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  1. Analyze student assessment(s) and discuss the accomplishments of your students and the growth in learning that was achieved.

All of the students in the class, except for one, completed the foldable. The majority of students turned in a foldable consisted of multiple facts for each of the 7 Wonders of the World. During our opening, the students participated in a review discussion of the 3 Wonders we covered on Tuesday. I was happy that quite a few of the students voluntarily displayed their retention of the content covered in that lesson. At the end of the lesson, the students completed a Student Self-Assessment. The results showed that overall the class felt like they had contributed to the class discussions and done a good job completing the foldable. I would have to agree with the student assessments because I feel that the students have done incredibly well on the lesson.

  1. What worked well in your lesson? Why?

Like I mentioned previously, the foldable worked very well. The students enjoyed the freedom of being able to decide which information garnered remembering or was considered interesting. One of the students even added doodles to each section of their foldable. Displaying the illustrations and photographs of each of the Wonders was a decision I made after teaching the first lesson. It was an excellent idea and promoted discussion.

  1. What did not work well in your lesson? Why?

I am happy to report that my lesson worked out excellently today. The discussions in class picked up today and flowed easily. The students were more comfortable with me the second time around and really enjoyed the addition of the pictures to the lesson.

  1. What changes in the delivery of your planned lesson did you have to make while you were teaching due to student needs, understanding or behavior? How did these changes impact student learning?

Unfortunately, Mrs. Brewer, my CT, was sick when I came in this morning. She finally decided to leave during the time that I was teaching. Therefore, the class and I moved into another classroom for the last 20 minutes of the class. This change did not really impact the students learning. The class was easy to get settled into the other classroom and we started off where we had left off.

  1. Describe how you gave instructional feedback to the students.

I praised the students for the work they had completed on their foldables after our lesson on Tuesday. I offered positive comments during discussion and verbally acknowledged correct replies or answers. I also thanked them after the class for being well-behaved and cooperative.


  1. What changes would you make before you taught this lesson again?

I think the lesson worked out perfectly. However, if I decided to teach the same lesson in my own classroom or in a longer time span I would cover fewer Wonders at a time.

  1. How would you reteach your objective(s) if students did not make satisfactory progress?

If students did not make satisfactory progress, I would reteach the objectives in a traditional manner. I would cover fewer Wonders in a section which would allow for more time to be given to each individual Wonder. Also, I would use traditional questions instead of the foldable.

  1. How could you alter your classroom management choices to make this lesson better?

The students were well-behaved and I did not really have to call them down. After we finished going over the four remaining Wonders, the students turned in their work and got a little loud. I redirected their attention by discussing what we were going to cover next Tuesday.

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