs.com>.


“Blue whales”. Encyclopedia Americana. Grolier Online. Matoaca High School Library. 18 January 2002. <http://go.grolier.com>.

Gale Group Periodical Article

James, Robert. “Walking on water”. Los Angeles Times. 3 Oct. 03: A1. Student Resource Silver. Gale Group. Matoaca High School Library. 21 February 03. .


Gale Group Reference

Grandison, Sandra. “Mark Twain and Realism”. Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 62: American Dramatists, 1986, pp. 837-912. Gale Group. Matoaca High School Library. 10 June 04. <http://galenet.galegroup.com>.


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