1st Site (Retrieve) The Cradle of Civilization

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Ivan Luviano EDSC 304

1st Site (Retrieve) The Cradle of Civilization -

Go to The Cradle of Civilization Section
1. Interpret the nature of the landscape might affect the way that people settle and ultimately use the land in Mesopotamia?
2. Write some of the basic necessities of life and what they require from their environment on to ensure survival in Mesopotamia, such as food, water and shelter. Give specific examples in Mesopotamia.
3. Demonstrate knowledge by writing how the natural resources and landscape of Mesopotamia affected how people settled there. Can people grow food there? Is there an adequate and sustainable water source? Click on Fertile Crescent and use the map to assess your proof.

2nd Website (Interactive) Life in Mesopotamia-

4.) Click on the first farmers tab.

In this section analyze the impact of the land on the way the Mesopotamians lived and how they made use of natural resources. Organize your answer with at least 3 pieces of evidence examining some of the ways that the landscape and climate in Mesopotamia was unique, and how people used and organized the land.

5.) Click on the First Cities link.

Examine at three different aspects that maintained the first cities of Mesopotamia which are: Ziggurat, urbanization, and water ways. Create your answers in a description of all three of these aspects that contributed to the maintaining of the civilization as a whole.

3rd Site Mesopotamia Timeline

6.) In the section on Timeline, create a short analysis of the first two events by providing evidence of your understanding of each time period in your own words. Reference the 2nd Website for background information. Each analysis should be a paragraph in length.
a.) 5000 BC - The Sumer form the first towns and cities. They use irrigation to farm large areas of land.

b.) 4000 BC - The Sumer establish powerful city-states building large ziggurats at the center of their cities as temples to their gods.


Great Cities of Mesopotamia

7.) Assess the importance of three cities in Mesopotamia and select at least 3 important themes to describe for each city. Describe themes in complete sentences. Additional Information for Mesopotamian City’s found on the Civilizations tabs.
- The 1st city of the Sumerian city of Uruk
- The 2nd city is Akkad in Northern Mesopotamia, created by Sargon the Great.
- The 3rd city is Babylon
A digital interactive you can also use to answer these questions is from this YouTube video on Mesopotamia.

8.) Ziggurat Summary- Click on the Ziggurat tab
Choose important reasons that Mesopotamian Civilizations created Ziggurats and create a summary explaining, what they look like, how big did they get, why did they build them, and are there any Ziggurats left. Summary created by your own words and paraphrased.

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